A golf writer looking for some help

Hello fellow golfers!

I am the author of Golf Is No Ordinary Game (you can find it on Amazon) Have no fear, my reason for writing is not to sell or promote my book. :wink: Instead, I am looking for a golfer to read and critique the first few chapters of the golf novel that I’ve just about finished. I just need an honest evaluation before I go through all the rigors of submitting to an agent or publisher.

It’s the story of a boy born into a golfing family and trained from a very young age to be a golf prodigy. Pressured with great expectations from his father, hampered by physical limitations, and living in the shadow of his sister’s athletic prowess, he nonetheless excels at the game to show great early promise. After he suffers a tragic accident that forces him to quit his dream, he exiles himself to Canada to escape his father’s disappointment. While there, he meets female golfer from Wales as well as a mysterious mentor, both of whom help him to refind his game…and his dream…

I know it’s an odd request, but If you are willing (or even if you know someone else who might be) please write me back at here or at golfwriter55 at gmail.

Thank you so much!

G. G. Barton

Sure, I’ll give it a critique.

Great. Email me at [email protected]