Iron headcovers

I have been using various iron covers on sets of forged irons. The face and sole shows signs of use but after several years the rest of the clubs look virtually new. Years ago when I carried I hated the clang, clang when I walked. Now I walk with an electric powered cart. As to the slow issue…your driver cover must be replaced, your putter cover must be replaced, you cover your fairways and hybrids. Why not irons?

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Irons don’t dent. At least, not from that. Smacking them down into the greenish sand that parts of Houston call a driving range, OTOH…

Contrast with my new-to-me 3 Wood that now has a ‘speed dimple’ in its top. I guess woods covers have a use after all…

You must use cast irons. Forged irons definitely get dinged in the bag. That’s where “bag chatter” comes from.


One thing not mentioned yet, that I consider a big plus in using iron covers – they can prevent the relatively heavy, solid iron heads from banging (repeatedly) into your relatively expensive and much more delicate carbon graphite wood shafts. A “ding” on the shaft can potentially cause it to break at that spot…

I did same a year ago.

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I’ve got a new set of Srixons on order… first new set of irons I’ll ever own… they’ve been delayed, so I’m just waiting at this point.