Season Long Goals

I was curious what some season-long goals were for this community, how you went about pursuing them and any lessons learned.

I play a season long game with myself (blatantly hijacked from No Laying Up’s birdie challenge) that I want to par every hole at my home course by the end of the season. I don’t make nearly enough birdies to try the birdie version, although I have birdied 6/27 holes this year (way up from last year!)

What other goals do you have?


I was doing the NLU birdie challenge until I got hurt… I had the goal of shooting a 72 and have a template strategy for every hole on the course…

Basically, I’ve envisioned where I want to hit each drive, identified where to miss into the greens and how to adjust based on distance to the hole and pin position… It’s still a work in progress as it needs to be tested and evaluated, and I haven’t played a full round since the first week in August.

I’m curious to see what works and what doesn’t and change strategy on certain holes…

The last 2 years a group of buddies and I have done the NLU birdie challenge with some slight modifications. All 4 of us have to be playing together for it to count, unless its a league night round. Also, any course we play counts.

Sorry, what is that? my googling skills have let me down.

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Basically a season long challenge to birdie every hole on the course…

I’ve birdied 1,2,3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,18 at my home course this season.


Exactly what @Craigers said above.

I thought No Laying Up had a video about it on their youtube channel. Maybe it was just discussed on some of the podcasts. Cant remember for sure.

I don’t necessarily have any specific goals for the year. I play anywhere between 5-10 competitive amateur events, and my goal in those is to get myself in “the mix” when qualifying (if it’s difficult to get one of the few spots available). I’m just not good enough to have reasonable expectations of winning one yet. But hopefully building towards that one day.

I’d say my overall goal would be to reach the U.S. Mid-Am event. Last year I gave myself an opportunity, but a late bogey train derailed me :grimacing:


I definitely do the birdie challenge. I have 11 holes down on each of the two courses I play with a few “birdie” holes on each still up for grabs.

I’d like to get my handicap down to 0.0 (from 1.7 currently, was .5 at start of year) but I don’t play as much right now and one of the courses is a handicap helper (~74 rating) and another is a hurter (~69 rating) so handicap can fluctuate a bit based on which course I’m playing more. So realistically my goal is to get scoring average down from 74 as that would tell me more.

  1. Competitive goal is similar to Jon. I play in 7-10 and while winning is not really in the cards qualifying and finishing in top 3rd definitely is. May even play a USGA event, which I haven’t done before.
  2. I want to reduce my avg score from 74.25 to 72. 1 stroke putting and 1 ARG and I am there.
  3. Same goal for the last 20 years. Play a bogey free round.

Win my club championship

Break par

Make my own yardage book for my home course with driving cone and pre-decided targets off tee


My overall objective is to enjoy golf. I know the results that show I’m enjoying golf is playing better (as seen in my handicap) and playing more often (twice a week plus practice). Within those are the actual goals regarding actions I can take to influence things, practice 100 swing equivalents each day, course goals I have around mindfulness, club selection, and putting speed.
I don’t have a particular number as a scoring goal or handicap goal as (for me) result-focused goals get in the way of me focusing on the actions and processes I can take to influence those results.


I used to set performance goals, but this year I started setting “time” goals instead. By “time” goals I mean things like playing X number of rounds, or practicing for Y hours per week. I prefer these kind of goals as its things I’m 100% in control of. The performance will follow.


My season long goals actually are for the year:
no 3 putts for 36 holes.
No triples for 36 holes
Trust swing
Relax/have fun
Lower handicap to 7-4


Looks like I’m in the same boat as many of you. I’m aiming to birdie every hole in the season. Also aiming to hit 270m with no wind.
Main playing goal is to get to scratch, play in as many mid am tournaments as I can and then try to qualify for the Ecco tour next year. But I’m almost more interested in trying to play all of the top courses in Norway asap, I’m becoming a little obsessed with golf travel at the moment, probably because of all the travel restrictions, haha.


Literally my work breaks are planning golf trips all over the map that I will likely never take. But it’s one way to distract from 2020. How are the courses in Norway? Any favorites I to add to my imaginary itinerary?

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Me too, I just cruise on Google maps amazed at how many courses there are in the UK and USA, check out random golf course websites and dream of greener days, haha.

As far as destination golf goes, Lofoten is the best in Norway and probably the only course that would be considered world class.

A golf course called Miklargard near the main airport in Oslo just had a renovation and is looking really nice.

I’d say Norway isn’t a place you’d come to just to play golf, but if you are here there are a lot of nice courses to play. This is my course, it’s pretty typical of the standard around here:


These days I’m ready to play anywhere!


One last goal inspired by @CoryO

play golf like a kid

  • free wheel it off the tee; knock the crap out of it; if you hit it into the woods, do it with authority

  • hit a shot, go find it, hit the next one

  • kids say things like “i make every putt i look at” or I’m the best driver of the golf ball at this club; they don’t let a little evidence to the contrary change those beliefs

  • kids don’t think about handicap, or strokes gained, or game-theory optimal decision making

  • kids get fired up when they do something like miracle par saves or draining a birdie

  • don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have it that day

People say Freddy Couples played like a kid… never scared, not in his head… love it and that is what I am going for


If I inspired that, I should inspire myself to do the same :rofl:

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That’s all true, for me personally especially with putting. I was getting so technical and tight I had no feel. Now I do my best to give it a good read, and tell myself the ball is dropping every time. Sometimes it doesn’t hold up it’s end of the bargain, but it will next time

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