Suggestion box 🤞

How about a thread to collect forum member feedback on topics, features, whatever they’d like to see incorporated into the forums or the app?

For example…

I’d like to see a section - maintained by Jon that only he can add new topics to - that’s a continuation of his blog articles.

Side benefit could be to help attract new forum readers from the website.


I like the idea of jon having some pinned threads to keep his stuff on top.


I like that one!

I think I’ll do that as I release new articles (like I did with the 3 wood article this week).

Maybe I’ll make a Practical Golf Articles category and include some of the most popular/valuable posts as separate topics and have it as an open discussion?


This would be perfect. Busy life forces me to miss stuff sometimes and it would be awesome to have it linked here.


Maybe I could do 1-2 posts a week as “reading assignments” and then we can discuss. Don’t want to unload all 400 articles at once!


Will you grade the quizzes on a curve?


:joy::joy: there DEFINITLEY won’t be a test

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I love the idea but think more than one a week would be too much.

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annual virtual tournament???

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How would that work?

Just to take a guess at what Marty is referring to, you can have virtual tournaments in apps like 18birdies where you post rounds on your individual courses to an overall leaderboard. I think there are fancier systems that will also take into account things like course ratings to make the net scores with handicaps more accurate, but it’s still on the honor system for everyone to post a true score.

Got it. I couldn’t figure out how you would play the same course virtually. I thought maybe on a simulator.

coryO thats what I meant, the guys at Golficity have one each year and they use the 18birdies app for it. they use the Peoria system for scoring and figuring a handicap so everybody is evenly matched. they also get their sponsors to donate prizes which are given out like door prizes for participating and the tournament itself is just for bragging rights. not to steal their idea but maybe create something similar for this community, just a nice way to maybe win some prizes and a good excuse for a round of golf​:grin::grin::grin::grin:


Hogan had a tournament like this… you won a coin! He played his round at Northwood CC in Dallas, TX.

It would definitely be cool to see something on these lines.

Thus far, I’ve really enjoyed the tone and direction of the forum… It’s fun to be in a place where people are focused on the “How” to improve at golf…


This sounds so fun. Maybe we could even do it monthly or quarterly. Even if it’s just like a few of us. Put up the details for the tournament and distance to be played. We can somehow come up with a pool of funds or something as the prize for top 1, 2, or 3. Could be fun. Lots to work out with details but we can figure it out.

Honestly, I’m wondering if we can come up with random “challenges” to encourage practice and participation…

I’m trying to think of a challenge that would be fair across all levels… maybe some sort of skills assessment and judge by improvement? Focus on actual skill improvement…

No idea how to calibrate a skills rating, though.

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Hmmm … thinking that everyone can putt (and putting seems to be one of the big topics here) … maybe one thing really simple could be a putting contest - post, eg., your # 3-putts / 1-putts / total putts…?

And maybe aggregate the tallies over (NN??) rounds…?

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Maybe 6, 12, 18 foot putts… three balls and how many strokes it takes to hole them?


I like it, we can come up with a game a week. Make this week an 18 hole challenge. If your local putting green has six holes that’s easy because it would be three for each hole. If not then a combination of 18 holes from the three prescribed ranges. Might be the same hole six times but from different locations around the clock for that your total number of putts for each distance. Winner gets bragging right for the week.

Maybe next week a chipping challenge how many time can you get up and down. Same thing a 9 or 18 hole challenge from prescribed distances. And getting up and down. Maybe we can make a separate post for weekly winners. Then the names can get posted there and everyone can have there name scribed on the wall of winners. Heck that’s what we can call it.

Game ends on Sundays?


No putting greens open in LA county due to COVID :cry: