Waterproof Shoes

Looking for input on the best and most comfortable waterproof or water-resistant golf shoes for the about-to-start New England season.


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I wear my Ecco Original Golf Streets whenever it is wet out. They are pre-treated to be water resistant, so my feet always stay dry. Really comfortable too.
(I have this color, but more often wear a grey pair that they don’t seem to make anymore)


TRUE Linkswear Originals are great!

I have found that just about any shoe that says 2-year waterproof guarantee are pretty good. But on 2 years plus one day, your feet start getting wet. :frowning:

Speaking from experience, sketchers, new balance and foot joy are all good ones.

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They also all make 14 4Es!

I’ve been curious about these. How long does the waterproofing last?

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They have a 2-year fully waterproof guarantee. I have a pair that’s older than that and they’re fine. I guess it depends on how often you expose them to water, but they are incredibly durable. Perhaps my favorite all-around shoe because they fit my wide feet so well.


They are awesome for wide feet…

What’s it like playing in a zero drop? I have Altra running shoes that are zero drop (though I’m not much of a runner) but feel like that would be a big difference in feel for a golf swing.

Last year I went back to softspikes and wore Nike Vapor Pro Boas. Comfortable, great grip and waterproof. I’ve never had issues with Footjoy or Trues either, but Nikes seem to fit me perfectly.

Hard to say how people will react. I prefer it because I feel more connected to the ground rather than feeling like I’m elevated too much. You don’t feel like you’re walking completely barefoot, but closer to that feeling. That being said, I do play in multiple styles of shoes and I really can’t see any difference in my swing performance.


I have a pair of VIVO barefoot golf shoes I bought cheap back in the day (they are super ugly, but they fit and were cheap)… My main problem with them was I could feel when I stepped on pebbles and such.

In terms of actually play-ability, I didn’t notice a ton of difference from the height. The traction was pretty good, and that’s where I tend to notice the most difference in golf shoes… I’ve pretty much exclusively moved to spike shoes for this reason, as I like the grip.

I picked up the Linksoul X TRUE shoe over the winter, but haven’t put them in play yet. Might have to bust them out soon though…


My wife is going to be really mad at you guys when I buy new shoes due to this thread…


Luckily I got permission to buy new shoes last weekend. Leaning Adidas S2G Boa right now because they seem to have a good fit and I want spikeless. I’ve been spikeless for a while now. I tried on spiked shoes and they felt awful.

I have 2 pairs of Footjoy Flex XP, and they are great but the waterproofing isn’t great, so I need something else for those dewey morning.

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They don’t make my size… thought this was interesting and they seem to be waterproof…

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Just took the plunge and ordered 2 pairs of True Linkswear shoes. Got the OG in white/grey and the OG Feel in Black/Grey. Decided to spend a little more and make sure I’m getting quality shoes. The reviews seem really good and the people I know who have them thing they’re great. And with the 30 day like it or return it guarantee, it seems like I can’t go wrong. Will report back.


I’ve used a number of waterproof golf shoes over the years, and I agree that if you otherwise like the look and comfort of a pair of shoes, the waterproofing is generally solid.

Some years ago, I decided to add these to my arsenal–Rocky Gore-Tex Socks–they make any golf shoe waterproof. I used them once on a really wet day at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland and although my shoes were soaked by the end of the round, my feet were completely dry. Like a lot of Gore-Tex things, though, I don’t really recommend them once the temperature gets much above 75. Gore-Tex is breathable, but for me, it still retains an awful lot of body heat.

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I just bought my first pair of golf shoes this past Sunday. I ended up getting spikeless as I’ve heard the soft spikes can be uncomfortable.

I played a round in them on Monday and stepped in mud, standing water, etc. and my feet were dry the entire time. The traction was/is great too.

My feet started to get sore towards the end, but I assume they need to break in a little. I could probably wear slightly thicker socks too.

They fit great out of the box. The only disappointing thing so far is that I got them dirty/muddy so fast.

This is the model and color way I got:

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