Chasing Scratch: Podcast Discusssion

No, I’m not the “real” Craigers. My name isn’t even Craig. (It’s Will, hi!)

I’m a similarly situated adult… father, husband, I’ve got commitments that mean I can’t spend as much time as I want practicing and playing golf… I found the podcast in Season 1, and have been following them ever since… Mike and Eli have an open invitation to join me at Hunting Creek in Louisville, KY for a round. I think it would be interesting to play a round with them. I find their quest, their methods and the podcast to be an informative look into the world of amateur golf. I am on a similar quest, just by myself. I’ve used their podcast as almost a baseline for myself. A place to check my methods and see what other people are doing. I have similar struggles as they do, but together we grind forward.

The podcast itself is well produced, their audio quality is actually fairly impressive for two guys with jobs, wives and kids… They clearly invested in their setup and have spent time either sourcing a good producer or doing it themselves. There are far more successful podcasts with far worse audio quality. So kudos to them.

Overall, I don’t think the podcast would work without their shared history and camaraderie. It’s fun to listen to them go off the rails and just make each other laugh. It’s a very easy conversation and doesn’t feel forced. It’s a nice relief to the journey that they are on, and compliments the quest of them getting down to scratch well… The humor and friendship in the face of failure is what makes the whole thing work… Hopefully, if they find success, it will continue to make the podcast work.

What I find most interesting about the podcast is their approach, their struggles, and the people that they meet (and occasionally listen to) along the way. (Irish) Mike Carrol is a great resource for golf fitness. His programs lead to results when they are followed, and what he suggests simply makes sense. Adam Young is also a tremendous resource. Hammering the nail is one of the best drills I’ve ever had. I like the focus on impact vs process, and I think it’s a helpful strategy for every golfer.

Yet, in season 3, Eli had stopped exercising and destroyed his path (he got way inside, and was positive on his angle of attack). Even with the best resources, and people invested in your success, it’s easy to lose focus on the actual goals and chase shiny. I don’t fault him for either of these things… I’m off my diet and need to motivate and restart it! Staying focused on long term goals, finding small gains day after day and building on them is hard, and I think that’s what makes Chasing Scratch so interesting.

We get to see them at the highest of highs: 1 under after 17? And lowest lows: Mike not being able to putt at the last major. What I like about their podcast, is I get to listen to it and see my own struggles… Getting close and having it ripped away. I was playing some of my best golf before getting injured this year. Now I’m just hoping I can get healthy enough to prepare for next season. They are honest about their failures and their disappointments, but keep grinding on the golf course and on the podcast. It’s been an interesting journey, and I’m hoping to see what they do with actual success towards their goals.
I think Season 4 will be interesting, as Mike is working with Adam Young directly. I’m hoping Adam can keep him focused on the long term goals, and help with his approach to golf. I don’t know their games, but it seems like strategy is the next major hurdle they have to face. I think Eli will have a huge advantage in a club membership on a course he’s already put up some good rounds on. As someone who lives close to their club, it’s a huge advantage to be able to take a free hour and spend 45 minutes of it productively on the golf course. I’ve said this on twitter, but my prediction for 2021 is Eli wins the handicap race (Mike takes an early lead, that Eli slowly chips away at on his home course) but Mike wins the final major with a more adaptable game.

I’d love to hear what other people think!


I like them and their podcast. But they are the shining example of no matter what you have been given or the opportunities that have been presented to you, it all boils down to having to do the actual work.

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I think, more than just the work, you have to stay focused on the goal and make sure you are continually moving in the correct direction and adjust course as necessary.


I like that their friendship is close, and they cheer each other on! And they show the importance of the mental game as well. Great podcast, looking forward to the next season.


In Season 4, they should both play in at least one local tournament. I bet they’d both shoot a million but it could also help them understand a better way to approach the game (assuming they are paying attention). And, it would be content gold.

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I’ve posted several times about my new love for this pod, and binged the first two seasons over the past month. I took a little breather, and just started season 3. I’m listening to their New Years Eve 2019 recording in episode 2, and I’m panicking in the car because they have the dream trip planned to see Irish Mike and get fit at TPI and I’m trying to remember what day exactly COVID shut down the world and if they’ll be able to make it! This honestly caused me more strife than I’m comfortable admitting.


Ha! Yeah, they released it in like April or may, so I was stressed!

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I don’t recall how I stumbled on the pod, but I got in during season 1 and have been enjoying the ride ever since. One of the podcasts that I get most excited when I see a new episode downloading.

Two observations about the pod: the first is that it’s good to have things like this in your life, because you can tell your wife about this podcast you’re listening to, and it helps her to know that there are guys in the world far more insane than you are. I’m nuts about golf, but I look well-adjusted compared to Mike and Eli.

Second, I listen to all my podcasts sped up (normally 1.4 speed). If you want to be amused, get in the habit of doing that, and then after getting that tempo thoroughly engrained in your mind, listen to Mike and Eli at normal speed. Suddenly, their conversations sound as though they’re entirely under the influence of some substance, which kinda fits their banter.


Holiday episode is up, if you have the time… I haven’t listened to it all yet…

Interesting that they are starting a patreon… Cheap at $5 a month, but I think I have enough Mike and Eli in my life as is.

Is the preview for their YouTube channel… Should be interesting. I don’t watch much YouTube, but will probably get into this.

I could get into that really easy! I’ve avoided all their social media so I’ve never seen their faces or more importantly their swings. My YouTube consumption is pretty much whatever NLU puts out, so it’ll be nice to expand a bit.

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I’m surprised they haven’t tried to monetize this already. I’m definitely throwing them $5/mo for the extras.

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Ha, I don’t think they need the money… they seemed fairly reluctant to push the patreon.

I think it makes sense overall, it’s not a ton of money and they are likely having these conversations anyways… also allows them to winnow down people for events without making it really pay to play.

Curious to see the numbers for sign up…

They have 57 patrons now so they are not getting rich on this thing.

Throwing ad reads into the middle would have been very weird. But, I would have thought there would have been some way to get a bit to, at the very least, cover the production costs.

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Eh, it’s Christmas weekend and a bonus episode… I assume the numbers will pick up when they launch the new season…

I have no problem with the patreon, I just thought it was interesting… mike had said previously he dropped a couple grand on podcasting equipment and he and Eli were going to find something to podcast about…

I have no idea how popular the podcast is. I obviously really enjoy it, but it’s a specific niche.

They already have a note on the Patreon page saying they are taking a break and will not charge for Jan. LOL

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I’m more amused they gave listeners a way to email their wives… I’ve been contemplating something funny to send them.

Should be fun to see their swings.

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I just reached the LSR episode where you call them out for blaspheming Adam Way.

Kudos to you craigers (your one true name in my world)

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Ha, I was just glad they took it in the spirit it was intended… mostly…

I was serious, you shouldn’t be that far gone on path if you are focused on hammering a nail… Eli’s swing sounded like it went completely off the rails!

I just started the first YouTube video, already weirded out seeing them instead of just hearing them. They look nothing like my mental image. Excited to see some swings though