1st Tee Greetings During Covid

How should golfer greet each other nowadays?

To me it is awkward, shaking hands is clearly out; is it a fist :facepunch: bump, elbow bump, Wuhan kick, a wave :wave: of the hand?

I usually do a socially distant wave.

What do you do?

What do you think we should do?

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At the first tee it is just a friendly hello and good luck today. 18th green as we walk off elbow bump, or tap putters together, or in this time of covid restrictions hold out your hand to see if your playing partners are respecting social distancing. Some people will shake your hand. But then again we are essentially covid free. All overseas flights go straight to a hotel to quarantine for 14days and until last week our state borders have been closed but are now reopening due to the rest of Australia becoming less covid infected.

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Curtsy (sp?) obviously

I play almost exclusively as a single joined with other groups, so I’ve given some thought as to what I’m comfortable with. First tee is a wave and friendly verbal greeting. I keep my neck gaiter over my mouth/nose on the tee box until I take my setup. I’ll accept fist bumps with my gloves hand, but the putter grip tap has become my preferred handshake alternative.

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Fist bump for me is fine!

I like the :facepunch:t4: bump or the foot :foot:🏽 tap.

It’s generally an elbow bump (which is almost as awkward as it is goofy) or maybe an “air” fist bump.

I think a warm greeting is fine but have no problem with the fist bump if initiated by the other guy. No foot bumps for me. Too much balance and coordination are required.


Can’t do the foot tap without feeling like I’m about to start the Kid ‘n Play dance routine from House Party.

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The old boys i play with are all into elbow bumps lol

The handshake might never recover from COVID!

That’s me, also. End of the round, though, of it was fun and they were fun playing partners then either an elbow or fist bump.

Unfortunately (… I’m a little old school) hand shakes are out…

Walk up music. First tees should have walk up music. You get your spotlight moment. Tip your cap to your partners. Hit your shot and be on your way feeling like a bada**.


Does that include the pyrotechnics? :joy::rofl::rofl:

My dad was in the fireworks business for 40 years and I used to have an advanced pyrotechnics license, so heck yes. Everything should include pyrotechnics.

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I’ve been doing the fist bump.
However, a lot of golfers around here still reach out to shake my hand…leading to some sort of awkward, weird fistbumpshakething…

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We’ve been doing fist bumps, but every time I do it I think, “My hand is still touching his hand. This is accomplishing nothing.”


Quick fist bump would create a much lower viral load, both because your fist is less likely to come in quick contact with your face (hopefully) and also a lot less time spent in close proximity than a handshake.

I don’t know. I miss a couple three footers and my first may make some real aggressive contact with my face.

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For me fist bump or elbow bump on the first tee, usually a tap with the putter (grip end, so not to damage anything) at the end of the day. At my home club there are a small number of people I’ll shake hands with, but I’ll be walking past the hand sanitizer container at the snack bar on my way to the car.

Do the hokey-pokey!!

Quick ‘howdy, glad to meet you’ and nod on 1st tee. Walking off #18, glove hand fist-bump, or more likely putter tap.