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I listened to the latest Sweet Spot podcast on Grit, and @jon and @Adamyounggolf both shared some good blowups they experienced on the golf course. What’s the most memorable blow up you’ve had or witnessed?

I have a few that come to mind. The last one was the cure.

HS golf tournament, 3-putted a couple holes in a row and hit my bag with my Scotty. Pull the driver out on the next tee and the shaft is broken in the handle. I used 3 iron the rest of the day and hit every fairway and almost every green and shot 78 w/ 40 putts.

Another HS tournament, playing against one of the top players in the district. I was actually making putts and a couple strokes up on him. He missed a short putt on 13 then turned around and chunked his putter and hit me in the leg 30 ft away. His dad, in the gallery walked onto the green and pulled him off the course.

Playing with my parents, I had been steaming/pouting for a few holes, then slammed my club into the ground. My parents said nothing. Next tee my dad hits a great tee shot then snaps his 5-wood over his knee. A few seconds pass by, then he looks at me and says something like ‘I thought you’d like to see what a jacka** looks like on a golf course’.


This is classic! In 1984 I was the GM of a very Private Country Club that was very difficult to play. There used to be a standing bet that any pro would NOT be able to play the course for $10K, (this is back in the day) and break par, if he didn’t they paid the course $4K. Only 1 pro tried it and failed…and it was a major champion. Leave it at that. So we had an outing, it was high end. Our 12th hole had a very tilted fairway so the lies were challenging and there is fairly big, but not deep water 25 yards in front of the green to the apron. I was setting up for the banquet, and a gentleman came into the bar from the outing and asked if he could get a jump start on the open bar he was finished for the day…I, of course said certainly! As the groups came in, I heard a rumor that on the 12th, one of the gentleman, rinsed 5 balls in row, took his entire bag off the cart and tossed it into the pond. Around 730 pm the gentleman, asked me if I could take him out to the 12th hole, which I did, he asked me if the water was deep, I said maybe 3ft. He says great. We get there and you could see the bag, he takes off his shorts and shoes and wades out as I’m shaking my head…he gets the bag throws it on dry land, open 3 zipper pockets, takes out his wallet, his watch, and his car keys. Picks up the bag and tosses it back into the pond and says could you please take me back to my car. I obliged…I then had to go out myself, fish it out, give his bag to the pro, who dried it out called the guy and he came back like a week later to pick it up. If you’ve heard that story before…that was on my watch…I’ve snapped a club once, wedge, chipping myself, but that’s about it…replacing shafts is expensive…last time I did that!


amazing move by your dad, and hilarious!


Playing practice round for a Pro-Am the next day, I was the pro. Short par 4 so I take 2 iron out and proceed to hit a dying duck hook. I get mad and break the iron over my knee. Now double pissed I take the half 2 iron and finish the hole with it. So picture a 6’ 3" man playing with a iron that is not more than 24" long swinging wildly one handed just trying to make contact. By the time I got to the green everyone including myself was dying with laughter. I haven’t broken a club since.


I have also witnessed the bag in the lake throw… though it was a high schooler on my team… bag in the lake, storms off… storms back on, wades into the water, gets his keys… bag back into the lake.

He wasn’t much fun to play golf with.


That sounds like a commercial.


Uh, your Dad didn’t grab your 5-wood, by chance did he?


Last Summer, a single was one hole in front of us. I noticed that, as we’re putting out on #13, he had just teed off on #14, which typically is a mid/long iron layup. After toeing his tee shot into a waste area, he helicoptered his club deep into a copse of trees. After looking for it for 2-3 minutes, he returned to his cart, then returned to the clubhouse.


I was on the 17th green when I hear a curse from the 18th tee. I look over in time to see the guy through his driver up into the air. It hit a branch and snapped.

Last week a playing partner hit a poor drive topping it down a bank to the ob fence. Complained that he had done the same on that hole 6 rounds in a row and threw his driver over my head to the ob fence behind the tee. Only the head stopped it going through the fence completely.


Adding to this, behind the 7th green at my club there is a putter in a tree. It has been there for 10+ years. No idea who’s it is but comical.


I can think of a few and they were all during a 9-hole after work league I played in. I’m behind a group and as we’re walking off the green we see a buddy of mine in the group ahead sling an iron into the woods and start screaming at his opponent "How can you say that?! You don’t even know me?! and I won’t repeat the rest, but he lost it like I’ve never seen. That was the last hole so after we’ve finished I see him on the porch and ask him what happened. He says “Right after I hit my shot, my opponent said “get in the bunker” and the ball went in and I told him you can’t say that stuff to someone else’s ball”. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I feel like my time has come. I’ve mentioned here before that I was a hot head when I was a junior golfer and in high school. I’ll preface all of the following by stating I haven’t thrown or broken a club in almost 20 years - but boy did I do it with regularity as a youngster. I could tell 100 stories, but I’ll start with a couple.

First, one year for my birthday I got a brand new Vokey SW. It was my first wedge that wasn’t a hand me down and I was so excited to use it. We used to carve a hole in the dirt under a tree in my buddy’s backyard and play 18 holes chipping from different spots. We were maybe 6 holes in and we went to the other side of the fence and were chipping over the fence to the pin. I bladed it, hit the ball through the fence breaking a hole into the side of their shed, then lost my mind and broke my brand new Vokey over the top of the fence. So I got to explain to my dad that I broke my new wedge and had to repair my friends’ dad’s shed. Fun drive home.

Another time I was playing in a qualifier for a match play tournament. I was playing like garbage and knew I was going to end up a low seed. Fuming, I yanked the crap out of my tee shot on a par four next to the road leading to the club house. I clanked my recovery shot off a tree and lost it. Threw my 7 iron and it got stuck about 35 feet up in the tree in front of me. So, I had to hold up the round to climb a massive tree to retrieve my club. On my way down my dad drove by on his way to pick me up. Again, fun drive home.

Last story. I’d been playing a Callaway Steelhead Plus 3+ wood for maybe six years. It’s one of my favorite clubs I’ve ever owned. One particular rough round I decided to wrap it around a thin tree after a bad shot. The graphite shaft broke, spun around, and impaled my leg. I pulled graphite shards out of it for two days. I deserved it. I still have the head of that club attached to the broken shaft.


Playing with my brother on a family golf trip to Portugal. First day of a 7 day trip. His driver was going all over the place. Just couldn’t keep it on the planet. He tried his three wood and he couldn’t miss. Down the middle every hole and getting decent distance with it too. We get to about 14 and he flubbed a wedge and whacked his bag. Continued the hole. Get to 15 tee and he pulls out his 3 wood. Half of it…he was…not amused. I, on the other hand, was extremely so. My parents were quite upset with him, although there was a lot of “well it serves you right” about it too.

I’ve never really got that angry on a golf course. Playing tennis on the other hand when I was a kid would drive my anger up, especially playing with my brother. I remember playing with him one time and he was being his usual extremely lucky self. I got very frustrated and to let it out, I hit the chainlink fence around the court with my racquet. Racquet bounced off and did absolutely nothing to release my ire. So I whacked it on one of the posts holding up the fence. That was much more satisfying, until I noticed that I had caved in my racquet. I went from angry at my brother to “oh ****” at myself in a very short space of time. Now I only really get angry when I’m driving (car not golf ball)

Several years back I was in a threesome with 2 friends. None of us were particularly good, especially Bob. It was number 8, if I recall, and he had a straightforward 9i into the green which he chunked badly. Bob fired the offending club towards a line of pine trees. It was an impressive toss, full helicopter mode, and it cleared the trees easily. We putted out and Bob stomped off to retrieve his club.

He caught up to us on the next tee, empty handed, with a sheepish look on his face. “Where’s your club, Bob?”

“There’s a sewage lagoon on the other side of those trees.”


When I was 5 or 6 was tagging along while my dad played. Group behind us hit into us while we are standing in the fairway. Ball rolls right between us.

My dad tees it up and hits driver directly at them. They drive up and my dad kicks off the reconciliation with “hey you stupid mother f******, you came 5 yards from hitting my son”

It was so out of character for my dad. He is very straight laced and I have never seen anything like it before or since. Thankfully the other guys weren’t in a mood to escalate or it may have been a fist fight.

On the next hole the marshall drove up and notified us that our round was over!


This story wins the thread for my, that is hilarious!

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I don’t know the story but when i got to the 10th tee today there was a snapped driver shaft and a snapped putter shaft sticking out of the rubbish bin. Can only guess how that happened.


If the heads were not damaged, you can always re-shaft them.
I had picked up a 5 wood , a 2 iron heads on the golf course.
Personally witness a guy we played golf with maybe ,more than 2 decades ago when the Taylormade was an up and coming OEM. This guy bought a new Taylormade 5 wood to fill his gap between 180-200 yards. Fresh out of the plastic wrapping from the pro-shop. Of course he did not have a good go with it being cold turkey with the new golf club. So on one of those holes he went into the woods on the right, trying to get to the green by threading through trees with his new 5 wood and did the lumberjack on it.
So he snapped the 5 wood around a tall cypress and the head with the broken shaft still attached, helicoptered toward the rest of us and almost stuck one of the guys.
I gave him a stern warning never to do that again or I’ll deck him before he hurt someone.
I had never played another round of golf with this guy ever. Had seen him a few more times with social events. I wonder if he had learned to be more mellow with age.

Tuesday is Men’s comp day. I teed off at 1450 (sunset 1800) I had 9 people behind me and 154 in front. To have both break on the same hole sounds like he launched the putter at the bag. I presume it was a driver shaft. Hzrdus smoke. Whoever it was is probably feeling sheepish. I have found an iron head on the course before and I have had 2 iron shafts break at impact. Luckily mine were easily found. Personally I know I am going to hit at least 5 bad shots a round and a bunch of other less than perfect shots so when I hit one I just think that is one of my 5 and move on. It helps me stay calm and in the head space to forget about it and move on. I just hope it wasn’t one of my mates.

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I’ve played with a guy for nearly 20 years now starting in an after work league and now we belong to the same semi-private club. He used to throw clubs and broke one or 2 that were thrown too hard. He never threw them near anyone so I assumed there was some control, but he once threw one so far and high into the woods we had a very hard time getting down from a tree lol.

Any way probably 5? years ago when he turned 50 he treated himself to an all new high end set. A driver with a $300 shaft, Miura irons and wedges, et al. He stopped throwing clubs. He still has a temper, but he’s too cheap to throw an expensive club and risk losing or breaking it.