Iron headcovers

Anybody here have any iron cover recommendations? Currently, I’ve got Face Savers, which I like except when the red clips break rendering the cover useless. I’ve contacted the company for replacements but they’re utterly useless.
I cannot recommend FaceSavers for that reason.
Looking to replace. Any thoughts? Thx!

No. Please. No. For all that is good and holy and true. No.


Don’t? :wink:
(Evidently, I have to make a post of 20 characters)

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Honest question, what is the point? Don’t see tour pros with them, Irons don’t have the same risk of clashing together in the bag that woods do and are more robust anyway. Seems more trouble that its worth.

Honest answer. I’m not a ‘tour pro’ who can pop into the Titleist truck, have them pull my specs and hand me a new set because my 5i got a ding. There’s more ‘tour’ to my game than ‘pro’ to be sure; don’t have Bones to hand-carry my sticks from the jet to practice area while my mgr checks us in and I grab a massage in the Prevost. I’ve been known to tip handler apes not to touch my clubs. Maybe you don’t see pros with them on course but you don’t see how they travel either.
Some might toss their Bettinardi in with the crowbar, fine. I prefer to take pride in and protect my investment. Honest answer.


so you use them for travelling? fair enough. I genuinely have never seen the point of them, hence my question.

I still use some for travelling, but not otherwise. The forged heads do ding pretty easily so it makes sense to try to avoid extra bag chatter. I tried playing with iron headcovers for a while, but it was just too annoying. No one made fun of me (not to my face any way), but I realized that I don’t play enough or keep clubs long enough to wear them out any way.

I don’t use iron headcovers, but I get wanting to keep them looking nice. I use a Bennington Quiet Organizer bag so I don’t have to worry about bag chatter.

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Ah, I miss this the click-click of steel spikes on parking lots and the bag chatter of irons.


I do miss the spikes on the cart path sound, but was never a fan of bag chatter.

My nemesis is courtesy minivans. I refuse to pile my bag in with all the detritus behind seats, instead bear hug it in back seat to scowls from others. One lady gave me such a foul grimace I smiled politely; “My wife, maysherestinpeace”.


I moved from cast irons (Taylor made burners) that look great 25 years later…

I like to bang balls and my forged 7 iron is starting to show wear…

I might have to go from new irons every 20 years to every 2!

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As a friend (we all him e-bay Bob) says, “we don’t own clubs, just rent them” :laughing::laughing:

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Haha… we shall see what shape my irons are in at the end of the season…

I’ve been itching for an excuse to buy a set of Sub70, though!


Please please please don’t do it. Please please please

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I understand the revulsion to the optics. And I also understand the perception that iron covers slow play. I even understand that some folks like the sound of iron chatter and the appearance of a slightly worn set, wearing it like a badge of honor. I’m just not in any of those groups.

I played 18 Thursday in 3 hours, five minutes. With a three-year-old set of irons that have very little wear on them.

I guarantee that if a guy is a slow player with iron covers, there are about ten other things he’s doing that slow down his play more. And I like the optics of continuing to have good-looking irons right up to the point where I decide to get a new set.

Now having said all of that, I’d agree that having iron covers on during a round probably doesn’t make that much of a difference since it’s unlikely you’ll see a lot of wear riding around in a cart for four hours (or walking for three :sunglasses:).

Then why do I do it? Because it’s easier to have them on when I put them back in the car, which is probably where most iron chatter and dings occur. If you’re concerned about wear and religiously take your clubs out of your trunk when you get home, it’s likely your irons have very little extra wear.

Many of us don’t normally take the clubs out of the trunk, however. And on long driving trips or on flights where your clubs are in the cargo hold, the amount of chatter and dings increases significantly. Just like a good preshot routine, getting used to having iron covers on during play reinforces their use when you’re not playing–which is where you’ll see the most benefit.

Club Glove for me, by the way. I will admit that although it normally takes very little time for me to slip on and off the covers, the sand wedge cover can be a bear with my PM Grind 54 degree wedge.


Well stated. Every word.


I use Face Savers and just have some extras at the house for when the red clip breaks. (I have had only one break in 3 years). One of my buddies has the slip on types but he loses one pretty frequently because when he drops his club in the bag sometimes it catches on another club and partially pulls up and then falls off when he travels in the cart.

It doesn’t slow me down or mess with my pace of play. At my club there are numerous “slow players” and its not because of their head covers. They take many practice swings, seem to have to calculate algebra to decide on a club, etc. etc. and no one wants to pick them for the dogfights.

One thing I do is leave the covers off my two wedges that I use a lot of. They are separated by my putter and the putter cover doesn’t let them clatter together which is the main reason I use them. I hate all that noise! Pro’s don’t ride in carts so that’s why you don’t hear too much clatter. Put two bags with no covers on irons and drive on the course and cart paths where I play and you will want some covers.

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Took your advice Lee, went with CG. Everything still firmly in place when I got to the course. Thx, @lwildernorva!

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Thx, Todd! Loved the FS, just not :exploding_head:clips. Thru years went thru all my clips off “spares”, got tired finding hc on trunk floor.
Agree completely on PoP. I esp love the ‘one-club-strut’, pulls one club, walks across fwy, second thoughts, back to cart for another. Suppose 2-3 clubs just too heavy😁