Golf Podcasts: What are you listening to?

Anyone listening to any good podcasts?

I really enjoy @jon and @Adamyounggolf (I’m the one who suggested Saving Par, by the way… It’s a decent suggestion… I’ve had some other thoughts but nothing great)

I like the podcast for the same reason I like this forum… it’s people discussing how to actually improve at golf from an empirical standpoint. They know a ton more about swing mechanics than I do, and I usually learn something. I’m actually behind on my podcast listening, but I haven’t been in my car much.

Chasing Scratch is what got me into golf podcasts… I just find them fun and relatable. I have some thoughts on their approach that I might opine on later, but it’s a fun podcast because they are genuinely having fun and pursuing a goal together… they also admit to their mistakes, laugh about them and move on. It’s also neat to see the people they have met along the way… I’m here on this forum because of the podcast. I use Fit For Golf because of Irish Mike. I watch Yoga with Adrienne because she’s very popular on YouTube and basically the first search result for Yoga, which is likely how Mike found her. (I’m also not sure why they used my full name in 2 episodes, but thanks for that…)

I’ve listened to some No Laying Up. It’s interesting to here their thoughts, but it’s not something I feel like I need to listen to every episode or every week… I mostly listened to their US Open stuff.

I enjoy Max Homa and Shane Bacon, even if Homa likes the hated Dodgers. I think Homa has an interesting perspective on tour life and has fun talking about his job while identifying it as his job.

I’ll occasionally listen to GolfWRX podcasts, with Ryan Brath being my favorite. He’s good for some dives into gear… if the topic looks interesting, I will throw it on… I listened to him talk about Costco wedges for a bit today.


Thanks for starting, I was going to get a similar thread going. I still very much want to start a PG podcast.

Here are episodes I’ve done recently w/ @Adamyounggolf and Cordie Walker, and Will Haskett


I guess I am caught up on yours… I thought there was a second accuracy episode, but maybe it just isn’t out yet (or I’m taking crazy pills!)

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there was only one, thank you for listening! We are trying to do more soon!

Jon what podcast are you doing?, I didn’t know you were involved with one. I usually will listen to a competitor from the N.Y. area named Golficity, and will time to time watch their YouTube additions. But any info I can get to better my game I’m all for it!

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Is the link to the apple podcast version…

I’ve teamed up with Adam Young and Cordie Walker to do a series on the Golf Science Lab podcast (links are further above in this thread).

I am really enjoying them and it’s given me more motivation to start my own podcast. Hopefully, soon!


I really enjoy No Laying Up the most out of all the podcasts I have given a shot. I dont listen to all of their stuff by any means, mostly the player interviews and some of the major recap episodes.

I occasionally will give The Shotgun Start a listen, but again too many to keep up on as I think they have 3 episodes a week. Lots of interesting topics and very light hearted.

The Golfers Journal is another great one that I will pick and choose what episodes I listen to based on topic.

Lastly, The Looper is a local guy out of my hometown who has a pretty good show as well.

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Jon That’s great and I will start listening to them.Also Craigers, thanks for starting this thread. And Jon, I think that’s a great idea for you to start a podcast but don’t do to much and not get out to golf.!


I enjoy The Hank Haney Podcast.

I get a kick out of the golficity guys frank and Mike. they have other guys on there site that do other podcasts but I enjoy theirs the most.

I’m a full on NLU fan boy, especially for their video content (Tourist sauce and strapped in particular). I also enjoy The Fried Egg and the Golfers Journal offerings

I like Shotgun Start, but too many to keep up with and enjoy other pods.

Can someone give me the elevator pitch for Chasing Scratch? Seen it pop up a few times and would love to know if it’s worth catching up or not


My podcast list includes Golf Science Lab, the Golficity podcast and the 18 Strong podcast for golf fitness. Another good one is On the Mark Golf Podcast with Mark Immelman.

A good golf adjacent podcast is the Secrets to Winning with Dr. Brett McCabe. It looks at the mental side of sports in general, not just golf.


I love Cordie and Golf Science lab. Such a great podcast, and such good information.


It’s 2 guys in their late thirties who went to college together… they are recording their attempts to get to 0.0 handicaps, and we are 3 seasons in… They tend to get in their own way in both their quest and the podcast…

I think it’s a very particular brand of humor… if you like references to late 80s-2000s pop culture (they are BIG Seinfeld fans) and hearing two guys talk about golf in the real world, it’s a great listen… Honestly, my recommendation on it is the same as the TV show Justified. Listen to the first podcast (watch the first show)… if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is no further to go… Both improve and change over time, but if you don’t enjoy the first episode, I’m not sure it will grow on you.

Adam Young is featured on the podcast a few times… I’m not sure how it makes him feel about his teachings… They launch Adam Way and have Adam music to play, mostly to apologize to Adam for ignoring his advice… @Adamyounggolf

It’s honestly one of my favorite podcasts. Mike and Eli seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves while also taking the “quest” seriously… but they have a habit of going off onto tangents and getting distracted by things like “becoming coffee guys”. They don’t have a ton of episodes, and I’m actually impressed at the audio quality and editing done on their show. It’s not a serious podcast, but it’s very enjoyable… I’d highly recommend trying it out.


Excellent pitch, sold by the fact you are also a justified fan (one of my favorite shows) so it gets added to the playlist. Thanks!

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Let me know how you like it… my username here is from the podcast… it’s become a running joke there

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I like “On the Mark with Mark Immelman.” I tend to like content that is more holistic, and not all about technique or equipment, but more about the mental game and strategy (like this forum)!

Interested in some of the others you all have mentioned. I didn’t realize golfers journal had one. Thy sounds interesting to me.

I also just started the putting couch by the SeeMore putting guys. Pretty obsessed with putting right now…


I second those who mentioned Golf Science Lab and On the Mark.

I also like:

Golf Smarter for the variety of content and interviews.

Fit for Golf as I love learning from Mike

Tour Coach with Tony Ruggiero, another Cordie Walker production that dives into some interesting tour player topics

Edel Golf: A recent beginning but I like hearing all about my putter


I forgot fit for golf! I’ve been a Mackenzie Hughes fan since he was on it.