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Welcome to the Practical Golf community! I started this forum so that readers of the site can congregate and discuss topics about the game we love. I hope to build a strong community, and I think a lot will be possible down the road (trips, special offers for members, giveaways, etc.)

To get the “conversation started” I have a ton of prizes available. These are all products that I support and use myself. There are close to 40 chances to win and $6,000 worth of prizes available. We will be giving away prizes based on the most engaged users in the first 30 days. Genuine participation will be rewarded :grinning:

To enter, you must first create an account (located at the top right portion of your screen). Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, and start a new topic. As the community grows, I will listen to your feedback and organize the discussion in various categories. Here are some topics that are relevant to the site, and I think it would be a good starting point:

  • Practice

  • Strategy (course management)

  • Managing Expectations

  • Mental Game

  • Products You Like

  • Golf Courses

  • The Pro Game

I don’t have many rules, but I’ll start with one. Let’s keep it positive on here. There is enough negativity on the internet. If the conversation does veer outside of golf, please keep it civil :wink:

Lastly, here is the list of prizes available. The winners will be chosen after the first month; good luck!

  • Callaway Mavrik Driver ($499.99)
  • Swing Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor ($499)
  • Swing Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor ($349)
  • SeeMore Milled Putter w/ Skype Virtual Fitting ($400)
  • Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor ($499)
  • Redvanly Polo ($95)
  • Perfect Practice Putting Mats - Compact Edition ($139), Standard Edition ($169), and XL Edition ($199)
  • Precision Pro NX9 Slope Rangefinder ($269)
  • PRGR Launch Monitor ($199)
  • Tillinger Etiquette Polo ($68)
  • Jones Sports Utility Trouper Bag w/ Practical Golf Logo ($240) and Utility Cooler ($65)
  • Rhoback Polo & Hat ($108)
  • SuperSpeed Golf OverSpeed Training Set ($199) and SuperSpeed C Trainer ($99)
  • Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch & Performance Tracking System ($199)
  • Summit Brands Gift Certificates - B.Draddy ($100), Zero Restriction ($100), Fairway & Greene ($100)
  • Sub 70 Golf Wedge ($89)
  • 3-Dozen Snell Golf Balls ($99)
  • 5 Subscriptions to DECADE Foundations Course Management App ($500)
  • Orange Whip Trainer ($109)
  • Swannies Golf Polo ($59), Layer ($75), and Hat ($27)
  • Subscription to Adam Young’s Strike Plan ($59) and Accuracy Plan ($59)
  • One Year Subscription to Golfer’s Journal ($75)
  • Practical Golf Hat ($25)
  • Practical Golf Caddie Towel ($25)

Looking forward to it!

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Excited to be here! Gonna be fun!

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And kudos to me, Craigers.

As I said on Twitter, I think a community built around actual improving at golf could be a ton of fun… I’m currently injured (hip MRI came back negative, so back into the tube for a back MRI) and furloughed… basically, my only reprieve is thinking about golf… I literally put myself to sleep thinking through how I’ll play my home course whenever I get back to golf (hopefully soon).


That’s rough, Craigers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Congratulations on the start of what should be a great golf forum!
I really enjoy reading your articles, Jon, and I look forward to participating in this forum with a bunch of like-minded golf addicts!


should be an interesting journey

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Thanks for joining in! I appreciate the positive feedback on the site, and I’m hoping will have enough golfers like yourself to build a nice little community here :grinning:

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Welcome to the club, and thanks for being a reader of the site!

This is going to be fun. Thanks Jon!! :+1:t2:

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You’re welcome! Hoping to build something fun here for all of us.

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Nice to see a discussion forum. One of the things I like the most about PG is the emphasis and content on strategy. This is an area I think most golfers would benefit from a lot but it’s alway more fun to talk about new gear and hitting one great drive per round…Looking forward to interesting discussions on strategy and other topics.

I love the idea of keeping it positive. I avoid most forums due to negativity.


This place looks great, looking forward to it.

We’ll see where the conversation goes! Thanks for joining in.

If we do end up talking about equipment (we already have a few threads) - I’ll try to give people the straight story :slight_smile:

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thanks! Feel free to join in to existing threads or post a topic of your own

Very cool to see a new golf forum spring up and even cooler that it is from a trusted source that I have followed for a good while. Not going to lie, the list of giveaway prizes is ultra impressive as well!

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Hi everyone!
Started golfing when I was 17 and spent about 4 years obsessed (including starting in a PGM program to become a teaching pro, but didn’t finish), then a good 4 years off, and then the next ten years varied (living in Japan for a year and then South Korea for 6 years was the main culprit of the inconsistency, although I did get really into Screen Golf in Korea). Have really jumped in with both feet the past six months and got my handicap back down to 5.4, will shoot between mid 70’s to low 80’s depending on the course.
I’ve reached a happy medium with golf where I can take it seriously, keep score, and try to improve without stressing myself out about it. In this state, golf is simply perfect. Walking outside, getting exercise, with a specific (but always changing) goal. The game is all your own, but you can still be social with it and everywhere you go is different. No other sport has that.
I’ve been living in Los Angeles (La Crescenta) and play the LA city courses most often, Hansen Dam most likely counting as my home course just for distance. Yes, they are munis, but they’re good munis and very playable.
Best thing here is obviously the year-round golf. I suppose the courses get a bit packed, but playing as a single with a players card for advance reservations and tending towards the twilight times means I never have a problem getting out. Honestly no negatives out here for me.
I work in Learning & Organizational Development for a technology firm focused on the construction industry. I’m also looking at starting up some content creation (YouTube etc) focusing on the mental side of golf and mindfulness in the game.


Thanks for creating this forum, happy to be here!

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