$500 Per Iron! Would You Pay It?

With Titleist very recently announcing two more models (CP-03 and CP-04) of their CNCPT irons, I thought it would be an interesting conversation piece.

Considering my 7-piece (4 - PW) iron set (Ben Hogan PTx Pro forged with graphite shafts) purchased brand new cost me about what 1.5 CNCPT irons would cost, I would not even consider purchasing them unless they could guarantee me that they would turn me into a successful player on the Champions Tour.

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I just don’t understand who they’re marketing them at!..but god, no i wouldn’t lol

People with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money.


Not a chance. There’s a market for everything, but the one for these is so small it doesn’t make sense to even spend the R&D money on developing them.

I think there’s something to the idea that these are the extreme edge of R&D that will eventually find its way in some form into the mainstream line. Might as well try to make some money on them while they’re developing towards that.

I don’t have 4K to blow on golf clubs right now… but let’s think about how much “the perfect” club is worth…

Not the Rodney dangerfield perfect club… I’m just talking a club built exactly for me…
Optimized spin and launch when struck well, minimized offline when hit poorly… let’s take jons Sw dispersion and cut it in half.

I’m now hitting clubs left right by 25 yards and 10 yards front and back… that level of improvement would probably be worth 4K…

The problem is, I don’t think there is a way for equipment to cut my dispersion in half… I think the right equipment is important, and the confidence the right equipment gives you even more important… but I don’t think you’ll ever get more than a marginal improvement from perfectly fit clubs… no matter how much they cost.

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No legal within the rules of golf way:

I don’t think I paid $500 for my entire bag!!

Thinking…Driver, used, $40, Irons, used, $150, 56 wedge, new $79, Gap wedge, free (Dad’s old one) putter, new $90, 3 wood, new $149, bag, used, $60…ball retriever, free ( Dad hand me down)…ok, $60 over.

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Someone out there clearly thinks that someone else will buy an iron for $500. After all, there are $1,000 hamburgers. However, I really would like to think that if any club is 2x-5x the price of a standard new club I think it should be 2x-5x better than a standard club. It will never happen but still it would be cool not to have incremental changes for expensive clubs but a huge leap forward to justify the price.

I’m definitely under $1000 in my set and pretty happy with it…

I love looking at new equipment, but unless you are talking about huge changes (distance irons being the current hot topic), your game isn’t changing all that much.

I think it’s awesome they drive innovation and the concept line is supposed to ignore cost for performance… I think more than anything it shows that you can’t buy a game, even if you want to.

This. So so much this. Show me data that supports a 4x improvement to my iron play versus my current irons and I’ll consider spending $4000 on a set of irons. You can go to club champion and get perfectly fit for a set of irons made 100% for your swing and spend $1000 - you’ll probably be closer to $2000+ depending on specs, but being fit into a stock option isn’t out of the question.

Either way, that’s such a better option than paying for these clubs because, “More expensive has to be better. Gotta show the folks at my club I’ve got money and game.” —— then shoot 89 every time out.

This, in my opinion, is a very PXG move by Titleist.

No way. I already play with my dream iron set and they only cost 395 uk pounds. Clubs that expensive are for gullible people with more dollars than cents.

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The great thing about these irons is that no one has to buy them :slight_smile: Obviously at 500 / iron they are not even aimed at the general public but to a very select group that has the means and wants to have the latest cutting edge tech wise. For a lot of people in this group I don’t even think they expect to all of sudden turn into a tour player, it’s about belonging to an exclusive group of early adaptors.

All gains are incremental so of course these will not give x4 the performance, the last .1% of performance will cost a hell of a lot more than the first 98%. For the general consumer we should all applaud this move from Titleist because this is the testing ground for the tech that will hit the “normal” line of clubs in the next few iterations and you will not have to pay the same premium.

From an R&D perspective this is a good way to get some real life testing done while getting some of the cost recovered and also generate some discussion.

Personally I would not buy these but I still think it’s a good move from Titleist.

A: NO https://tenor.com/9RgI.gif

  1. Let’s see which youtube “reviewers” get them 1st.
    Wasn’t much published on last years cp01 & 02 :thinking:

Anyone that has enough money to pay $500 an iron should be forced to donate a further $500 per iron to a local public golf course that’s about to go under :wink:


The PXG guy that wishes he’d spent MORE money ?

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I wouldn’t but I would like to read some reviews on them by an objective source. Anyone who paid $500 per club would certainly give them a good review in order to justify the purchase.

Isn’t that what PXG and Homna go for, or close to it? I can’t imagine there being a huge technology difference but more-so an appeal to people with too much money.

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PXG yes, they sell based on technology. For the Honma Beres series, it is just purely about Asian business men flexing on their playing partners about how much money they have. From what I’ve heard there really isn’t a performance difference between the different star levels, but just the fact that you can drop $30k+ on a set with 24k gold accents and other rare metals means you can look down on the peons who can only afford a 3 star at $10k.


That would be an awful lot of greens fees, range balls and lessons I’d rather spend it on! I would think mostly pros would spend that much.

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