What Are Your Favorite Products?

There are many different categories to choose from, but why doesn’t every chime in with their favorite products (equipment, apparel, accessories, training aids).

I’ll start with my favorite products that I’ve reviewed over the years:

Distance Measuring Devices:
Garmin Approach S62
Shot Scope V3
Precision Pro
Voice Caddie G1 GPS Watch
SkyCaddie SX500

Training Aids
Perfect Practice Putting Mat
Orange Whip
SuperSpeed Golf System & C-Trainer
DST Trainer
PuttOut Pressure Trainer
Impact Snap

Launch Monitors
Swing Caddie SC200+ & SC300
Rapsodo MLM

Zero Restriction
Galvin Green
2 UNDR Underwear
State Apparel

"Random" Category
DECADE Foundations
Snell Golf Balls
The Strike Plan
TRUE Linkswear Shoes
SeeMore Putter
Electric Sunglasses
Jones Golf Bags
Clicgear Push Cart


Great list! I’ll definitely be clicking through more later. The only brand/products I’ll mention is GigaGolf for high quality, well built clubs at very good prices.
I’ll also mention that there’s a part of me that has a really hard time imagining spending over $20 on a single pair of underwear, but from everything I’ve read I might have to give 2UNDR a try.

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Yes, it seems crazy to spend that much on a pair of underwear. But I’ll warn you if you do try them you likely will not be able to go back to your originals. I’ve replaced my whole drawer over the last 4 years with them!


I’ll have to check them out!

I like

For socks… need to buy more.

Sub70 clubs too!

Love Bombas, I wear them too!

Pulled the trigger on the two under…

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Huge fan of Cleveland and Srixon products. Also been enjoying Asher Golf gloves and accessories as of late.

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let me know what you think!

I tried one of their gloves at the PGA Show and was really impressed, need to get a few in to play with!

I’m very curious… not sure how I feel about the Joey pouch, but figure it’s worth a try!

It’s a little weird at first. But now if I were to go back to conventional underwear that would feel more weird to me after a few years (if that makes sense).

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@jon is the list in order from favorite to lesser favorite for each product sub category?

No particular order in terms of favorites

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My favourite was the the old version of the Shot Scope watch following the review on here. I’ve found it so useful to accurately see how far I’m hitting each club. There’s nothing more annoying than middling a iron straight over the green because you picked the wrong club.
Lots of other useful data after each round as well.

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I’ll start with my favorite distance measuring device. After a couple weeks of use the Shot Scope V3 has exceeded all my expectations. For the relatively very low price, it can’t be beat.


I keep my orange whip at the office and swing it daily. Great for tempo and for stretching after workout.

I haven’t tried the 2undr yet, but agree that performance/dry fit underwear has made a huge difference for me over the last 10 yrs or so! Haven’t owned cotton in years!

For clothing, I have found some pretty decent stuff at the PGA SS clearance rack, and even at Sam’s club, so that I can spend my golf budget elsewhere! (A few of my favorite polos were $9)

I really enjoy the 18birdies app. Also have a Garmin watch but always forget to charge it.

The best thing I got this year though, was a Titleist Aussie hat. I had concerns about how I’d play in it, but there is no detriment, and a lot more sun protection!


I looked at the Bombas site, thanks! I knit, and the merino wool to make these, would cost me as much or more, than what they use for the finished product!


They are awesome socks and they donate to charity, which is nice.

I haven’t done the merino though

Can I create a new category for my Whoop personalized fitness strap. I heard about it from the Nick Watney incident and believe that wearables are the future for health and wellness. I love my Whoop.

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sure, feel free to start a new topic under the products category and other Whoop users can hopefully chime in with their experience