Ryder Cup 2021 Thread

Is anybody else excited for this? I love the Ryder Cup, especially the build up and anticipation. I’ve been trying to put together my pairings in my head. Is there anybody you want to see play together?

Let’s make it a little game. Respond with:

Winning Team and Final Score:
American MVP:
American LVP:
Euro MVP:
Euro LVP:
American Dream Pairing (include format if applicable):
Euro Dream Pairing (include format if applicable):

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My answers:

Winning Team and Final Score: USA 15.5-12.5
American MVP: Xander Schauffle
American LVP: Brooks Koepka
Euro MVP: Rory McIlroy
Euro LVP: Matt Fitzpatrick
American Dream Pairing (include format if applicable): Dustin Johnson / Collin Morikawa (foursomes)
Euro Dream Pairing (include format if applicable): Jon Rahm / Viktor Hovland (both formats)

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European Team 15-13
American MVP: Patrick Cantlay
Euro MVP: Rory
I’ll roar if they actually did pair Brooks/Bryson. No idea otherwise. How about Finau/English alt shot?
Euro? Probably Rahm/Garcia.

I know I am in the minority, but for some reason I have no interest in the Ryder Cup.

I love Ryder Cup…I just really enjoy matchplay of any sort. I don’t think it’s gonna be EZ either. Stricks is a good guy, but I think there are just too many distractions and burnout on the US side.
Final Score: 14-14 Euro keeps the cup
USA MVP: Jordan
USA LVP: Berger (Na was like the 2nd hottest man on the planet…)
Euro MVP: Fitz
Euro LVP: Shane (Rosie shoulda been there)
Dream Pair USA: DJ & Iceman both formats
Dream Pair Euro: Rahmbo & Postman both formats

Love the Ryder Cup. Clear my schedule and ‘book’ 3 days in front of telly with minimum family duties.

Most of all I love the high quality, often more daring, golf. Least of all the small percentage of moronic fans (usually American - sorry) shouting ‘Get in the hole’ or some variation after every shot.

USA should win, and this time round I’m not sure European teamwork with make up the individual quality deficit.

Final score: 15 - 3 to USA.
American MVP: Jordan
LVP: don’t know enough.
Euro MVP: Casey (results and team backbone)
LVP: again don’t know enough - I worry about Bernd though.
American Pairing: Finau and DeChambeau.
Euro: Poulter and Rory.

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I agree that Casey might win this thing for the Euros. I think they have to ride their studs, and he’s the kind of guy who could go 4 matches and pulled out like a 3-1 record. My guess is Rahm goes all 5 sessions, Rory and Hovland go at least 4. Also think that Lowry and Garcia will play a lot.

On the flip side for them I can’t see Fitzpatrick or Westwood contributing a whole lot between recent form and course fit. Could probably lump Hatton into that take too. Wildcards are Fleetwood and Wiesberger to me. I think their games fit Whistling Straits based on everything I’ve seen, but can they bring it in these matches?

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I f’ing love the Ryder Cup.
Can’t wait.
I’m English and am slightly worried Team Euro might get whooped this year, though we’ve absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, I think we’ll hold our own for the first couple days and then US will take it middle of the pack Sunday.

Winning Team and Final Score: US will get it. 16 points.
American MVP: Berger
American LVP: Bryson
Euro MVP: Shane Lowry
Euro LVP: pains to say it but Tommy lad.
American Dream Pairing (include format if applicable): no brainer. B&B.
Euro Dream Pairing (include format if applicable): Shane and Rory.

I think it’s better to watch golf in US while in UK/Euro timezones.
I can go out and play golf in the morning, i’ll be back home in time to watch the first matches go off (around 13:00 my time) and the afternoon session will start around 18:00 my time. Whole evening on the sofa. Perfect.


This might be the greatest golf day of the year. The amount of work I’m going to accomplish today is…small

Working from home when a big golf event is on TV is a challenge. I decided to just take the day off.

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I hope the idiot who yelled “get in the bunker” on #1 tee got ejected. Wasn’t thrilled with booing the Euro players when they were introduced either. Kind of embarrassing.

That’s a pro move. I’m in the office with it on my second screen, miss stuff from time to time when work gets in the way but for most part I can balance it

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Pretty solid start for team USA… 6-2 and it feels like it could have been 6.5-1.5… Europe really needed to win one of the two ties…

Should be an interesting day tomorrow, hopefully USA keeps its foot on the gas.

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Yeah, I was just gonna say, this is why I don’t bet on golf. What an ass-kicking. And I’m glad I jinked Rory.

The last 4-ball match, where Fleetwood/Hovland spit the bit on the back 9, feels like a real killer. Obviously a lot of golf left, but 6-2 in a area where the Euros traditionally do better, is just brutal to come back from.

That Spieth flop on 16(?) and Bryson’s 415 yd drive on 5 were really something, weren’t they? Guess he had the atmospheric pressure right for that one… Middle of the freaking fairway, 70 yds away for his second…on a 585 yd par-5! LOL.

Why would the USGA want to rein this in? Are you not entertained?!


The second shot won’t get as much social media buzz. But as a golf nerd I thought it as as impressive as the drive!

A few random thoughts:

I can’t believe the Euros are trotting Westwood/Fitzpatrick out again, although with Rory being bad and Poulter nearly unplayable the options are limited.

I wish the US had gotten Finau out in the Saturday morning session, maybe put him with Spieth to give JT a rest.

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With all that, it’s just about mathematically over for Team Europe. A halve for the US clinches, and there are several matches damned near dormie right now.

DJ was an absolute assassin this weekend. So was Cantlay, slamming the door on Lowry.

This’ll be a massive beating if it stands, but it really looked closer than the score indicated. The Euros left a lot of shots out there, even today, from people like Rahm who don’t normally do that.

Looks like Morikawa can clinch it here. 221 to 3 feet, in wind, tie match. No biggie, LOL.


Well I was way off. What a powerhouse team. Euro may struggle for a few years if these guys play up to their potential like that. It was one for the ages.

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It’s really looking like we’re coming into a golden age of American golf. Nobody is going to be Tiger, because they are all too good to allow that type of dominance. Even got guys like Homa, Zalatoris, and Wolff that could be out there at some point as well. If Europe doesn’t have anyone step up to join Hatton and Hovland, it could be tough few decades. President’s Cup could wind up the more competitive event.

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That was the peak version of the American team taking advantage over a relatively weak Euro side.

And while I’m certainly a players over captain guy usually, I hope stricker gets a fair amount of credit. I love how some guys were dedicated to foursomes, others to four ball, and ride the studs otherwise. And it seems like that was communicated and accepted across the board which in itself is a victory for the US