DECADE Strategy

I know many of you are interested in Scott Fawcett’s DECADE system. I’ve written about it several times on the site, and I’m a huge proponent of what he does.

@ScottFawcettDECADE has agreed to answer some of your questions (when he has the time :grinning:). So if you have anything DECADE related, post it here!

Also, we have a special $25 discount off of DECADE Foundations that you can access using this link


Thanks Scott for taking the time! And thanks so much for your system I love it. I have one question. The change in strokes to hole out on the pga tour is bigger between 300 and 200 than it is between 200 and 100. Does that mean it makes sense to take on a little more risk off the tee if that means gaining 30 yards between 300 and 200 vs between 200 and 100. i.e. step two of the driver decision tree - could we make it 35 yards rather than 40 yards to hit driver?

Awesome! From what I’ve seen, you work with top amateurs and pros… what do you think a 5 handicap should be focusing on and improving to get down to scratch? (also, do you like the blue album by Weezer)

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I’d second that question… I play on courses where the distance between penalty hazards (read: jungle) is always 65 yards or less. There is no hitting into the trees and then advancing the ball a further 100 yards from the trees. If you hit into the jungle, you’re not finding your ball (or, if you do, you’re not hitting it out, even laterally).

I’ve been using Decade this year and my Dad has been using Foundations. I’ve learned so much about strategy through Scott. It all seems simple and obvious after you learn it, but it is different than “normal” golf strategy. Some of his work has validated my aggressive approach off the tee, and the rest has shown me to go a little conservative if I don’t have a conventional line. Probably saving me a few strokes a round, especially when the swing isn’t quite there. My Dad has seen similar improvement. Thanks to @ScottFawcettDECADE


I have a simple question about the GPS app entry. I’ve noticed that most of my green side chips and pitches end up being from the rough in the app but they were actually fringe or fairway. I think this is affecting my strokes gained around the green (which is always gaining vs tour baseline) so I wonder how much of that would change if I could enter the data as a fairway lie.

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What was como’s handle on the two plus two forums?

What would you say the main differences are between Decade and Foundations? I have Foundations and am working through the videos, but I’m wondering if there’s a benefit to upgrading for a mid-handicap golfer?

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I just joined Decade tonight. went through the first month lessons videos so far. Love what i am hearing. Looking forward to getting into the other videos and podcasts he has with it. Thank you for providing this for us.


Foundations has you tracking the Tiger 5 and maybe putt lengths. The full has you tracking every shot in the hole using a map based entry. That will allow the system to give you a huge amount of data from strokes gained and other stat tracking. You can then use that to figure out what to practice. For instance, I found I stink at approaches from 130 to 150 and putts from 6 to 10 feet. I made a swing adjustment for the approaches but I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t putt lol.


And is is pretty easy to track shots? Do you do so during or after a round?

It is really easy. It takes me about 10 minutes after the round. If I print yardage books from Decade I mark my locations on the map. Otherwise I record my general location for each shot on a card (right rough, 175 yards looks like 175 R->, or 110 F for fairway, or 12 X for a short sided flop). It takes a few rounds to get the hang of notating in a fashion you’ll understand later.


I carry a scorecard/yardage book holder for every round now. I would love to know which brand @ScottFawcettDECADE recommends. Where can I get one like BAD?

I have used Decade and the stuff works. Math usually does.


Continuing the discussion from DECADE Strategy:

I use the Decade Foundations App. Is it useful to step over to the Elite App? What will that bring me? I play off hcp 15, but in WHS that will probably be off 17.

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I think at your skill level, basic tracking will be enough…

I don’t know the app, does it offer practice tips? I think one of the hardest things to do when learning golf is actually spend time practicing correctly.

Better decision making will definitely help your score, but at that level building a consistent swing should be your focus. In my opinion.

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I do have a question. Is taking 2 bunker shots the same as two chips and would i put it in as the same for the foundations?

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Lots of places make them. I’ve heard good things about


That should be covered in the “faq scoring” video on the app

I can’t recall the answer though!

Thanks for the discount, I was going to give Decade a go so I’ll definately jump on it now.

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