What's out of your bag?

We can go with either clubs you are planning on replacing or something you added to the bag as an accessory that’s no longer in use…

My 3 wood is on the chopping block, but I’m looking for the correct replacement… I really want a 2 wood. It’s the least hit club in my bag, and I’d like to put a better 2nd tee club option in here (that I can still hit off the deck in fits of rage).

On the accessory side, my Precision Pro Rangefinder has been sidelined for a GPS Watch (Garmin s62, it’s awesome). Since I’m focusing on hitting the center of the green and not targeting pins, this has been sitting in my car.


I just very unexpectedly replaced my Callaway XR Pro 3 wood. I tested out a Cobra Speedzone simply because it had the shaft I was fit into in it and the guy wanted next to nothing for it. I was gaming both my 3 wood and hybrid at 16° because the trajectory differed as did carry and they fit distance gaps I wanted to fill at the time.
The new Cobra 3 wood is 14.5° and carries about 15-20 yards longer than my XR does at 16° while maintaining the angle of descent I’m going to want hitting into long par 5s. It also gives me exactly what I’ve been looking for on a couple reachable par 4s at the course where I play league.
I’m very happy with it, but I LOVE my XR Pro, so I’ll be keeping it close by.

I also just replaced my Odyssey EXO 7 Mini. I fell hard out of love with it over the last 7-8 weeks of the season. I was fit into an EVNRoll ER-2 Black Midblade at Club Champion. Been gaming the demo they gave me, but my actual putter should be here this week. I’m so in love with even the demo. Can’t wait to get my hands on the one that’s actually built for me.

I’m not a big club tinkerer, but this year especially I’ve decided to spend the time and money on being custom fit by people who actually know what they’re doing, so there’s been as much turnover in my bag as finances have allowed. Irons are up next. I just won a free fitting with Club Champion, so hopefully I’ll be going in for that in the spring once the swing is warmed up after the offseason. Will be hard to put my beloved Srixon Z765s on the bench, though.


The new Srixons look awesome… make sure those are out before you get fit!

I’ve been searching for a LAB putter fitter near me and a buddy just texted me he was rolling them not 30 minutes north of me… so I’m contemplating going up there and giving them a try (I like the idea behind the putter, but am not taking a $400 flyer on a putter I’ve never even seen)…

I kept wanting to try to the Speedzone Big Tour 3, but got hurt before it was in my local fitting bay… SAD. Might pick one up on eBay if they drop in price next season.


Yeah I spent a fair amount of my day yesterday drooling over the ZX7s. I’m not married to any brand, but they’re definitely a must hit when I go in for my fitting.

Friend of mine tested the LAB putters and sent only one emoji when he was done. This one - :face_vomiting:

That’s just ones guy’s opinion. He’s an armlock SiK guy, so do what you will with that information.

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My Callaway Rogue 4 wood is on it’s way out. I bought it after my local golf shop had me try it out and my numbers were good. I’ve hit some good shots with it, but it’s never been what I wanted it to be, which was higher launching with similar distance to my old 3 woods. It definitely launches higher, but it just kinda floats up there. Also it’s really not usable off the tee, for the same reason…it just floats.

So I’ll be in the market for a 3 wood this off-season, into early next season. Early front runners are a Ping G410 or G425 or a Taylormade Sim Max. Priority will be off the deck performance, but I definitely want something that I can play off the tee and get a more penetrating ball flight.


My Cally MD3 GW and SW are likely out. 5 seasons and they are a bit worn.

Not sure about my Cally Rogue X 3h. It’s insanely long, but hits a bit low for me and I think I need more loft.

My Odyssey 7S Black may be gone. I actually used proshop credit to order a TM Ardmore 3 over 6 weeks ago, but no ETA yet. Think I want a bit more toe hang and I’ve never cared for the microhinge insert.

Always on the lookout for the next driver, but even if I find something the Rogue will probably stay as a backup.

Considering going back to steel in my irons (currently Recoil 110). Not sure if I will reshaft my Apex Pro 16 or go with something new. Might even build some Maltby TS-2 irons this winter to stave off boredom.


Already made the trip! They had just aerated the greens, though, so it was hard to get a good feel… I’m also like 77 degrees upright and need 37-38 inches in length on my putter, so their demos weren’t close! (I mostly putted with their adjustable one, which isn’t balanced as it’s adustable).

I liked it overall and it’s definitely added to my wish list… going to have to get some rounds in in Spring and see how my current putter does.


What are LAB putters? I could google it, but it’s more fun to ask on the forum.

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Lie Angle Balanced is where the LAB comes from… imagine if you had a branding iron for a cow, and accidentally bent it 90 degrees… that’s what it looks like…

On a serious note, the basic sales pitch is its a center shafted putter that WANTS to stay straight…

If I remember the origin story correctly, it all started with a tool called the “revealer” which is basically a torture device for putters… you lock it into the middle where it’s held but can freely rotate, and then grab the outsides of it and make a normal putting stroke… all putters have a tendency to open or close based on their overall balance as you swing through them. BUT NOT THE LAB.

In the revealer, like magic, it stay straight! Is it magic, is it science? for $425 you too can own the mysteries of the universe…

OK, so that’s kindof a goofy explanation… but realistically what it promises is if you have a straight putting arc, the putter itself will naturally stay straight as well (when ordered to your proper lie angle!)… They also have some really goofy grips that are oval shaped and force your hands ahead of the putter. I did not like their original putter grip, the bigger one was fine… setting up over the ball definitely requires some adjustment for the lean.

Having just spend some time rolling a few different ones, I have to say I’m considering buying one… it definitely has a tendency to go straight down your target line, and the feel overall wasn’t BAD so much as different… It is in fact ugly and large. My buddy, who likes to switch putters a ton but is also cheap, is considering getting one built… so he also liked it…

If you decide to seek one out, call the places listed on their fitting website… I got frustrated a year ago because all the places I called had no idea what I was talking about.

Also, I didn’t think until just now that I should have it a few on the heel and the toe to see what it did… oh well, maybe I’ll try one again some day.

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Just watched this whole thing cause it was interesting… I’m still really curious to try one, but need to see where I am next season… I was curious, but skeptical before trying one… I’m still skeptical, but it’s definitely on my list of things I might buy in 2021 (assuming my year goes better than 2020!)


I have an Odyssey V-Line Arm-Lock putter, similar to what Webb Simpson uses. I don’t see myself switching until they ban arm-lock putting.

There’s a pro using this putter right?

Adam Scott has one for a bit… I think to a certain extent this is built for guys who don’t have a repeatable stroke or the time to develop one…

Basically eliminating a variable very similar to arm lock.

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My entire set of PXG gen 1 irons are on the block. Just replaced them with mizuno 921 hot metal pros. Just waiting for them to finish being built. Looking for new hybrids and 3 wood option as well.


I’ve now sold off everything I don’t game, so I’m actually down to 11 clubs total. I have a hybrid on the way and may wind up adding another wedge, but don’t find myself needing anything else.


You’ll have 14 by March!


I have been considering the S62, I love Garmin fitness watches and currently have the vivoactive 3, which is a few years old. The s62 does everything mine does plus the golf aspect. The reviews I have seen are great. One question, is there a mode where you can just get the distances as you play? As in don’t have to enter score and pick which club you used, number of putts etc. I have not used in yet obviously so this could be a dumb question lol. Any other thoughts on the device? I would like to use it to track shots, clubs and putts sometimes but other times I just want to see the distances.

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Already changed the putter in the last month. Thinking about getting new wedges, I had bought some used off eBay when I switched back to traditional length clubs. Think it would be nice to start next season with some crispy grooves to get back some stopping power

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Yes, you can just get distances. You can not keep score and it will give distances.

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That’s awesome, I have heard so many good things about it. Pricey for sure, but every Garmin watch is. I’ll be getting it eventually. Maybe the wife will get the hint for Xmas. :joy:

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Yeah, I have a friend of a friend at garmin so mine was $300… made it a much more attractive deal!

I love it as a daily watch and on the golf course… app is pretty good and I’m hoping the putter and wedge sensors help next season… but I either need a new putter or to figure out how to attach to the counterbalance weight on my current.

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