What ball are you playing?

I’ve been playing Snells for 2 years now, and love them for the price… I’m tempted by the Bridgestone as I hit them farther than the Snells, and farther = better… I’m just not sure how to quantify how much farther is how much better!

I’m also eagerly awaiting the Costco 4 piece ball… I haven’t committed to a replenish of Snells until I try the Costco ball (sorry, Dean!).

Do you play urethane balls? In my mind, they are superior to surlyn covered balls across the board, so I pretty much only play them.

I’m always curious about what people are playing and WHY they are playing them… I tend not to play “found” golf balls, as I don’t trust them to be consistent… This is probably dumb.

I play the Snells because I think they are a good balance of well priced at $30 a dozen, and high quality… I’ve considered the 4 for the price of 3 Bridgestones this season, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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Right now Callaway super soft. When it heats up outside ProV1. Snell is a high quality ball… I thought they were engineered by some Titleist people that went on their own. I have hit them and they perform nicely, if not better than ProV1

For now (Spring golf) I’ll probably use Wilson 50. For me, it’s a softer feel/sound in cooler weather. Once the weather get more temperate, I’ll likely switch to OnCore Avant for feel and its performance seems to fit my game. Possibly ProVIs, for reasons…

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Kirkland Performance+ that’s the 3-Piece (from 2018?) A hack like me can’t tell much of a difference from Pro V1’s or Callaway Chrome soft’s.

I started playing Callaway super soft triple track last year, I love having the alignment lines built on and also more generally like the feel.

To get around them being a little pricey, it’s literally the only thing I say when people ask what to get me for Christmas. Usually with a good ole “need a lot of balls to golf like I do.” I should be stocked for most of the season thanks to that move


Inesis Tour 900 ball by Decathlon.
Great value, great reviews.
I tried them after seeing the ball test on MYGolfSpy. Been using them for over a year and I love them.
High quality and cheap price!

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Ha, the article on them is what prompted this!

But I can buy Bridgestone for $109 for 36 which isn’t a terrible deal.

Snell MTB black. I’ve had a great experience.


Love me some snell!

I haven’t pulled the Bridgestone trigger yet and still have a few sleeves of mtbs from last season… I’m not sure what I’ll play this year.

I played Snell MTB-X last year on a trial basis and played some of the best golf of my life. Coincided with some changes that finally came together, so I don’t know how much I can attribute to the ball.

I recently took advantage of some free Trackman time purely to test Snell vs ProV1 and the ProV1 kicked the absolute crap out of the Snell for me, so I’m switching back this year.

Related: I have 8 boxes of Snells for sale.


Yeah, I might need to get the balls on a monitor and test them…

I need to get comfortable swinging driver in my simulator first !

Pro V1x’s only for me - I buy 4 dozen this time of the year on their 4 for 3 personalization promo. That pretty much lasts me the season along with the couple sleeves or couple dozen I win in different club events.

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Dean Snell worked for Titleist at one time (I think during initial development of the ProV1), then was with TaylorMade for about 14 years before starting his own company.

I’d be interested to understand exactly how they differed. I went from ProV1 to Snell, and never noticed even a little difference, but I’m not a “device” guy in general.

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If I remember correctly, he was one of the lead engineers on it and basically had to figure out how to use urethane in ball production.

It’s interesting, golf balls have basically become a manufacturing challenge and not a design challenge… it’s more about what people can make at scale now than it is any leaps in technology.

Snell MTB-X is my ball. I play the MTB-Black when it’s colder because I feel like like it compresses better in the cold.

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FWIW one of the best golf ball tests I ever read/studied.

Pro V1x left dash. I need the lowest spinning ball I can find. Between promotions and my teacher giving me a box to test, I have nine dozen of these things so they’d better work because I’ll be using them for the next few years.

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been playing srixon for years, love them


Snell MTB-X for the last 3.5 years. I tried TP-5"s, Pro-v’s…no better performance for the crazy price. I did game the Snell Black for a month but the spin on the greens was not as much as the MTB-X so I went back. It was a softer compression and I thought it would give me more distance with my slower swing speed but it was miniscule. I have settled the ball issue for me and am thankful that Dean Snell is doing the DTC thing so we can get tour level balls at a reasonable price.


I just did the 4 dozen for 3 with the Prov1x- enhanced alignment.

I only use the alignment on occasion but its nicer than just the arrow or drawing my own line in my opinion.

I can not tell much of a difference between most of the balls I use, the chrome soft I mentioned are a little too soft for me especially putting. I can certainly tell when I am hitting a top flight, or a pinnacle when it pings off your club like a ping pong ball and hollow crack it makes lol