What’s your favorite training aid?

For me it’s the simple Swing Fan that I use every day to work on swing speed. What’s your favorite?

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Foot spray to see impact.


My SKLZ Gold Flex trainer (basically an Orange Whip). Swing it every day and before every round to warm up and stretch.


I also have and use one of these and agree.

The training aid market has been very tricky for me to evaluate. As you know, there’s a lot of JUNK out there. I get emails all the time from inventors who think they have the cure for all your golf problems. Also, there are tons of unscrupulous companies who don’t really care about whether or not you improve, they just want your $$$

While I think it’s impossible for any training aid to work for everyone, there have been a few that I really like and that I recommend. Here are some that I’ve tested along with links to reviews I’ve done:


Great list! I’ve read the reviews on most (the infomercial article is one of my favorites). I have a few other training aids in my garage for when I’m working on something specific, all of them within these basic rules: cheap, easy to use, provide some sort of sensory feedback:

  • Anti-flip stick (basically just a plastic extension that fits on the back of the club so I can see/feel my shaft angle)
  • Swingyde (feeling the plane and wrist set)
  • Arm bands
  • Impact bag

Jon, have you used the Sure-Set Golf aid by Dan Frost?

I haven’t. It’s almost impossible for me to keep up with all the training aids out there. So many!!!

That’s interested, hadn’t seen that one before. Seems super rigid though. I don’t really like training aids that try to force everyone into doing one thing. I also feel like something that is so different than a real club will make it hard for me to mentally connect it to my real swing.

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Big vote for Tour Striker Plane Mate! Like the DST compressor club, it forces you to feel what a proper non-flippy, shallow swing feels like. Encourages width on back swing and depth on follow through. Helps to eliminate early extension. I’ve had many instructors try to explain what clearing the hips and getting to left side and turning the body through impact feels like, and their words just weren’t translating into change. The Plane mate forces you to do it, and I’m actually feeling what it’s like to do that. It’s fun and easy. And you can hit balls with it or just groove the feels in your back yard. Instantly changed my distance wedge and iron play.


Tour Striker has an excellent reputation, I’ve yet to try their products, but it’s on my (enormous) list.


I like the look of the PlaneMate because it seems like with the resistance band set up, the training aid allows people with a variety of swing types to get feedback on good positions rather than making everyone try to fit into one position. Has that been your experience with it?

Enjoying my home “office” setup with perfect practice putting mat. I don’t use super speed enough but it’s been good.


Never underestimate a pool noodle. I’ve been using them set up on an alignment rod. Stick the alignment rod in the ground behind or in front of you, depending on what you’re working on and it makes a great swing plane trainer. See pic…


Totally. I am a tall lanky guy and it works just as well for me as it does for the short and squat among us!

Jon, don’t hesitate! Pick one up this winter and use it to groove the right swing plane in advance of next year!


A cardboard box that your clubs come in is by far one of the best.

Fixes path and face issues and shanks

Just ask Butch Harmonimage


I love the box. Doesn’t cost a penny and works great

And once it’s bashed to bits, it means you have to get new clubs to replace your training aid :wink:


This is why you have a low handicap

Devon, I had always thought the Tour Striker Plane Mate looks too restrictive. I might give it a try.