Golf Sub 70 Clubs

After the article on the site about Golf Sub 70, I recently put in an order for some demo clubs to test them out. Was just curious if anyone had bought/tried them before and what their opinions were! I’m excited for them to arrive and get them on the range and course.


The fairway woods look great, would love to know how they are.

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Everything out there has shown them to be super high quality, well performing clubs at a great value. The only catch is the lack of fitting which is super important to getting the most out of a premium product. The online fitting tools can certainly help and if you already know your specs then Sub70 will customize, but it still is a missing element for the direct-to-consumer club makers.


The 699 pro look great! I’ve been looking at getting into Sub70 too. Which set are you demoing?

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I’ve gotten to know the guys over there a little bit, and it’s really a great story. Since I posted that article (I’ll link below) they have blown up. The owner has obsessed over quality, and you can literally call his cell phone. I think their model has a chance to really work. Great clubs + lower prices + customization + insane customer service = happy golfers

Also, we have a wedge from them as one of our prizes!


I started playing the 699s (not Pro) at the start of 2020. I absolutely love them! As Jon eludes to in his article and post, and several other forums and reviews have mentioned, they (Jason the owner, especially) go over every detail with you. He gave me his cell and we talked 3 times, in total, about my selections and tendencies, etc. Just a great process from start to finish. And, of course, a SUPER price for quality stuff. I haven’t ventured into any of their other offerings yet but plan to at some point.


I haven’t tried any of the Sub 70 products yet, but I’ve purchased quite a bit from the owner’s other golf related businesses and I am a fan. They take care of their customers and I’m sure anyone choosing to deal with Sub 70 will be completely satisfied.


I’m currently testing a set of 699 Pros for another forum (I’ll hold off on posting a link unless @jon says that’s OK). I currently play to about an 11-12 handicap, and I’ve loved these irons. I’m coming from a massive near-SGI category iron (the PING G700s), and I think Sub 70 nailed the look and feel here. In terms of performance, they do exactly what you’d expect. They’re not as juiced as the G700s, but for a medium-size head, they’re quite forgiving.

I’ll also add my commendations of the customer support. Just this last week, I decided to add a set of Sub 70 wedges to my bag. I ordered them from Sub 70s used stock (worth checking out if you’re looking for deals). Called Jason, and not only did he work with my about including some components from one of his other companies in the same box to consolidate shipping, but also offered loft/lie adjustment on a set of used wedges with no upcharge.


it’s amazing what can happen when you make a great product and treat people really well!


Hey everyone thanks for starting a discussion about our company and products…and thanks to Jon especially for creating a community where other passionate golfers can discuss anything related (or unrelated) to the game. My name is Jay Armour and I am the Director of Marketing at Sub 70. If anyone ever has any Sub 70 related questions feel free to message me here. I also run our social media accounts and will try to check in here from time to time as well. We truly appreciate all of the interest, support, feedback and questions about what we are doing. Thank you!


Jason, the ceo of sub70, is amazing. As Jon said, you can call him directly and he will talk you through a build.

He did it for me, and I was buying a single 5 iron.

I went 639 and want to complete the set soon… I’m now waiting on his ta3 release, though…

Jason and I talked various builds, best practices and shaft selection… ended up in s400s. My last professional fitting had me in s300s or x100s with neither being perfect. Why I wasn’t offered the s400 still baffles me, but I credit Jason with offering me a better option where my first fitter failed.

I also really like my 4 utility… but I haven’t really gotten to test it with my back injury. I’m looking forward to swinging it aggressively upon recovery.

If you like supporting smaller businesses, saving money and playing something unique, sub70 is awesome.


I’ve got the 639 CBs coming, curious to see how they fit my swing/game.


thanks for the feedback that’s awesome!

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welcome, Jay! Glad to see you here

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Just a quick note to add that I currently play direct to consumer clubs and really do believe in the business model, so I don’t want to seem like I’m down on that. I’m someone who knows my specs and can “talk through” a build not in person (helps that I’m pretty standard in loft/lie and such), but someone who might be looking for their first premium set might not have that same ability.

I’m definitely looking at Sub70 for my next set and will test next year!

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Always wondered about these because look fantastic.

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I have not tried them but they are definitely great looking clubs at very consumer-friendly prices. I have read tons of great reviews about them as wel. I’m sure they will find their way into my bag eventually.

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I’ve been on your site a bunch and look forward to testing out the demos! They look great and have gotten a lot of positive reviews here, keep it up!


I was planning on demoing Sub70 and Hogan irons to compare both as options to replace my 20 year old Mizunos, but Sub70 has a great ‘preowned section’ of clubs that are mostly like new but didn’t work out for someone else.

I found a set of 639CB’s that was fit to my specs with Modus 120 X shafts for a few hundo less than they would have been new, so I jumped on them. They have fantastic feel and I love them, and have no plans of changing anytime soon.

Also I got a raw 48 deg wedge which is a beautiful club, but haven’t put it in full time play yet because of gapping with my other wedges. Also it seems to have a sharp edge and not quite enough bounce, so it digs a bit much, especially in soft conditions.

The next club I’m considering from Sub70 is a utility iron which also has great reviews.

Overall, couldn’t be more pleased with the service and price from Sub70, and would recommend considering them whether your on a budget or not!


I’ve been looking into Sub70 because of Jon’s article.
What is the “ta3” release mentioned above?

I hate when I buy something and then learn a new and improved version just released…

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