Rory at the Majors

Somebody smarter than me please explain what the hell happens to Rory in majors. I love the guy. He’s the best ambassador golf has right now, IMO, but he is so disappointing in the majors. Breaks my heart.

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@jon has a post on twitter saying he needs to embrace the draw and give up on the fade… Oddly, I feel like I need to do the same thing.


It hurts me in a very deep place too


Me too. He’s always been my favourite and I’ve got money on him to win (heart v head right there). He’d be my number one choice for a dream round with a pro.

I empathise his situation in a remote, very amateur kind of way. I can be having a great round, inexplicably blow up on the 12th and struggle to get my swing back. It’s definitely a mental game issue.

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He needs to hit that slinging draw baby!!

I feel the same. I used to hit this nice reliable push/fade to go with my draw and I just can’t do it anymore…but I keep trying because it was my go to for keeping it in play. I’m sure Rory will figure out his issues before I solve mine lol.

He probably asks himself the same question. I assume it’s that added pressure we all put on ourselves to do well. It’s something he wants so bad but can’t relax and just be in the moment. He played much better in his second round.

Well he hasn’t been great since the COVID break major or non-major.

Free swinging Rory is so much fun to watch. Easy to go out and just fire away when you’re 10 off the pace. Wish he’d just do it from the get-go.


I feel ya! He was my pick up I’m this year. I’m still holding out hope for Tiger.

Lets remember back to last years open at Royal Portrush. It was his childhood club and he held the course record. Didn’t he open with a round in the 80’s? So much expectation but he couldn’t live up to it. Now the pressure is even more because if he wins the Masters he joins a very select group who have won all 4. He is probably not actively thinking about records etc but what about subconsciously?

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Let’s not count him out yet either.

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For real, crazy hole out from the bunker

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He’s out. He’s been out since posting 75 when the average score was 71.4 and 53 guys shot under par in round 1. Hell of a comeback, but played himself out from the get go. This is what he does in the majors since 2014.

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I hear ya, it has to be in his head and nothing else. We have all read the mental game books/ articles and talked about it on here. Obviously he has the talent and the game and it is a shame that he can’t complete the slam. I bet he will one day but good luck to anyone catching DJ this year. What a show he is putting on. Looking like Augusta is just a walk in the park. The longer the streak goes without another major the worse it may get for Rory in the big ones.

DJ pitched a perfect game today.

He needs to draw it, and he needs to quit trying so hard in the first round. He’s so good once he feels like he’s out of it. Just putting too much pressure on himself.

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Amazing how someone so good can look like us when we press, then let go those expectations and play to their abilities

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Unless DJ has a total breakdown, I don’t think Rors can catch him, but it would be something if he did!

Rory gonna have to shoot 54 to catch him.

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