Where do you purchase your golf apparels

Besides getting golf balls, golf shoes at a local brick and mortar golf specialty store or online; where do you purchase your golf apparels?

Start to get email notice from local golf shops of the “big sale” on golf apparels.
I’m a shopper ( trained by my wife), and I have not purchase any golf apparels from a golf specialty store for a long time. Usually look for bargains at department stores and a lot of online purchase before they start the sales tax for online transactions + the recent hike in the shipping cost.
Beside the department stores ( where I could see the item and try them on for size) usually I’ll stop by one of the Factory Outlet stores ( yes, they have mid-high range apparels for men ), noticed there is a Taylor Made store in the outlet mall, for golf clubs and golf balls , shoes, shirts, trousers … ( normally the pass season’s style or color but, who cares for keeping up-to-date on golf apparels ).

Anyone of you are shoppers or just wear your casual wear onto the golf course ? I used to wear a polo with collar and a khaki or shorts from my usual every day wear.

I usually make a few purchases through the Pro Shop to support my Pro. I purchase a few items through Websites like TGW as an example. They have deals that can’t be touched anywhere. I purchased my last 2 pairs of shoes through the internet, high quality and fit like a glove! Adidas and FJ!

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FJ and Adidas are my choice of golf shoes also. I don’t purchase apparels through pro-shop nor local golf shops. Besides the logo, the quality of “golf outfit” usually is substandard to the other non-golf branded products.
I go to the brick-and-mortar stores for occasional sidewalk sales. Love to support them, to a certain amount. I get my supply for repair and maintenance through internet online options. Even with the sales tax and shipping added, it’s still much less than the local options.
I’d give my business to local as much as I could, it would not be good for my pocketbooks.
Still have one more to get out of the graduate program. So, I’ll be extra careful when I spend any for myself at this moment.
My everyday casual wear is good enough to get on the golf course. Golf shoes is one item which I will not cut corners with. I still favor the classic style, the Foot Joy Premiere in black fits most the bill to please the eyes and fulfill the functionality requirement.

I get most of my stuff through our club’s pro shop now. The price is full list, but I always get credit each season and try to support the place. I do still look online for deals here and there. When my wife drags me into a TJ Max, Ross for Less or wherever I sometimes find some great deals. There’s also a large used golf outlet in my area that is hit or miss for deals on new clothing.

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I used to buy my golf stuff from the pro shop also, this was before the interstate sales and later the internet sales. when I was a single, the budget is just for myself and easy to change around.

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I always look for a way to do business locally. Even at the Farmer’s Market, which I know they buy whole sale at the depot and resale as farmed produce.

Give me an excuse to do business locally? Not trying to clean out my pockets?

Shoppers have option now, with the smart phone, they can shop you within a minute or two. Please, do not use the marketing tactics from decades ago.

I look for sales. I normally just shop online or at golf galaxy, and most clothes are purchased online. I did find some Polo shirts from last season at the local course pro shop. very good deal. ($15 I think).

I have purchased some things at the local outlet mall as well. I used to wear normal casual clothes, but since getting a couple pairs of golf shorts and golf pants, I will not go back. Way more comfortable on the course.


Look for the “golf fit” cut on the clothing and the material used. I still prefer cotton or cotton blend material. Sports cut styling is generous on around the joints to provide room for movements.

Costco has some nice clothing for casual wear. Not much a choice on color and size . Depending on the store, name brand shorts and polo often present a great deal.

Under Armour outlet stores have good clothing at reasonable prices. I especially like their pants and shorts which have a comfortable waist band. Costco will occasionally have brand name golf wear. In the past I have bought at Nordstrom Rack but my last few shops there have been a disappointment.
For shoes I buy Ecco only. If you sign up for email from the online store, at least once a year they will send out a discount code and if it hits at the right time of year it can be applied to clearance golf shoes. I’ve bought $230 shoes for under $100.

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I’m a shopper since I have my family, it’s a habit now to shop for value.
Outlet stores usually have good stuff if you don’t mind the past season’s color or style. unfortunately, a couple of brands with quality products either no longer in business or pulled back on their operation. Cutter and Buck is one of them. All the stuff I bought from them last very well.

I usually look through Amazon, there are sometimes outstanding special offers

Comparing to full price MSRP, yes. As we all know it, Amazon is a middleman, the seller has to make a margin and the Amazon further by charging fees to the sellers.
If you can find a more direct link to the source, you will get even a better deal.
Many if not all of the Amazon sellers are re-selling from Aliexpress and directly from the manufacturers, note, I did not say OEM, but many of the actual factories and contractors will have extra left over from the contractual work to slip into the market as pure profit.
I always shop before I purchase anything. It’s a habit formed, from the need to provide better for my kids.
If there is any way, figured in the final cost of shipping and tax and fuel. I like to buy local. Even if that means costing a little more than getting it online.
Anyone would like to save additional 20%+ with any purchase if that’s the case with the local price.
I often question why the local business selling the same product for less when they channel through online store? Why couldn’t they bring similar pricing to local foot traffic?
Online shopping is great, but it will never replace the traditional touch.

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I had been told and confirmed that many of the “local” brick and mortar business have their internet sales team.
They had been doing this for awhile now to sustain their retail presence.
What I don’t understand is, why the price tag for the same item showed differently for the online purchase and local retail? They use a different name for online store.
Usually lower price for online sales because of the competitive pricing from all other sellers. All price for the similar item will be on the same page or at finger tip.