Golf books: what are you reading

I think it’s finally time I read @Adamyounggolf book… I need a new one.

I just finished Your Short game solution by sieckmann. It was recommended by someone on Twitter… possibly Jon or Adam.

Before that I read every shot counts…

I’m also interested in the book recommended in the decades video… but can’t remember the title.


The practice guide isn’t on kindle… live in the now, Adam.


I enjoy reading about the game of golf: golf magazines, instructional golf books, books that chronicle golf-related events like the Masters or the 1913 U.S. Open won by Francis Ouimet (The Greatest Game Every Played by Mark Frost), and creative writing focused on golf by golf writers like John Updike or Dan Jenkins. The best mental game app launched this year is Imagine Golf. Each week a new golf book is featured. Tiger’s book, Golf My Way, was featured one week, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book was featured, and this week it’s John Daly’s turn. Check out Imagine Golf in the app store. I’m just finishing an excellent golf book The Match by Mark Frost. Happy Reading!


I believe Scott referred to the Elements of Scoring by Raymond Floyd

Another must-read for any golfer is Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. Perhaps the greatest golf book ever written IMO.


Elements of scoring also not available on digital… the book below it “course management by Jon Sherman “ is, however…


For the Non-Instructional golf books I love Tom Coyne’s stuff. A course Called Ireland, A Course Called Scottland, and Paper Tiger were all great. Really looking forward to the release of A course Called America.


Golfs Holy War is excellent. It covers much information in not a huge amount of pages. Highly recommended.


Just finished “Sir Walter” by Tom Clavin. Published in 2005, Clavin devoted 4 years to this writing project. Important story, because it seems like Bobby Jones over-shadows The Haig nowadays, but not back in the day!!! Hagen was quite a character and also an absolutely clutch player. By the 1930’s he had won more Majors than anyone, living or dead. He was a barnstormer, travelled the world, entertained & made LOTS of “Green Stuff.” Great story, very educational golf history, well researched & written. Highly recommend.


Sounds awesome! So many great golf books out there. Welcome to the forum :grinning:

In Search of the Perfect Swing. Love the science and physics of it all (although I think that’s of secondary importance to mental game/confidence/strategy)!

I came across that book in my research on tempo/rhythm/timing. The swing is basically a simple harmonic oscillator, and if you try to overdo it or swing out of rhythm you mess the whole system up. Timing is king, and it’s a lot easier to have good timing when you have good rhythm!

I think rhythm is a highly under discussed and analyzed topic!


Sir Walter is excellent - especially if you read it right after “the greatest game ever played.” And a book on Bobby Jones.
Follow up on Sir Walter with “Sam: the one and only Sam Snead” by Al Barlow;
then Byron Nelson’s Autobiography;
then “Ben Hogan: An American Life by Dodson; then “getting Up and Down” by Ken Venturi;
Then “the match” Mark frost;
then “a golfers life (Arnold Palmer) by Dodson; then something on Jack like “Golf my way” or Golf and Life” - (though there aren’t very good books on Jack that I’ve come across)
then “they call me super mex” Trevino/Blair -

This sequence (to me) is American golf.

Going backwards - Tommy’s Honor - Excellent
Another great book - Titanic Thompson: The man who bet on everything. Golf id a big part of that and provides a great lay of the land in golf from the ‘30’s - 50’s - so many players intertwined in this guy.

Currently: Mark Broadie “Every Shot Counts”


PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF NOW by Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson - great skills evaluation and technique to help you be a better golfer. Annika Sorenstam’s old coaches.


Wow, this is absolute gold!!! Might just line up this group in my bookcase. I LOVED “The Match” by Mark Frost, by the way. Terrific story. Really appreciate these suggestions.

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Haha, we might have to start a book club… also an instruction book thread vs a history book thread!

The story on Bandon dunes was a pretty fantastic read. I’ll dig out the title.

Dream golf: the making of bandon dunes

“Going backwards”…Have to recommend Stephen Proctors’ phenomenal history about Young Tom Morris, “Monarch of The Green”!!!

YES, a must read…especially if you plan a trip to Bandon Dunes Resort.

I’ll have to check that one out. I really liked “Tommy’s Honor” book by Kevin Cook (the movie was not that good). I like his writing. Cook also wrote “Titanic Thompson” - which is a great read and a great story. Depression era golf / roots of the traveling professionals - wagers, hustles, etc. You won’t be able to put it down.

I’d also recommend reading John Feinstein’s books - “A good walk spoiled” and “Tales from Q School.” Pro golf is really tough and so competitive. These provide a dose of reality.


Regarding “The Match” - I read that Dobson was planning to write Harvey Ward’s story, but Ward died before he got it going. That would have rounded out books on the players in the Match. Though Frost is a good writer and did a good job on Ward (just not enough).

I recently finished Every Shot Counts, Broadie’s work on Strokes Gained. Its an interesting read, although he seems to spend a bunch of time showing how his Strokes Gained system is really good based on evaluations fueled by Strokes Gained. Still, this is the future of golf statistical analysis. I was led to this one by reading Lowest Score Wins a few years ago.
For magazines, I absolutely love the Golfer’s Journal. Four issues a year, large format, very limited advertising, great photography, really good writing, NO tour stuff, NO equipment reviews, NO instruction, its all about the experience of golf.