Women's Golf Discussion

Any other women golfers here?

I’m in reddit quite a bit, but not a lot of women golfers on there either, and I think we have sufficient discussion points to validate a women’s thread.


I am really hoping we can get some females on here! We need their perspective :woman:t2:


I’m feeling like I might be it!

we’re only 48 hours in, hopefully we can change that over time :grinning:

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Letting my girls from our local LPGAA chapter know about this forum, thanks!

thank you for spreading the word, it’s much appreciated!

I just posted link on Reddit in the golf forum as well

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The courses need more women golfers, too!

I’m retired but my wife is still working as a teacher, so we’ll head out together during the summer and now on weekends to play. We invariably get paired up with two other men - and though she’s getting to be a better golfer over time she still gets a bit nervous about it…


I still, unfortunately, see a fair bit of misogyny on the course ( primarily exhibited by representatives of the Old Boy Network).

The prevailing misconceptions are that women:
a.) Can’t play well and should stick to Par 3 courses
b.) Hold up the pace of play


One of my favorite stories - I was playing with 3 other women, one of whom almost won the state senior ladies championship, the other has a 2 handicap.

We’re waiting on a 300 yard par 4 tee box. The green is occupied. I can’t hit it that far, but those two with me sure can.

Three Old Boys pull up behind us.

“Girlies ( not making it up, he actually said that), you need to hit your tee shots and get going, you’re holding everyone up”

Friend with the 2 hcp says politely " We’ll hit when that group ahead finishes the hole".
He thought this was hilarious.
“It’s 300 yards, you don’t need to worry about it.”

We waited, uncomfortable silence ensued, punctuated by very heavy sighs from the Old Boys.

Friend one bounced one off the green ( yes, she fixed the mark), Friend two landed 30 yards short and rolled on.

You could have heard a pin drop.

They backed off after that.


Amazing! Would have loved to see the looks on their faces


Yes! Beginner, and senior, here! I’m bitten by the golf bug. Would love to talk golf with other women, the only woman I know that golfs is my sister.


Love it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Glad to see you here!!

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Happened to us twice, so far, and both times from … the ranger! Both times our group has been following right along behind the group in front but the ranger seemed to focus on on our group when he saw a woman player… :frowning:

On the flip side, generally all the guys we’ve been paired with have been nice and polite - we play Muni courses and they understand we’re all out there to have fun.

Oh, and - great story btw!!!

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I have been making a concerted effort to make sure I call the forward tees exactly that, opposed to the ladies tees. I have also been correcting everyone I play with when they call them the latter. A friend of mine is top 10 in the world for women’s long drive. I love playing with her and the lions she gets when she’s playing from the blues or blacks (for all intents and purposes).

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I just call them the red tees, regardless of the color. 8 times out of 10 they’re the forward tees.

Unless you’re playing at that one course in Florida, with SIX different colored tees, none of them red.
My friend and I were literally baffled. No key on the scorecard, three of the tees COULD have been the forward tees ( you had to see it to know what I’m talking about) so we stopped keeping score and just played whichever tee box appealed at each hole.


Hope you get some participation! For my part, I love when golf is inclusive, and hate when it’s exclusive. Love to see all walks of life on the golf course. Get it, ladies!

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Same here. In fact, when I play with my wife I’m happy to tell the others in our group, “I’m playing up front with my wife” … and use my 3W (technically a 4W) or hybrid to tee off. I’m not a bomber anyway, so I enjoy just trying to hit a good tee shot to a good location into the fairway (and, no … that doesn’t happen all the time but getting slowly better).

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It’s still more common than it should be.

Women are much more polite on the golf course than men. I am always glad to see women on the course.:hugs: