WHS is wrongly named!

Let me start by saying I am actually in favour of the new WHS system, I think it better reflects play than the ‘old’ system.

But, as I use England Golf to enter scores, I don’t see why the word ‘World’ Is used.

I can enter cards from English clubs, and now Wales, Scotland and ireland.

But what about if I tour to the US, or Europe …or the rest of the world?

If I use any app for GPS/Score, thay have the ability show, holes, SI, yds and even maps of just about every course in the world, so why can’t the National Handicap Systems ‘join up’?

Being 51 years in the IT industry, I could spec a joined up system in short order.

The R&A and the USGA would hold all the indexes, and the national systems could replicate a subset as required.

When I wish to enter a score, I should be able to have a ‘dropdown’ for country, and then club. The score cards for that club is available via general APIs already.

So, I don’t see what is so difficult?

Maybe then we would have a real ‘World’ Handicap System.

Comments please.

I had no idea you couldn’t enter for other countries (I live in the US).

The Golf Canada system allows you to post scores from other countries, but I can only speak to posting scores from the US and UK.