You like 5 woods?

If you do, what is the best 5 wood that you have ever played?

I had a lot of success with the TaylorMade M5 5 wood. I also have enjoyed the Cobra Tour 5 woods. I have really high hopes for the Cobra 5 LS.

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I love the 5 wood, in my first decade of golf, first was the persimmon then the Taylormade persimmon metal, then the Callaway S2H2.
Then I started to get proficient with my long irons, to fill the gap.

Have not touched the 5 woods for a long time, the gap is now filled by 4 wood and the hybrids. Love the 4 wood because the distance it covers and easier to get off the turf than the traditional 3 wood.

Other to consider is, the modern 5 wood is now the same length as the tradition 3 wood if not longer in length. The longer the length, the more difficult to control with off the turf golf shot.

I never had any issue of getting the elevation of trajectory for all my golf shots so, not missing the 5 wood. However, occasionally, I do put the 5 wood in the bag adjusting for the playing condition.

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It fills the traditional 2I slot, per the gapping work I tried today. Albeit, idiot me bought a shaft that plays at 43 vs 42 inches in this 910f head. Felt good, would like a touch more speed than 141-142. Oh well. I can’t argue with the gapping (carries 218-220), as this 3I goes right at 203-204. The 4I at 192-193, and so on.

This Ping i210 set may not feel or look the best—I can easily see myself jumping ship—but damned if isn’t ultra-consistent on distance, and providing a just ridiculous amount of spin.

So, yes, I like my 5 wood.

Edit, to answer OP’s question better: I currently play a Titleist 910f head as flat as it’ll go, and currently at 19 degrees. With a 43" Diamana 'ahina 82-X. One of the “made-for-Titleist” shafts. Still works.

Given my previously stated like for the Callaway Rogue ST fairway wood line (and my love for a Big Bertha Heavenwood 7W that launched like a rocket), I’d probably love an 18 or 19 Rogue ST LS or Max from them too. Didn’t try one.

I far prefer a 5W to trying to hit something like a 16-17 2 iron that would take the space. Or a hybrid. Just never been fitted into any.

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43" is even too long for the 3-wood for the average golfer. This got nothing to do with swing speed, it’s pure physics and most the tour players have shorter than off the shelf length driver and 3/4 woods.
My wife loves her Callaway Rogue 5 wood (not sure which model, think it was 20019 model). Since she’s doing all those fitness routines, it has a man’s regular graphite shaft in it.
I ordered the 1 and the 2 hybrids should be here any day now. not sure which shaft I’ll try in them. planning on replacing all the fairway woods.
Driver, 1 or 2 hybrids 3,4 hybrids and 4-SW, maybe throw in the 4 wood for getting our of light rough.

I’ve been using a 4 wood lately. Golfworks Maltby KE4 Tour with a 75g shaft only 42.5" long. It’s not quite as long as my Callaway 3 Mavrik wood, but easier to hit and straighter. I had the Mavrik 5 wood, but I think it was too long and light for me to hit consistently. Wish I had just built the 4 wood to start as it would have saved me a lot of $$ lol

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I carry 7W that’s 22* and an 18Adams Boxer Hybrid that I extended 1" that took the place of my 5w. It’s actually the same loft as a 5w, but has a few more uses for me. My 7W I can carry about 185-190, the 18 carry is 195-200, 3w is 14* and can carry 210-220 or more if I step on it. Driver is 8.5* and that carry is 225-235. That is not roll out. Even though my clubs have numbers, I now go by lofts and distances associated with those lofts. My PW is 50*, by today’s standards that is a Gap Wedge.

4 wood is a more popular choice than the 3 wood. More so because of the length.
Today’s 3 wood is the same length as the driver half a century ago. Tough to get a clean contact off the turf.
I have a couple of older 4 wood heads which I put in TTDG steel shaft at 42", they are about the same distance as the 43" - 43 1/2" modern light weight 3 wood, more reliable from off the tee or the turf.

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Have your driver spec checked. With the numbers from your fairway woods, you’re leaving 20-30 yards on the table with your driver.

Thanks, but those are the numbers. I’m happy with the numbers. At 63 I’m just below the average Senior Tour numbers, right at LPGA numbers. Total carry and roll is in the 245-255 range for Driver. I outdrive my playing partners by 50-70 yards or more. I hit lofted irons into holes and the are hitting 3W. It’s a helluva an advantage. We used to all play maybe 1 a side. I’m now back to giving 6-7 a side just to make it a chalk for me. I added that yardage working on my swing mechanics properly after my game became a hot mess. I’m not leaving a ton in the bag. I also keep some reserve power to call on when I need it to. Most guys my age do not have the ability to hit a 10* Driver let alone 8.5* I just hit that because of personal preference and a 12* is just way to high of a flight for me. There is a lot involved, the right shaft, the correct ball compression. I don’t hit anything rated higher than a 87 and that’s in high heat. My swing speed is no longer 105+, it’s like 94-97. If I can get a SF of 1.42 or higher I generate BS of 135-141. Funny thing is, if I ball hawk and find ProV1x balls, I give them to my partners and they get excited and actually will play them.
They can’t hit those! LOLOL! Its just the reality of getting older but staying in reasonable good health. I can’t play 6900+ courses anymore, But I can play 6400 yd courses No worries. My partners are only able to play the course at 5800. All of it makes a difference. Oh yea. All my partners use a 5w ALOT. I don’t have a big need.

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Only if you’re happy.
I was just suggesting from the distance gap between your driver and 3 wood, there is room for improvement. However, you also stated there might be some reservation from your golf swing, that, could be another clue.
All in all, just from the equipment side, get on the L/M for your driver once every few years is not a bad thing.
10-15 yards between the driver and your 3 wood is more like a gap between irons.
Happiness is what we seek on the golf course, so play on.

Isn’t it funny how often that’s the case? We so often can’t get out of our own way, with this game. I know that it’s called golf, not long-driving, but I don’t think I’d like this game very much if I couldn’t occasionally make the ball really really small with a driver.

Any golfer with any level of skill, can enjoy this game. However, for certain, one can enjoy this game a lot more if one is better at playing it.
This is the reason why, we’ll be searching the secret to better our golf game until the day we departed.
The equipment companies know about this, been using it to their advantage, selling the “dream” to the unwary golfers for ages.

I’m in love with 5 wood, I remember I started with 3 wood. It was good.

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GUYS! I have been busy for the past few months and haven’t been able to join conversations.

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That is really great! I loved 5 wood and always kept it. Also I have two hybrids I rotate depending on the distance I need and a 3W. I will use them as a distance club or a scoring club. The key is finding the distance you are looking to fill and what club can you hit consistently to that distance. There are different variables that go into the hybrid or wood itself as well. You may not hit every hybrid or wood the same depending on shape or the shaft. Trial and error is the best way to find out. Unfortunately it is usually the most expensive and can take the most time.

Time, needed for the dedication to practice is a luxury us amateurs lacking.
Whenever I get a window of time away from work and family, it’ll be spent on the golf course instead of driving range and putting greens.
Used to squeeze in an hour here and there to practice putting and chipping. Now I use that time to help out with chores around the house or just being a couch potato to get the needed rest.
The longer sticks from the bag we use for off the turf shots will be the most difficult sticks in the bag to be consistent. Used to be the driver off the turf before they went to the huge size with sweet spot moved up high in the club face, which made it almost impossible to hit off the turf.
The 3 wood would be the most difficult club in the bag to hit off the ground, so are the 4/5 woods.
The length of the 3 wood made it more challenging to hit the golf ball off the ground. Many have shorten the length of the length of 3 wood from the standard OEM 43" to 42"/42.5". OEM standard length for 5 wood is 42"-42.5" now. of course it could be shortened according to the length of the 3 wood in your bag.
You have the right idea of filling the “distance gap” with the golf clubs in your bag. So many of us are hung-up with the numbers and data; instead of observing the performance on the golf course.
I carried a 5 wood long ago before they come up with the hybrids. Now the gap is filled with 3/4 hybrids. Sometimes I will leave the 3 wood, replacing it with 2/3 hybrids. Also have a head for a 1 hybrid which is not shafted at this moment.

Ended up trimming the 5W to 42". Works much better. Didn’t even add weight to bring the SW back up. For whatever reason, it’s much easier to flight this club than my irons. High floater that stops and pops on a 185-195 green? Sure. Low runner that goes 210-215 and runs another 10 plus? It’ll do that too.

Beats heck out of whatever butter knife an i210 2-iron would look like.

The 3w is 43" though. And dang if I don’t really like the AV White in it. Turf/tee, doesn’t matter. Sails and runs.


% wood has a bigger mass behind the score lines, Much easier to use than the traditional 2 or the Uno irons.
It should be the choice for the Amateurs between the hybrids ( for a stronger player ) and the 5 woods.
170 yards+ to 220 is the new scoring distance than the traditional 150-170 yards. Because most of the golf courses had lengthened the distance for the modern games.

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That far out, I’m just happy hitting the green. Even the 150 distance. In theory, it’s a soft 8-iron…in practice, yeah sure. Hit green, make 2 putts, win cash & prizes LOL.

Distance sure has gotten silly for stronger players though. Not even pros. You can’t take a practice swing at reddit/golf or GolfWRX w/o some jabroni going on and on about his, “well my usual 6-iron was a little much for the 200 yd par 3…”

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You are definitely a longer hitter than most the amateur golfers I know.
I was averaging, tittering a 7 iron carrying 150 yards or so. Maybe the loft had gotten stronger in the modern irons, IDK.
My friend’s kids carry their modern 5 iron 200+ yards. But I’m not laying down when we lay Nassau. 50/50
so far as who will come out ahead. The young and the long or the aged and the experienced. I believe the loft on their 5 iron is the same as the 3/4 irons I carry.