Chasing Scratch: Podcast Discusssion

I sent a harassing email about Eli’s food choices… they said they’d answer them on the channel… I look forward to it!

But yes, they don’t look at all like what I expected… Eli’s hair was the biggest shock, for whatever reason.


Some exciting news for all you Chasing Scratch fans. Just had a nice convo with Mike and Eli and we’re going to find ways that Practical Golf and CS can work together. Stay tuned!


That’s awesome, Jon. I think your brand of thinking about golf can do them worlds of good, and hopefully will expand your audience as well.

Let’s go, Let’s go!


Kudos to you Jon! Kudos to Mike and Eli, and of course kudos to craigers


Great! Will stay tuned!

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Yes, I envisioned them exactly the opposite of the way they appeared!
Who knew? Don’t recall if they ever stated their ages.

They’ve always said 2 guys in their mid (then late) 30s… I believe they are both 39 now…


I’m excited for the next YouTube to hit with swings and the Michael breed breakdowns


Pretty interesting conversation and I think it’s somewhat funny they seem to have had the same issues since the beginning…

I’m curious to hear how mikes conversation went with Adam!


Like others have mentioned, my mental image of Mike and Eli didn’t match what I saw on YouTube. They have a bit of Greenberg/Golic vibe on video:


I’ve been re-listening to the podcast from the beginning… had 6 hours in the car yesterday… I’m 30 minutes into episode 14 now (The Move)… Got to hear Eli’s beautiful mind segment, and it’s funny because he’s basically saying his takeaway isn’t correct and that’s exactly what the swing coach said on the video breakdown…


Maybe a glitch, but Mike no longer comes up on the GHIN peer review.

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He was tweeting today (I assume he runs the Twitter feed), so I assume it’s a glitch of some sort…

They have a podcast up recently, and everything seems fine… should be a new youtube video soon…

On Season 2, Episode 10 of my re-listen… If I remember correctly, Eli’s handicap achieves the lowest number he ever gets to with the original adoption of “Adam Way”… Seems like there might be a lesson there…

Got a new (to me) golf cart today… Going to get some vinyl stickers made…

I’m putting “Let’s Go, Let’s Go!” on the bottom edge of the cart below the seats…


I just discovered the podcast a couple of weeks ago and binged the entire first season and started season two today. For someone who is trying to drop from a 25 to a 12 in the next year, this chase hits close to home. I also have a friend who I talk (or obsess) over golf with like Mike and Eli do, so I can relate.

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That’s my favorite part too! It’s the same kind of conversations I think we all have with our closest golf buddies, just with our own inside jokes.

I will cop to stealing a few from Mike and Eli, particularly the Sean lie followed with a few “it’s not your fault”s


Finally joined the Patreon… new video is up on YouTube.

As a fat guy, the twist pic doesn’t particularly amuse me… I’m not offended or anything, but I’ve seen more gut hanging out on a golf swing.

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I’m enjoying their video content… I’m actually very impressed by the production quality of everything they do…

I like that they are addressing their abandonment issues (the issue being they keep abandoning “goals”) and I’m curious to see if they can achieve scratch this season…

I’m a 6 and hoping to beat them there!


First off you need Irish Mike, Adrienne for yoga and Carl Weathers in your routines :slightly_smiling_face: