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I played at Bethpage Black, yeah the home of two US Opens and a PGA. I live about a 30 minutes drive away from there. I have lived in the area for many years and have played all five of the Bethpage courses many times. The weather was nice in the 70’s, with about 15 mile winds. I shot 81; 39-42 from the regular tees.

One birdie on the 6th, the downhill 2nd shot is really pretty there. A 8 iron to 5 feet was the highlight of the day. I Putted well and kept the Driver mostly in play and made only one double bogey. The double was on 12 which into the wind was playing like a par 5 for me anyway🥴.


Last night I played 9 holes at Stone Creek. A 6500 yard - when stretched - public course that’s overpacked with too tight tee times and golfers with little to no knowledge of pace of play etiquette.

I shot 34 with three birdies and a bogey.

It took 2:56. The last two holes were in that “it’s much darker here than it looks on TV” spot.


Got to play Laurel Links for the first time yesterday (fellow Long Islander). The wind was whipping

Drove it pretty well, but what I did the best was control my iron trajectory into the wind. There were some holes where I had to hit a 6-iron (my 185-190 club) to a 150-155 yard target.

I shot a 76 which I was pretty happy with. The course is tough, I had never seen it before, and felt I handled the wind well. The only frustrating thing is that I missed 5 putts by about an inch!!! :man_shrugging:


Definitely want to get out an play the Bethpage courses some day (although it would take me a bit longer than 30 minutes). I’ve heard that even though Black gets the attention because of the Opens, the Red course is as good. Any truth to that in your opinion?

I played at the very scenic Mount Osmond golf course. www.mogc.com.au It was a beautiful sunny day and I saw a koala but had a round to forget. I started off well with a bogey then 4 pitch’s over bunkers went into bunkers. Shot 100(30 over) Parred the 3 easiest holes and the 8th hardest hole. Steeply uphill 328m par 4. Great drive to 130m out then hooked a pw that landed short and ran to the back fringe then chipped to 2ft. Five triples killed my round.

That is a slow 9 holes

I’ve always wanted to play Bethpage and Long Island. New York has such good golf!

2:56 for 9 is brutal.

Playing Black Mesa in NM today with @Ebs02 for a practice round for SCAGA mid-am. Supposed to be a beautiful day and a fantastic course, 18 green ribbons winding through the sage covered canyons. Will report back!


Awesome, have fun guys - and good luck!

Ok, this thread reminds me of how our wives make fun of us when we return from the course and make them relive our round.

I had one of my top 5 rounds of the year today. The wind was hitting 20-25 mph, course was hard as a rock, and greens were lightning fast.

Shot -1 and it was really satisfying. Controlled my ball in the wind really well, drained a few putts, and even holed out from the bunker. I’ve been in somewhat of a mini slump the last 6-8 weeks so it was nice to put it (mostly) all together in brutal conditions! Mostly, I was happy with my patience.


Congratulations! I hope you bought the drinks after.

Thanks! Had to get home to the kids :joy: no drinks

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I played 18 holes (2 nines) yesterday and the highlight of it was 2 double bogey holes, and sinking a 14 foot putt! (my putting is awful and the greens are always slick as frog hair!) Lovely exercise and practice, other than that. Topping fewer fairway shots but still plenty of them!


Another round at the new club, only a stroke better than yesterday (77 total), but I hit the ball much better, just didn’t get any of the lucky breaks. I’ve been genuinely impressing myself with the driver, hitting fairways with decent distance even though a lot of them are only 30-35 yards wide. We’ll see if it continues, but part of me feels like the tight nature of the course forces me to focus on putting a good swing on it where as the wide open muni courses make me feel like I can just bash it wherever. Also discovered I seem to have a reliable “bunt driver” in the bag to pop a low draw 220-230yd around some tight corners.


I played 9 holes during lunch last week, shot a 41, my longest drive was 268 yards, I had all 2-puts. I found 6 balls…a great round. It all took 1 hours 5 mins walking.


I’ve been focusing practice the past week on dialing in some different distances with my gap wedge and pitching wedge (using the clock approach to the backswing). I played 27 holes this weekend and was really proud of a handful of approach shots from inside 90 yards. I love seeing practice translate directly onto the course!


Played better today. 22over with only two gir but 11 up and downs equaling my record of 11 one putts. Hit 2 balls out of bounds, had 2 two 3 putts(including one of the gir’s) and took 2 to get out of a bunker when it was a bad shot that put me in that bunker. 5 pars including the 2 hardest ranked holes. 3rd an uphill drive 393m par 4 and 10 a 378m par 4 dogleg right with bunkers left and right at the corner. both those pars were lucky. Half bladed my 40m pitch to 2 ft on 3 and on 10 I was aiming to land short of the green on the left and let it run right to the pin and it landed on the green online with the pin and stopped 5ft below the hole. Plenty of positives with plenty of great drives and my chipping game on fire.

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88 for me. I’m at a bit of plateau right now - keep shooting to my handicap of 17, give or take a stroke or two, but struggle to start well and keep letting the first 6 holes spoil the overall score. Doesn’t seem to matter how much I’ve warmed up beforehand either - just takes me too long to settle into the round.

All the shots are there to go lower, enjoying chipping away at it.


Saturday I teed it up from the blues on my home course, usually play from the whites. I was pleasantly surprised to see my driver game respond well, often hitting it to or past where I do from the whites. My score suffered due to my short game and utter lack of confidence with the putter which I’ve talked about in other threads. Hopin to straighten that out a before the end of golf season here in upstate NY


Hinted at my friday round on another thread, but it was the worst round in at least 15 years.

Hit it OB by a foot and made triple; hit into a hazard, had to punch out and it was a hanging lie in a divot in the fairway - made triple; lost a ball; then proceeded to have 5 3 putts on the back. Mentally I was fine until the lost ball. Was hitting it well and got unlucky. After that I lost it.

Came back on saturday and played a solid round.