Where did everyone go?

Activity on this forum has really dwindled off. No offense intended, but dewsweeper and MJT are the only guys that post anymore.

And what ever happened to the guy who was determined to make it on the senior tour? I thought he was deluding himself, but I was genuinely curious to see how he could progress.

Where did everyone go? I used to find this forum a good alternative to some of the much bigger forums and you kind of felt like you got to know some of the people.


Well, things change in life.

Personally, I know golfers quit the game for either health issues or financial reasons, or both.

I’m lucky that I have many friends who are golfers, to keep me in this game. Otherwise, it is hard to keep up with this traditional retirement perk.

I notice that the other golf forums also showing signs of lack of participation.

I know that I would post less once the golf season starts. which is right now through September. Only 24 hours in a day.

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I’m still here. I mostly read threads and don’t post much


I’m glad you posted this as I saw it in my email.

Going to make an attempt to be more active on this as I enjoy it- life is just crazy!

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Life has been busy and I don’t post a lot. My game is becoming more consistent this year as I work on my mental game and implementing recommendations from The Four Foundations of Golf. Play well and enjoy!

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Yes not much going on here lately. I spend more time on a couple of other golf forums, but still not a lot of time. I’ll have more time to surf when I’m trapped indoors for winter, but then I can’t play golf so I’m not inclined to read about it.

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I lurk alot but dont post much. I probably should though I like the banter on here. I had trouble finding the forums on a desktop though, I know Jon mentioned hed be doing some work on the site and newsletter maybe it got harder to locate?

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Honey, I’m home!!!

I used to post a fair bit but goy busy with other stuff and just haven’t checked in. I hope to be more regular, have had an interesting and fruitful year of golf so hope my experiences may be relevant for others.


Glad to see some replies on here! I too tend to read and post more in the off-season when life is not as busy.
Just wanted to make sure everyone hadn’t abandoned this forum.

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Most importantly, everyone stays healthy and well.

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Brief bump to note that one of the big changes I see is that Jon is starting to have training modules and videos available for sale. I received an email today, with the following message: "Hey There!

Thank you for your interest in my free chapter and video module for effective driver practice.

As promised, here are the links to the PDF and video:

Click here to get your chapter PDF
​Click here to access the video"

The video was excellent. A short primer on the importance of the driver, the major components of optimizing ball flight for it, and brief drills and assessments for tracking and improving those attributes. Evidently there will be a pay section, a la what his podcast collaborator Adam Young does with the Accuracy Plan/Strike Plan etc…

Though I likely won’t be a paying customer for those modules—I have another similar instructor I use, and I find mixing and matching tips often makes things worse—I couldn’t be happier for Jon, and I hope the instructional site is as much of a success as Four Foundations.

This site with his original blog posts, were an essential part of developing my attitude and education about golf when I resumed the hobby a few years ago, and for that, I will be grateful.

I do expect a serious revision of this forum in the very near future however. Which often, IME means deletion. If there’s content you’d like to preserve, copying it to an offline document might be prudent.

Anyway, watch your emails for the video and .pdf.

Actually, there is nothing on this forum of any interest to me anymore. So I’m checking out, but good luck, good golf and most importantly good health to you all.

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