TPI evaluation program

Anyone ever gone through a TPI evaluation? What was it like? What kind of program did they give you? Did it help?

I’m going to PT right now for an elbow problem and it turns out the therapist is TPI certified. Want to have something to work on in the off-season, and just wondering if this would be worthwhile.


The first Chasing Scratch episode with @Fit_For_Golf has them doing a TPI fitting. I think it can definitely highlight some issues and show you what you can and can’t do (and what you can and can’t improve)…

I’m not sure when I lost all flexibility in my shoulders, but it was forcing me to the outside and I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to regain mobility… A TPI evaluation definitely would have caught it!

I think it’s definitely an interesting idea, and my guess is it depends on how good the person you are working with is… but it’s definitely worth trying, I think!

Found out this morning that the pro at one of the courses I play regularly is also TPI certified. So now I’m wondering which would be better - the guy who knows more about golf or the guy who knows more about how the body works.

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Hmm… I’d assume any physical therapist who’s tpi certified knows plenty about the golf swing…

Is that your regular instructor or someone different? I’d say if they KNOW your tendencies and such, they might have some additional insight.

No, I’ve never worked with this pro before.

Hoping someone who has done it will comment, because I’m wondering if it’s a situation where they just punch your data into a computer and it spits out the results, or if the provider makes a big difference.

And my understanding of it is that it’s not really geared towards being instructional/fixing your swing, but more trying to improve your physical shortcomings. But I could be wrong about that.

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Listen to Mike do a TPI fitting… I thought it was interesting and informative.

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Thanks I’ll check that out.

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Ive gone through it twice with different trainers, many years apart. It was interesting how the program had evolved in the interim. I think partly it depends on how much they trainer thinks they can be a golf teacher and how much they focus on simply the physical training parts. Some of it probably takes cues from the participant. I was very regimented with the plan.

Handicap unfortunately remained exactly the same. Got much stronger. Measurables that they cared about improved.


I went through it about 5 years ago, I had been reverse pivoting so badly that I actually pinched a nerve in my lower back and could barely move. At the time it actually was the most technical advice I had ever received, but it helped me learn how to move my body correctly to prevent injury.

I also agree that like most golf things (and frankly life) you get out what you put in. I was dedicated to the program and saw marked improvement in my play and physical health but both had very clear room for growth at the time. If I were to get reevaluated now, I’m sure it would shed some light on things I’m already aware of but I don’t think I would see the same benefits.


Haha. Golf advice in a nutshell right there… such a frustrating thing. We can focus on small aspects and drastically improve on them, but they don’t necessarily translate to lowering our scoring average…

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Probably a stupid question, but how do you find a person to give you the TPI evaluation?

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@Fit_For_Golf is also certified.


I swear I googled and couldn’t find this search function. Anyone have thoughts on what certification might be best?

I have been working with a PGA pro for the passed 10 years to improve my game. Since last winter, I have also been working with a TPI certified trainer. (TPi lvl 1and fitness lvl 2). I gained 20 yds on my drive (+ 10%), Improved iron play, (able to finish my swing) and decreased/eliminated back pain (whiplash from a car accident ~5 yrs ago). Now able to golf without pain and feel stronger for many areas of my life.
Only area is that you are measured against PGA and LPGA pros which is unrealistic for a 50+ year old amateur. BUT, it is a measure for me to improve my physical level, like it is my Handicap level. Like a good pro to help you with your game a TPI pro will improve your game. Elysia Atkinson, Victoria, Bc Canada @ is the only one in our community to take your game to the next level.


I was reading an article on TPI a while ago that lower back pain can be caused by inflexibility in the thoracic spine region. I found a local TPI certified Physical Therapist and went for a single evaluation. He checked a number of things like range of motion, strength and whether these deficiencies inhibited the correct golf swing motion. I got a series of stretches and exercises to improve.

My purpose was not to improve my score but minimize my lower back pain. These exercises helped some. But like most PT, as soon as the pain goes away, you stop doing the exercises.

The following year was a repeat. This time I went to a different PT and did a series of six visits where they pretty much kicked my ass. My post evaluation showed 50% improvement in some areas of flexibility and strength. BTW, the take home exercises were very similar to what the TPI guy recommended.

I listen to “The on the Mark” podcast with Mark Immelman. He had two different guests talk about the need to improve lower abdomen and glute strength to prevent lower back pain. I’m a slow learner. This was now the third time I heard pretty much the same advice. I now incorporate those exercises with the PT exercises I received and do those weekly. It helps.


I feel that feel…

I’m very interested in a swing or approach to it that can minimize back pain. Sounds like a very interesting course, especially if the physical fitness knowledge lasts awhile afterwards. Bummer your scores didn’t drop though.

@Fit_For_Golf had some answers for this and his app is great…

One of my big things this year has been deadlifting… and going heavy (safely)… the best way to prevent injury is to build strength… it also helps you hit the ball farther.

I do other exercises, but try to deadlift every few days… I had a hurt back last season with torn cartilage… I spent time strengthening my core, and deadlifts reinforce that strength.

I’d do more squats if I had a rack, but mike had some workarounds.

Did the TPI evaluation this morning. Looks like hip mobility is the biggest issue I need to work on. I thought it was pretty interesting, especially after doing the strength/flexibility tests, and then reviewing my swing video to show where those issues manifest in the swing.

Got something to motivate me through the off-season now.


Another related thought on this – I think it pays to video yourself once in a while. I had tended to shy away from it in the past, figuring as long as I’m hitting the ball reasonably well to leave it alone, and also I’m not a swing expert and don’t know exactly what to look for.

But even to my untrained eye, I spotted a couple flaws that I thought I had corrected creeping back into my swing. Old habits die hard I guess.

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This sounds like it could be one of my issues as well. I’m trying assorted hip flexor, glute, and hammy stretches to try and improve the problem.

What areas of the swing and/or impact did the identified mobility issue impede?