PG Forums Fantasy Golf League

Hi all. Based on the Betting Strategy thread, I made a league on the PGA fantasy site for forum members:

Once you join, you just pick four starting and two bench golfers, then get points based on performance. If enough people sign up, I’ll reach out to see if any wants to participate in an optional prize pool. Nothing too crazy and everyone is welcomed just to play for fun as well.


Im signed up! Looking forward to being bad at this weekly.

I also signed up. Is there a league name yet? Maybe we can just name ourselves the practical golf team.

Nvm. As I signed up, it automatically put me in the Practical Golf Forum. Nice.

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Looks like you got me by a few points! :crazy_face:

I got spanked! :flushed::face_vomiting:. Maybe next week.

Always hate it when I don’t even have enough made cuts for a full roster on the weekend.

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Tough week after the Masters. Seems like the guys who played last week were pretty much spent.

I didn’t set a roster… whoops

Because of that, you’re the only guy I beat. HAHAHAHA

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Don’t forget to set your lineups for the Mayakoba this week. Should be an entertaining tournament. Has a few big names but mostly people trying to get a jump on some FedEx points. Thomas, Koepka, Fowler to name a few. Of course it’s hard to say who will prevail. Watch that 18 year old kid Bhatia, he shot 66 Monday to make the tournament.

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Roster is set! Others should join.

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Thanks for the reminder!

Anyone else having problems with the website? When I’m on it in Chrome (on my chromebook) it barely works… works just fine on my phone, though.

Just joined the group. Am also in the one with Not doing very well, but it is fun to compete every week.
thanks for putting this together.


Welcome to the group! I don’t expect me picking players will lead to more success than me not picking players.

Close one last week! There won’t be another tournament until the Sentry Tournament of Champions on 1/7.


Hopefully that one I actually select 6 players in the tournament!

I didn’t even know it would let you pick guys that didn’t enter! You would think they would only allow entered players. Guess I’m not sure how you did it :joy:

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I’m very talented… worst part is apparently my boy Max Homa was playing and I didn’t pick him…

I’m honestly still a little confused by the format… I’m much better a pushing buttons and seeing what breaks, so here is my conclusion after one round:

  • Each player can be picked three times per season
  • You pick 6 players per tournament, 4 “Starters” and 2 “bench”
  • You can switch starters and bench players between each round
  • You should pick people actually entered into the tournament being played that week. :laughing:
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