Shriners Open & Women’s PGA Championship

Just thought it would be fun to have s a place to talk about the current tournaments that are being played. Got to watch a little bit of the Women’s PGA Championship today, those greens looked very difficult. The conditions weren’t really favorable either.

Looks like Bryson is dialed in and and few Monday Q’s are competitive for the cut.


I didn’t get to watch but I saw Twitter’s collective head exploding over Bryson. What else is new :man_shrugging:


He did drive a par 4 while they were still putting :man_shrugging:t4: FORE!

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I saw that. Augusta National is going to also lose it when he brings out the 48” driver there. They’re gonna have to empty out there tree farm afterward!


:joy::rofl: he’s getting ridiculously long.

I heard an excerpt from a podcast with Spieth the other day. He was talking about how some of the lines he’s going to take will give him an 80-90 yard wide landing zone. It’s gonna be nuts!

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He’s definitely dialed in his entire game and is hitting the ball like a world long driver, accurately. It’s a spectacle to watch. I absolutely love it.

He’s pretty darn good right now

How are they going to be able to manage that on a course where so many holes are close together? At least there will be no patrons this year.

We’re going to find out soon enough

He’ll be killing people out there.

It will be interesting to see whether some new tall trees appear prior to the tournament to block some of those driving lanes.

Spieth said they have a huge tree farm ready and waiting to transfer over when they want to alter a hole. I’m thinking that will happen for 2021 after what we see from him :joy:

Saw that too. He was talking about #9 where he’ll clear the trees on the left and right so has way more than 90 yards of fairway.

But still being out driven by Cam Champ!

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One of the few positives of the pandemic and strange season is that it feels like the fields are deeper for PGA tournaments this year…better viewing.

Why would the Green Jackets wait until 2021 to Bryson proof the course?

Not enough time. The new Bryson is only six months old.

I don’t know, They have all the money in the world. How long does it take to plant a few trees.

I’m sure it’s pretty political to plant trees to stop one guy. The members might not be ok with it. :man_shrugging:t4:

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