Super stroke putter grips

I’ve been playing oversized putter grips since the hog mallet… I’ve never had much direction problem, I’ve always had speed problems…

Any thoughts on if an oversized grip would help or hurt distance control?

Obviously, I’m planning on putting in the time practicing, but I’m wondering if I’m doing myself a disservice by playing a large grip…

I’m not sure how to test this concept either.

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I had a “yippy” tendency on longer putts that their largest grip helped solve about 6-7 years ago. I do think they can help quiet the hands, but it’s one of those things you have to experiment with to see if it’s right for you. I’m back to a normal sized grip now will a pencil-style technique that seems to work best for me.

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I had a SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 on a putter for a while, ridiculously big, but I wanted to try it. Made it annoying to pull in and out of the bag, but besides that it was fine. I don’t think anyone is doing themselves any sort of disservice with anything putting related because (as has been discussed in other threads) it is so incredibly personal and everyone changes over time, even the pros. These days, I’m playing a midsize pistol grip, not skinny and not massive, and it seems to be fine for me.
The only way to know if something different will work better is to try it out. If you have an air compressor, you can get the old oversized grip off pretty easily without damaging it and then can pop a different, smaller grip on it quick and give it a roll. If you don’t have an air compressor, most shops these days can regrip without damaging the old one, so always worth a shot if you want.

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Can’t speak to helping or hurting distance control - probably wouldn’t have an impact and its the person not the putter.

As for super stroke I’m using the Tour 3.0 on my putter. I like the bigger grip as I feel it lets me have a lighter grip pressure while still controlling the putter. I don’t need to hold on tight which is my tendency and not releasing the putter.

Like about anything else, it will be all about putting in the time and getting comfortable using it. Too many people try something a handful of times and, if they don’t see instant gratification, they revert back to their old stuff or move on to something else new.

Heck, I moved from a standard size pistol grip that I have been using forever to an extremely heavy and big Two Thumb rubber putter grip to help control excessive face rotation during my stroke. I also changed my putting grip from conventional to prayer style. It took a while to get used to it but it has achieved the desired results. FWIW, I have tried SS grips in the past and just do not like the polyurethane wrap on those type of grips. That is why I went with the very heavy rubber jumbo grips and got adjusted to losing 20 swing weight points.


15 years ago, I had an oversized pistol grip with adjustable counterweights in it from a company that never took off (can’t even remember their name). Whoever started that company must be kicking themselves since that’s a semi-fad now with SuperStroke making them.

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Seems to be all about feel for the most part. I use the mid-slim 2.0 Superstroke, and have for several years now. It is a good inbetween for me. The largest ones I feel like I am holding a zucchini and the more traditional grips have a little bit too much feel in the hands on impact for me. I also switched from an insert Odyssey to a milled Toulon putter to avoid too much of a squish at impact. I kind of follow Dave Stockton advice and putt by intuition for the most part though. I pretty much putt by feel so all that is important to me. Good luck!

I have one and swear by it; really does tske the tension out of your hands. I never over grip now which was an issue with my old Anser Putter, especially on big putts.

Yeah, I like the oversize grip for the most part… I just wonder if I’m giving up some amount of distance control with it…

I might switch back to a oversize but not jumbo grip and maybe a non insert face… I don’t know… I do know practice is going to be my #1 cure, I just want to make sure I’m setting myself up for success.

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Mine is only a midsize due to small hands and i haven’t found any loss in distance control…

It will take time to get use to it

Lotsa years of golfin with a Super stroke mid 2.0 and 1.0 and traditional pistol and Champ C1 and there’s probably more. Oh lotsa years of average putts being 36 too. 1000s of putts and I’ve stuck with a 2.0 for last 5 seasons. Change can be good, but when the greens are a bit different every week, well yous know.
Is it good to change the most hit club a few times a season or every season for that matter?

I like the Superstroke Flatso 1.0 which is really more midsize. The Pure Big Dog is a nice grip too that’s more of a traditional oversize. If I go too large I seem to lose feel, but I could never stand the traditional small putter grips.

I’ve used one about five years and cannot imagine going back to a regular sized grip. Definitely makes my putting stroke less handsy.

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I’m going to assume that’s an auto-correct mistake, although putting while doing a handstand would be very impressive.

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Haha. Yes it was. I went back and fixed it.


I switched to a fat grip many years ago and could never go back to a standard size putting grip. It feels tiny in my hands now. I’ve found that the fat grip really does help keep my wrists out of the stroke helping to promote more of a flowing arm and shoulder motion.

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I think the question is how big is too big? I had the biggest grip SuperStroke made (Fatso 5.0) on my putter for a little while, but that one probably falls into the “too big” category. Don’t see a lot of players (and no pros I can think of) going THAT big,

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I agree, it’s a bit of an extreme design. But if you’re having problems with the hands being too active in your stroke (especially your trail hand), it can be a savior. Definitely not for everyone.

Yeah. I guess my question is: what is the cost of having an overly large putter grip? Does it impact distance? feel (whatever that means)? consistency?

I just don’t know.

A friend gave me a new putter he had with a fat grip. Tried it for 10 rounds or so. Loved the feel but I just couldn’t putt with it. Gave it to another friend who loved it.

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