What putting grip do you use?

As you may have seen in the Equipment section, I’m currently in a huge putting overhaul after being tired of constant 3 putts and no feel. Tonight I’ve been reading about different putting grip styles. What do you use and why? I dabbled in cross hand, went back to overlap this year, each worked for a time but didn’t seem to provide any consistency in the long term. I have a lesson/fitting on Wednesday, but curious to see what you all do!

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I had always used my standard overlap grip on putting as well, but a couple weeks ago I switched to reverse overlap for everything short game related and really like it.

I have tried it all…currently I am focusing solely on using my left hand on my stroke. Its my regular overlap grip with the golf swing but I use my left hand mainly to drive the putt…it has been surprisingly effective…time will tell!

I’ve tried different ones, but I think arm lock makes the most sense if you are simply looking for the most consistent stroke.

I don’t use arm lock! I use a super stroke grip and a “normal” grip on it…


I agree with this! Arm-lock is the easiest way to get set up for consistent success. I switched this year and it’s the best way to putt.

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I putt cross handed (right hand low as a lefty). Have done it for a while now.

Heard one announcer/analyst recently mention that it helps keep shoulders level. It actually makes sense and is true for me. If I grip it normally my right (front) shoulder is higher. Helps improve consistent strikes.

No idea if that would help you but could be worth a shot.


What grip are you using on the arm lock?

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Also - I will switch occasionally from cross handed back to a more regular grip just to feel a little uncomfortable. Then I’ll go back.

Could be something to that for you since you mention when you’ve switched it’s worked for a little while each time.

I have a standard double overlap with my left index finger running down the shaft.

I agree with the consistency of Armlock. I have the jumbomax on my SIk with the flat side against my arm. I putt left hand low and feel like I’m just rocking my left shoulder. Best I’ve ever putted.


I have an Odyssey V-Line with a white hot insert, and the standard Odyssey grip. Actually the grip has markings on if which makes it easy to get my hands in the same place every time.


Standard reverse overlap for me. Messed around with the claw a few years ago but really struggled with speed.

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I use the same overlap grip for everything. Driving, irons and putting. I use an old school Achushnet Bullseye still with an original bullseye grip which is getting a bit tatty now

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Moved to a prayer grip during Covid lockdown and have stuck with it to date. Do sometimes go with left hand low on a long uphill putt as my distance control on long, slow putts is still a work in progress with that grip.

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Reverse overlap for me.

I use the same grip ole Eldrick uses. I guess that’s reverse overlap. I was reading his book, how I play golf and started trying it, and have been using it ever since.

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As of this date, I am using a version of the pencil. (Subject to change.)


I think what I do is an overlap grip. Instead of interlocking pinky between the middle and pointer like my full swing, I take my pinky on my low hand and place it right on top of the crease of the middle and pointer. I haven’t paid much attention to putting grips and styles.

I have tried cross handed and the claw but oh my lanta I have no idea how that can feel comfortable to people. Everyone is different though. My advice to anyone is to do whatever it takes to feel as comfortable as possible. Putting to me is all feel and intuition. If you get to thinking about it too much, you talk yourself out of a good putt. Read some Bob Rotella (psychologist author- Putting Out of Your Mind) or Dave Stockton material and it may help you feel a little more comfortable.

This Dave Stockton video shows his grip and tips.

I like how Rotella says he starts off his sessions with having the person sign their name on a piece of paper. Then he asks them to take their time and make the same exact signature and often enough it becomes more difficult because you are trying too hard, thinking about each little stroke of the pen. Putting should be about picking the line and hitting it the speed you want, nothing less, nothing more.

This is certainly easier said than done sometimes but I am just offering a little insight to what has helped me with putting in particular. Pick your line and hit the putt. Good Luck!!

Sorry if that was more than you asked for, I started rambling

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I switched to a pencil style grip (similar to Tommy Fleetwood) several years ago, and it’s made a real positive change in my putting.


Has anyone tried a Garsen Edge Grip? https://www.garsengolf.com/ @SeeMorePutters uses these on their putters. I first heard about them from the inventor and owner on SeeMore’s Putting Couch podcast. Sounded pretty interesting.

The idea is there is a ridge down the middle of the top side of the putter grip where your thumbs would normally overlap. The ridge guides your thumbs more to the side of the grip, which places your arms more in line with how they would naturally hang in an athletic position. It allows your arms to hang more naturally in the shoulder sockets and allows you to relax your elbows as they fall more naturally into your sides. From this position, the inventor (and SeeMore) claim that you should be able to rock your shoulders back and through more naturally with less tension and manipulation. It’s also more in line with what Pat O’Brien, the SeeMore putting guru, calls the perfect athletic position for putting, which you can find by swinging a full 32 oz. Nalgene back and forth like a putter. When you do that, your thumbs are more off to the sides of the Nalgene, not overlapping on the side furthest from your body, and your arms are hanging straight down from your shoulders, and your elbows are relaxed and closer in by your sides.

I don’t have the Garsen Edge grip, but I recently went from a stock Ping PP60 on my Sigma Anser to a SuperStroke Flatso 2.0 (that my local shop put on a whim when they couldn’t save the PP60) when I changed from 33.5" to 35.5" per SeeMore’s online fitting tool. The larger Flatso gives me enough surface area to place my thumbs on either side of the flat top part of the grip, which achieves basically the same thing as the Garsen Edge Grip. In addition to the benefits above, this new grip gets my hands slightly more under the putter, as opposed to on top of it, which reduces the chance that I’ll press down and into the putter during the stroke, which Pat O’Brien says is a huge no-no! The hands being more under and supportive of the club seem to allow the putter to move more as it wants to, and less like I’m fighting it and manipulating it.

I think early testing suggests I like the thumbs more off to the side and opposing, rather than overlapping.

Anyone else try this?