How do you track your stats?

I thought this was an interesting conversation and I wanted to break the conversation out to it’s own topic…

Data tracking is something I want to get better at… i have an s62 watch and it keeps some part of it, but moving forward I want to get better at tracking my putting… I’m planning on keeping a notebook and just tracking my putts every round while I work on improving at putting…

I’m hoping to get enough data from the s62 to keep the rest of my stats!


I’d be interested in this too. I have a Garmin S20, but it doesn’t track putting unless you have the sensors.

If you track manually, what kinds of things are you going to track? Putts made from short/medium/long distance, proximity to hole on lag putts, that’s about all I can think of.

After multiple years of using Game Golf, I switched to Arccos this year (because PING was giving away the sensors for those with eligible PING products). To be honest, I didn’t mind the tagging with Game Golf at all; it had become an unconscious part of my pre-shot routine.

For my part, I’ve found Arccos to work extremely well; it likely missed only a handful of shots all season (and most of those were when I duffed a chip and had to hit a second; Arccos won’t generally record two shots from essentially the same location, so it struggles with those).

The other issue I had with Arccos became a feature; I’ve had two different putter sensors die on me. The batteries in the second generation of Arccos are not replaceable, so a dead battery is a big deal.

But this ended up working to my advantage. Putting tagging in Arccos is pretty dodgy, to be honest. So it forced me to manually add putts.

My procedure was to hit the first putt, then pace off the length as I walk to the hole. I know other guys who do that as part of their pre-shot routine, but that’s not for me. That allows me, as I’m walking to the next hole, to plot the hole location, the distance of the first putt, and the total putts. From there, Arccos can calculate the strokes gained.


I created a note card that I fill out with my score. It conforms to the USGA yardage book guidelines, not that, that part matters to me or anyone. All the info is there and I plug it in to decade after the round to get SG. I have used Anova, Arccos, Golf metrics, and decade to gather SG. They all have their quirks. Really since you are focused on your putting stats, first putt distance and where it ended up are the true keys.


Yeah, the s62 collects enough other data that if I keep good records of my putting, I’ll have a complete picture of my game.

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On this topic, for anyone interested, my review on the Arccos system recently went live on the main site:


Arccos. I used for the last 2 months of the season and love it. Very useful and easy to use interface. Worth more than that new driver!

I used Mark Broadie’s GolfMetrics app for part of the year last year.

During the round I mark tee box, then jot down 2nd shot distance and lie, 3rd shot distance and lie and so on. So a hole might looks like

Tee shot - 375 yards tee ground
2nd shot - 100 yards from rough
3rd shot - 30 ft putt
4th shot - 2 foot putt

The app will then calculate strokes gained for each shot and and the hole total. Then once you input the full round of data it gives strokes gained for Driving, Approach by distance ranges, short game, and putting by distances.

Takes about 5 minutes to input all the information into the app post round.

A few screenshots below for reference. I recall it being reasonably priced so I’ll use it again the whole of 2021.


Wow! Short game practice has definitely paid off! Those are very tasty numbers.

I use shotscope and I cant sing its praises highly enough. Great on course as a GPS and lots of good data that had helped me over the past couple of years.


I’m more convinced now than ever that good stat tracking is the only way to drive smart improvements…

I’m hoping the s62 with sensors in my wedges and putter helps get the job done.

I play only 3-4 times a month so I keep very basic stats on each card: fairways hit, GIR, Putts, and Up and Downs. A review of each round always points to better chipping and putting as the way to lower scores since I’m keeping the ball in play and rarely end up in a bunker.

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I’m also an Arccos guy. I love the stats it collects and the comparisons it can give you vs your scoring goal. I’m really looking forward to the newest update that tracks putts better. It’s not perfect but close and it has definitely helped my game

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I use an open office spreadsheet. I document the date, my score, which holes I have parred or birdied, then a breakdown of my round counting pars, bogeys, doubles etc and how many putts I had

Then I have a year to date showing rounds in the 80’s 90’s etc along with number of chip ins, pitch ins and bunker ins. Then I show whether I have more pars on the front or back nine or odd holes vs even holes


Anyone with specific feedback on Golfmetrics aside from the note above? Think I’m going to give that a try this year but always good to hear if there’s a reason not to use it.

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Hi Okiwiz…any tips on how to create a spreadsheet to track my rounds… i guess i would like to see at a quick glance what holes i play better at my local course and which ones i struggle with.

Thanks in advance


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@cfcgaza Email me at [email protected] and I will reply with a copy of my spreadsheet to give you ideas

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I use and pay for an app called Golf Pad. I used to track everything in a spiral pocket notebook. Now I just enter everything walking down the fairway. It tracks everything. I also use the prgr. This has helped me immensely in my quest for adding distance. I started the year averaging 218 off the tee, I’m now up to 247 consistently What is impressive is that everything has become so consistent again. Swing Speeds, Ball Speed, Smash Factor & Distance. I still track that in a notebook this year but prgr holds that info until after the round for entry and analysis

Thats interesting. Do you use the prgr for every shot you play? I have only used mine at the range so not really thought about using it ‘on course’

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Yes, all full shots. It does not capture everything, but it does capture 85% or so of all shots. I use it beating my brains out in the net. I am still hitting my scoring clubs within 15 ft on avg,. I am becoming deadly with my 60*. I mean inside 5 ft from 70 yds Most of those are par savers. . My putting has gotten shaky, so I have to get back to the clock drill. To answer your question…yes and I record on an excel spread.