What to wear in cold weather golf?

Hey everyone, I know we are all from all over but it’s getting colder here in the Northeast and this is the latest into the year I’ve been playing golf. I’m unsure what to wear to go play? Should I be wearing a sweater? I’ve seen people wearing winter hats before or cold gear under armor stuff which I have some. But what are your thoughts?

Beginning now, i wear a pair of tan cargo pants, nice feel but the best part is that they are flannel lined. I usually wear a long sleeve mock turtleneck and i have a gortex vest. Along with my winter gloves and winter hat. Now if it gets windy, then i would put on my gortex jacket that i have. That really stops the wind from getting to you. You can always layer up with a sweater underneath if you want, that way you can always remove it if you start to warm up. I always keep in mind that it is easier to remove things then to not have them on and freeze from the get go. By that time it takes too long to get warm again. Playing tomorrow and it is going to be around 31 when we tee off.

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I’ve ordered a merino sweater, thin but very warm. Will be wearing that under my knit/fleece hoodie. But I would wear a windproof coat over that it it were windy. Fleece pants. But it’s only good down to 30 degrees if windy

How are the winter gloves? Do they slip on the club or get bulky?

Since I don’t play as often in the winter I can typically wear about the same thing over and over - Nike or northface or equivalent tights under my rain pants keep legs just fine. A similar thermal type base layer with a bunch of thinner layers on top I can shed as needed (thermal layer, golf shirt, sweater vest, pull over, etc)

they are ok for keeping your hands warm. I havnt used them yet this season, this pair i have is new. The ones i have had in the past werent like regular golf gloves as far as the same feel. But they do the job they are there for, to be used to keep your hands warm enough to play. Definitely worth buying.

The coldest day this year was 10C degs with a freezing cold wind. I wore my usual pants, a polo, my jumper, plus a possum and merino neck gaiter and a beanie. I also needed my cycling jacket. Waterproof but doesn’t breathe. I had it unzipped and took it off for tee shots. That day was so cold and the wind just cut thru you.

One thing to keep in mind that is that as your body starts moving, it’s going to warm itself up as well (especially if you’re walking), so you don’t want to get so crazy on the layers than you’re sweating underneath. Start with the thermal base layer, then add on from there based on how much you need to feel “not cold” (but not necessarily warm). Having good freedom of movement is important for maintaining a good golf swing as well.


Layers, layers! I really like the UA Cold Gear also; they make ‘long johns’ I highly recommend. You are spot on with a winter hat, keep the noggin warm keeps body warm; as others have posted, keep feet & hands warm makes huge difference. Sweater can be problematic in wind without a shell.
35F this morning’s round. I was able to peel off light layers as day warmed up to remain comfy.

Hope this helps!


The toboggan hat is my favorite cold weather friend.

UA is, of course, great stuff … as an fyi alternative, and usually cheaper, is Adidas Clima-Warm. Good quality stuff, comfortable and functional.

Agree on the layers - a must! - but not too many! I find a fleece vest is also really useful.

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So for myself all depends on how cold it is. Here are some of my must during the cold weather to have in my bag.

  • winter mitts - for between shots.
  • Toque
  • Fleece of some sort.
  • Long johns

I want to only have 3 layers on when golfing which will usually be a shirt or cold gear shirt from a company, fleece or sweater and a jacket.

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Layers upon layers. I really like a nice, compression-type long sleeve tee, then golf shirt (sometimes also long-sleeved), then a combo of short-sleeved and long sleeved windshirts. I’ve found this makes me feel less like the Michelin Man and more like a golfer. Frees up my backswing too.

A good sock hat and golf mittens are a must too!


i wear golf hoodie which i have bought from

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Here in the South of England it rarely gets below freezing. I wear;

  • up to 4 thin layers on top (long sleeve thermal base layer, golf polo, UA golf half-zip sweater, jacket if needed)
  • up to 3 layers on legs (long johns, golf trousers, waterproofs if needed)
  • definitely need a neck gaiter for windy days
  • beanie - goes without saying
  • thermal overmitts are good between shots. I liberated the securing ‘strings’ from an old pair of snowboarding gloves so I can dangle the mitts from my Motocaddy when not in use
  • sometimes I will also pop in a pair of those non-environmentally friendly, charcoal handwarmers

Add in the mud and I sometimes question if its worth the effort. OF COURSE IT IS! :smiley:


Layers and layers and avoid cotton. You need material that can breathe and keep you dry. @JohnM nailed it. Jacket is typically your wind layer. For gloves I love Callaway’s thermal grip to play in and make sure the beanie is fleece lined.

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My entire wardrobe has seasonally converted from my golf polos to long-sleeve golf outers. I wear a fleece vest on top of that when I go out early morning, but on for bottoms I’m still managing to stick with shorts (although this week it’s been in the mid-40’s F when I tee off, so that’s a bit iffy, definitely helps that I walk and my club is a decent hike up and down).


I became a fan of the vest last year as I played golf at least once in each month due to the mild winter. The vest blocks the wind and still lets you swing. Plus the vest has pockets and most of my UA Coldgear pullovers do not have pockets. I also love my Coldgear mock neck shirts. They are seriously warm and my must wear for < 45 F. I have winter gloves which I like, but as someone that has Raynauds and has constantly cold hands and feet I can say that gloves are almost worthless against the cold. I need mittens with handwarmers in them. I wear those inbetween shots and my hands are toasty.

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I bought a wind sweater a couple years ago, and it’s great for cold weather days. Nice combo of wind-breaking, warmth, non-bulkiness, and quiet (i.e., that scratchy sound/feel of a windbreaker). Allows to me swing like I do on a summer day.

It’s a bit of a splurge, but I find that I can be very comfortable when I walk a round with just this sweater and a base layer in weather down to the high-30s. Between this and my UA coldgear pants, I really like the combo of warmth and freedom in my body movements.

I bought from Fairway & Greene (link to a newer model here), but seems like there are other versions out there as well.


I hate golfing in long sleeves… It really bothers me for whatever reason… I’ll usually play in a windbreaker if I have to or a long sleeved polo if it’s not wet… But I’m also the guy playing in shorts when it’s 50 degrees out.

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