Grip suggestions?

My hands tend to sweat profusely while I play, so much so that I wear gloves on both hands AND grip the club too hard.

I think my current grips are too smooth for me, so I’d like to replace them with something rough/more textured. If they leave callouses, that works for me!

Do you have any suggestions?

Someone on the course yesterday suggested Golf Pride. I used the filter on their website and they suggested these:

I have been playing Iomic grips for years now, for me they’re the best I’ve ever played. That includes the MCC grips, Tour Velvet cord grips, Tour Wrap, and Tour Velvet. The compound they use stays "grippy’ seemingly forever. In wet weather, I use normal rain gloves and have never had a club slip in my hands. I like the X-Evolution and the iX series grips best.


I’m one of those people that sweat like crazy; maybe partly because I drink a lot of water. On really hot and humid days I have worn my rain gloves so that I can hang on to the club. I currently use GP CP2 Pro. They are just okay when wet, but I play them because I really like the feel and they clean up easy.

From my limited grip testing, cord grips and real leather grips work best when wet or sweaty. Real leather grips feel like you have pine tar on your hands. Cord grips work well but I just don’t really care for the feel of them or the leather.

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OK, I’m going to give you a little secret here. I use GP Jumbo black wrap grips. My hands sweat profusely and the sweat releases oils and you can guess what happens from there. I HATE, I mean HATE using gloves. I really only use them in the winter when it gets frigid. So here’s the secret. I keep a very specific towel to wipe my hands and grips during a round. I also keep a little spray bottle in my bag with WINDEX in it. That’s correct Windex! Just a tiny spritz on your hands and on your grip wipe them down and let me know what happens. It works! Rule 4-2…just don’t spray it on the face of the club during a round… Under 4-3…you can use an agent like resin, powders, etc. a spritz of Windex when applied to your hands every 3 or 4 holes works magic!


100% right, but lets use current rules. 4.1a(3) says you can’t apply a substance to the face of the club. 4.3a(5) talks about gloves and gripping agents.


Awesome, thank you. I use rain gloves any time I play because they seem to help a bit. I don’t have a second pair to rotate ATM, so they get soggy fast.

I’ll check those grips out. They seem fairly priced relative to the other grips I’ve seen so far.

Do you use two (rain) gloves even in the summer, or do you just do one glove? Curious if they still feel grippy with a sweaty bare hand.

That’s me. I was at the range the other morning and you’d swear I had a leak (or three) somewhere on my torso.

I have no idea what I like, as I just started playing 10/2019 and bought a few used clubs to get started and then a small used iron set just this past fall/winter. My experience with various clubs/grips is almost non-existent.

My buddy has at least one club with a new corded grip, similar to the ones I linked above (I think). We’re playing this Saturday, so I may have to see if I can test it out.

I’d be totally okay if it felt like I had pine tar or glue or whatever on my hands, so long as the club didn’t feel like it was going anywhere during my swing. I grip the club so hard now that my hands hurt and I can barely close them when I first wake up in the morning (for a few days after a range session/round). That’s always been an issue, but it’s worse when my hands are wet.

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I’ll check those grips out, and I’ll give the Windex tip a shot too. Didn’t even think of cleaning them. Great idea, thanks!

I use a normal glove most days, rain glove(s) when its raining. Right now I have 3 year old grips on my driver and wedges, and they’re as good now as they were new. And @MJTortella says, a good cleaning can do wonders, even a mild vinegar solution.


Off the top of my head I was close with the EXACT rules. I remembered 4 has to do with equipment., The point I was making don’t get tempted to spritz Windex on the club face, you can really only use a damp towel during the round. Windex on your hands…it makes them tacky for a bit and allows you to grip the club confidently knowing it won’t go flying (done that) or twist at impact. The second rule does allow you to apply something foreign to your hands or grips. Sorry if I wasn’t EXACT…sheesh!

I use jumbo grips for years now…I used to put 3 layers of tape when I regripped. Every year or so …I have large hands and now after 43 years of using knives for a living I have some arthritis. The larger grips allow me to grip lightly.


I have an assortment of grips on my clubs. Always looking for the “ultimate” grip. I’ve found I like these best.


Appreciate the info. Got lots of suggestions in this thread. I might have to test a couple out. Or see if I can find any in a shop somewhere to check them out first.

If someone wants to read the rules on their own to understand just what they say, its pretty important to provide the correct reference. But since you used the OLD format for numbers (4-2 as opposed to 4.2) I looked at the 2016 Rules, where 4-2 does indeed talk about foreign substances on the face of the club. However, 4-3 doesn’t say a word about gloves, that subject comes up in 14-3. Really, my nitpicking (I know I’m nitpicking) is for the benefit of those who want to understand the rules better, they deserve accurate references.


On the glove side of things - I tried and like the Claw Daddy glove; mostly mesh back with a silicone ridged palm (kinda like an ov-glove).

Works well to keep your grip on those sweaty days (also got a second one for the other hand for those extra sweaty days!) and seem to be reasonably durable - have used it maybe two dozen times or more and just one very small wear spot by the heel of the palm.

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I’ll check those out, thanks! I got to figure something out. I’m tired of waking up with sore hands :persevere:

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Dave, i use mid size and all they have is the Sticky. Have you used those?

I have Sticky on my irons now, that’s the only Iomic that Titleist offers. I like it pretty well, its the same rubber compound, I just like the texture of the X series grips better.

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Profoundly sticky/tacky, at least the Sticky Evolution 2.3s I have sitting at home. No idea about longevity. The Winn’s I have on most of my clubs now, have not been great in that regard. Or I’m really hard on grips, I dunno.

The Iomics are much tackier than either the Winns or the Golf Pride textured (but not corded) Z-Grip grips I’m rotating to from the Winns. With a name like Sticky, they should be. Though I haven’t broken out the calipers, they also look thinner than either the Winns or Golf Pride grips I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Winns. I just thought they’d have held up a bit more than 4 months.

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I’ve had the Sticky grips on my irons since I got them, April 2020, and they’re still fine. I’ve had the X-Evolution on my driver 3-wood and wedges for at least a year longer. For reference, I play 80 or 90 rounds a year.

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