Grip suggestions?

Thanks Dave. Appreciate the feedback. I have been using Winn but this last batch has lost its tackiness pretty quick. Its been really hot and humid where I live and tons of rain and I think that is why. Still much better than Golf Pride.

Everyone has different preferences. Order one each of a couple of different models and see how you like them.


Have not played it yet but going to try the Super Stroke Cross Country comfort traction grip on an old 3W I just re-shafted. It feels really comfy … if that’sa good term for a golf grip :joy: … and definitely good texture and tackiness.

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Appreciate the info!

I did what @davep043 suggested and bought a few different types of grips (full rubber but textured like corded, corded, and hybrid) from a couple different companies - Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Iomic.

I’ve also tried three different sizes so far - regular, midsize, and jumbo.

ATM, I’m leaning towards either a hybrid or fully corded grip. No particular brand or model yet. All the ones I’ve used so far seem to be pretty good. The fully rubber grip w/cord-like texture is okay, but does tend to get a little slick after my hand sweats a bit.

I tried a midsize and jumbo grip thinking that a bigger grip would help me not to grip the club so hard. And it does, but my grip and hand position is so different with the oversized grips that I’m unable to break my wrist the same way as with a normal grip and throws my swing off.

So, I think I’ll end up going with a normal sized grip, but I might use an extra piece or two of tape just to thicken it up a tiny bit.


This is what I’ll be doing, the next time I regrip. Numbers suggest 3 wraps (vs the usual one) but I dunno. I like the Iomic Sticky Evolutions I mentioned, but if you’re installing them yourself, take care to make sure that the base of the grip is butted up against the shaft end. They’re really stretchy when installing them. I didn’t make sure, and now I have an annoyingly wobbly 1/4 to 1/2 inch of dangling grip at the end of two of the three clubs I tried them on.

In further looking for my needs (very humid conditions, plus I sweat a lot), I’ve been looking at MCC Plus 4 profiled grips, the ones that are thicker for the right hand, and the Crossline Genesis ones from Lambkin. Gotta work through the ones I have, though.

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For sure. I made sure these were butted up tight, but will make sure the news one w/extra wrapping are too.

These are “new” grips still, but because the midsize grips affect my grip so much, I’m going to do a full swap either in January before my trip, or in March/April before the new season.

Just a quick update on this for anyone interested. I ended up going with some fully corded grips from Lamkin. I have two extra pieces of tape (3x total) on them which, as I understand it, puts me halfway between standard and midsize.

I’ve played several rounds with them and they’re working out great. I’ll likely need to bring a cleaning solution and extra towel to wipe them down in the summer. But I’m not having any issues this winter, even playing/practicing with only one glove.

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It’s funny how precise you can get with this stuff. Before I tried it, I didn’t know that not all tape was equal. Thickness, mainly, but width plays a roll too in how you end up wrapping the shaft. My spiral wrap technique needs work, and by the bottom, those subsequent wraps are overlapping a lot more.

Meh, better than it was. The Iomics I mentioned are still feeling a lot thinner than the Golf Pride Z-Grips, despite identical numbers inside the grip. Next time, I’ll use some calipers.

I’m glad your choice is working out for you. For ‘two-glove’ golf, do you just wear a lefty’s golf glove on the right hand. Or do you wear some other glove?

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I use rain gloves from FootJoy. I have 2-3 pairs hanging off my bag that I rotate. They’re sold in pairs.

I noticed the difference in tape size too. Several of the ones I looked at are/were 6/100, so that’s what I went with.

My tape hardly overlaps, though — less than 1/4”. I used 2” wide tape. I was concerned that I’d notice that or any imperfections in the tape (bubbles, wrinkles, etc.), but the grip is thick enough that I don’t notice any of it.