Tigers five things

@ScottFawcettDECADE recently talked about this on a podcast. The perfect par

It’s was tigers goal every tournament to keep his count under 6. It’s interesting that birdies are never mentioned. It’s all about avoiding big numbers… definitely something I want to track this season!


I’m going to reframe them in positive words for fun.

  1. Par or better on par 5s
  2. Bogey or better everywhere else
  3. Two putts or less
  4. Par or better with a 9 iron approach
  5. Get up and down whenever possible.

I heard the same and I love concentrating on stats.
This season I’m keeping the following, very similar stats:

  1. Positive tee shots eg Am I in play with chance of GIR ((or GIR on par 3’s)
    1a Driver, fairway wood, irons

2.My longest drive and average of longest 5. (To check my superspeed training)


  1. Putts GIR

  2. 3 putts (aaargh)

  3. Total putts

  4. Scrambling

  5. Total to par for …
    A. Par 3’s.
    B. Par 4’s
    C. Par 5’s

  6. Bogies on par 5’s

  7. 9 iron or loftier bogeys

  8. Doubles or worse!

  9. Strokes gained Tee, Approach, short and putting (I use GameGolf)



Yeah, golf data is interesting in that you have sometimes have to track a bunch of things to figure out one thing… average putts will likely go up with GIR for instance, which doesn’t make you a worse putter, just means you had more long putts.

I like tigers list, as I think it covers a ton of ground without getting unwieldy…

Basically it asks: are you making par or better when you have the opportunity? And are you making bogey on bad holes…

His goal was basically 1.5 mistakes a round from his metrics… I’m going to start tracking it and see where I am.


Cliff notes:

  • No penalty strokes
  • No 3 putts
  • No double chips

He then goes on a rant about how amateurs suck at controlling speed with the putter


Ha… definitely in the same vein.

Speed control/ tempo is pretty much my only goal with putting this year.

I’ve taken to grabbing 3-5 balls, hitting the first one with a certain length swing and then just trying to replicate the distance.

I was terrible at it, now I’m just bad. If I get to decent, I’ll be happy


I’m a big fan of @ScottFawcettDECADE.

But I’ve always bee a bit confused about the Tiger Five.
1.) No sixes on par 5s
2.) No double-bogeys
3.) No 3-putts
4.) No bogeys with a 9-iron or less
5.) No blown easy par saves.

The confusion is around do you double count things or not.

For example if I have a 3-putt that causes me to have a bogey on a par 5 does that count as one black mark or two?


I actually asked Scott this very question on Twitter… and yes, you double count things.

So if you make a triple bogey on a par five from 130 yards with 2 chips and 3 putts, you have hit all 5 items…


That example just sent a shiver down my spine


Me too… wasn’t a fun day.

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That sounds like the way I played #12 last week…


Makes sense. I did a high level (not very detailed) “analysis” of my last 20 rounds in 2020. In this stretch, I had 22 double bogeys. Five were on one particular hole. I also had six 3-putts. Three of them were on the same hole.

Also, to @jon’s point about big numbers vs birdies; if I had “converted” my double bogeys and triple bogeys to bogeys, I’d have reduced my average score by 2 strokes per round. Much more doable for me than picking up additional 2 birdies per round.


As stated you can have one, impressively disastrous, hole where you have all five points on on hole. It’s really just meant to show you how many somehow pedantic bogies you make. The goal and advice is nothing more than “do that less”. It’s meant to get you in the habit of teaching a few stats and slow hold the habit from a few minutes to a mirror more detailed as you graduate to Elite.


Was gonna mention that same thing, tho I heard it was the Hank Haney 3 Rules (who, as we know, was Tiger’s coach for several years during his prime so gotta be some crossover there).

Simple, straightforward. For anyone, and everyone!

Oh PS:
Broke #2 and #3 waaaay too many times this afternoon … in only 9 holes, too :man_shrugging:

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Considering I’ve worked with Joel for about three years I’d say he’s spot on here! :wink::fist_left:


Much more important and much easier to do…that’s a good combination!

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My god, yes he is.
Am I at 20 characters yet?


Does it need to be a Triple to count for the Double Bogey as well ?
Wouldn’t a 7 on a par 5 from 130 with 2 chips & 3 putts still be all 5 ?
…and if so, would an 8 count as 2 lots of the Double item, therefore a total of 6 ?

Same strategy could be implied by the weekend warriors.

Avoiding the big numbers (stop the bleeding) is necessary for shooting the next low score.

I’m surprised that the “every par 3 is a chance for birdie” did not come up in his list. With his Hoganist way of dissecting the golf course; he could put the golf ball on any section of the green.


The list is to “avoid” the mistake. Have you done the 3 putt on a par 5 which caused you a bogey, that’ll be a double whammy!


Scott said to mark it 5, dude.

No reason to double count, the 8 was punishment enough