Working on your mental side of the game, looking for volunteers


I am looking for people who are interested in working on their mental approach to the game. I started applying my work(executive and leadership coach) to my golf game this year and saw some pretty cool results(drop on average over the year of 8 strokes - best was 16 strokes).

The point of this post is to find others who would be interested in trying this out approach and see how viable/helpful it is. If you are interested in knowing more please reach out.


Sign me up :). I read a book on it and applied the concepts the author presented and results were immediate: dropped 3 strokes off my personal best this past Wed!

Hey Jon,

here is my email to connect, drop me a message and we will get something set up.
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My mental approach to the game has evolved to a point over 37 years, when I’m just knocking around and we’re not holding anyone up, I could drop a couple of balls and fool around with different flight patterns on my approaches or around the green shots. When I might be playing for a few shekels, the approach is totally different. I manage my poor swings or, even worse, poor outcomes (ball in a divot, ball in a footprint in the sand etc.) and not compound a problem, which in this game is very easy to do. So sometimes, it makes sense from 200 out with trouble everywhere is not to hit a 7W, but to hit to 90 to 100 yds, repeat that to the green and take the chance on holing a longer putt for par, but not making a double. I did read an article where the mental approach with your putts starts on the practice green, not hitting to a hole, but to hit between 2 pieces of string to get speed, then when you are putting on the green, the mental approach is that I’m going to make everything… no lagging. Haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds interesting. At my best, playing alot I was a 2cap, I’m a 7-8cap now, but I don’t play as much as I used to (which was every day). The most important weapon you have in this game is the 6inches between your ears. If you learn not to compound problems you can shave alot of strokes, As you get down to single digits, the process is much harder.

If this offer is still available I would be interested for sure.

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If there is still an opening in this I am interested in learning your approach. I am a total head case when it comes to real play. I can go through my routine and concentrate and make the shots on the practice range, but once it comes to the scoring rounds somehow all of that goes out the window.

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