CBD Oil and Products

Hi all. Thought I would open up a topic on CBD oil/products and share my experience. I’ve been using a full spectrum CBD oil for about a month now and (while not life changing or anything) anecdotally I do think there has been benefit, especially to my rest and recovery. Additionally, I have a CBD infused sports cream which is amazing for instant ache reliefs and (again anecdotally) seems to help prevent extreme soreness the next day.
I have an Amazon Halo coming (basically their version of the Whoop band), so I might try to get some data to see if there is any sort of measurable impact, taking a week off the oil and comparing it to my normal regiment with it.
Any experiences with it yourself or any questions anyone has about it? Not an expert by any means, but happy to discuss.

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I have always been interested in trying CBD out, but never taken the plunge, not really sure why. Probably because I want to do some more research and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Side note, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Amazon Halo after you have had it awhile. I have been wearing a Whoop for a little over 2 months and really enjoy it. It can be a bit intimidating with how much data it provides, but once you understand the data its really cool to see how it affects everything.

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I was invited to do the early access for Amazon, so I’m excited to try it. Haven’t decided yet if I want to turn on the voice stress analysis :sweat_smile:

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I feel like Amazon has enough mics in the devices that I own, I dont need another!


I started using CBD oil in January. At first the dosage I was using was too high and it made me feel…not great. Since I got that dialed in it’s been wonderful. I’ve found my demeanor to be calmer. I don’t get nerves on the course the way I sometimes did - unless I’m staring down a 3 foot side hill putt to save par.

If you’re thinking about starting, start with a low dosage and work up. And stay away from the stuff with THC in it. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, then hey fire away I guess?


been thinking of getting some of the gum. is dosage a concern there as well?

Any product should tell you how much of a dose of active ingredients you are getting with it. I’m guessing a single piece of gum would be fairly low. The main advice is always start low and slow, meaning low dosage and spaced out. If you don’t seem to have any effect with it, then increase. For example, the oil I use is 25mg of CBD per dose and I’ll do that twice a day (morning and before sleep) and maybe an extra dose before I play golf or do something stressful. That would be considered a medium dosage level from what I know.

I’ve wanted to try it but haven’t researched where to get it. Do you have any specific product/ brand recommendations?

I got Kanibi based on MyGolfSpy recommendations and they feel like a good mix of quality to value. I also know there are sites and forums dedicated to vetting out brands since so many are popping up these days, but since my first try was with something that’s working I’m sticking with them.

Thanks CoryO. I appreciate it.

I’ve got a CBD infused pillow that I use for sleeping and love it. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, maybe not.

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Doesn’t your hair get greasy from that pillow?

Probably the best CBD out there. Very expensive but they have a great discount for disabled, military/veterans, and first responders too (I think)


Nope, not at all. Because it’s infused into the fabric, there isn’t any oil or odor at all.

If there is no oil or odor how do you take in the CBD?

I take CBD (and it’s more fun cousin :slight_smile: ) often. Helps with aches and pains off the course or just before bed. Highly recommended.

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Is there a particular brand you use for the CBD?

Hey everyone. I wrote up a guide to CBD/review of KANIBI products for a website you might have heard of. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Thanks for write up.

Didn’t realize how expensive it is. Know that’s one of the more reputable vendors, but what is the “low” end of the range for a reputable vendor or are they all in the same range.


Great write up! I saw the Kanibi recommendation on MGS and kept thinking about trying it, but having read this I’m definitely going to give it a go. I do feel like I could use some help sleeping better and my smartwatch seems to agree.

For golf (and life in general) I wish I could focus better. I’m a pretty relaxed person on the outside, but my mind is usually going in 1000 different directions. I’ve heard CBD can help, but it also seems like it’s being promoted as a cure-all for everything and I’m sure that’s not the case.

Now that I’m in my 50’s I do have more aches and pains so any help there would be great. I’ve found that regular stretching and taking a Turmeric supplement help me a lot.