What is the most holes you golf in one day?

Dawn to dusk, not including night time golf with glowing golf balls.

In the long summer day light, in my youth, I did an all walking with a full set of golf clubs on my back on a hilly golf course, with lunch break in between; I did 45 holes.
Playing condition was not too bad, sweltering to mid 90F from 1 P.M. through 4 P.M. but most of the day was in the high 70F -mid 80F.
We started in the first few groups of the early tee time, just after the broke of dawn. Several of the guys took lessons from the head pro recently and he happened to be manning the tee sheet that day.
After the first round which took us the longest to finish because everyone tried to beat the mid-day heat and had time left for their family , so crowded golf course. We stopped by the pro-shop to chat with the head pro. Since it was close to 11 A.M. we asked if the head pro had breakfast or lunch? Ended up we insisted on buying him a lunch and drink from the attached restaurant and brewery to the golf course. Then the head pro looked at the tee sheet and asked us if we want to go out again? We gladly took up on the offer, none of us had our families back then so no obligations back then but ourselves.
Went around the send 18 and came back with some day lights to spare. Gold course is winding down on the activities now without the crowd. We just stopped in the pro-shop to say thanks and good-bye to the head pro, while he looked at us ( soaking wet from sweating and looked sun burned ), he jokingly said, if you guys want to go again there is day light left.
Somehow we took up his offer and went out for another nine ( the back nine where all the hilly terrain laid ), because a couple of guys were down on their bets that day… can’t remember but 4 decades ago, $30 was enough to think of playing the loved game one more time ( at no charge ).
We packed it almost in darkness on the 18th green ( barely could made out where the approach shot went ).
It was fun. Glade I did it when I was younger and able to handle the physical demand while enjoying the experience.
Since that day, two guys in the group moved out of State and one passed.
Those were the days.

In 1988, myself and the assistant pro at our club played a golf marathon from 6am to 8pm to raise money for Leukemia Fight for Lives Foundation. There were several concurrent events if I’m not mistaken, across the country. In a cart, all golfers were advised we would be playing through all day. We each raised $20 per hole played so $40 per hole and we got in 102 holes. We did not keep score, just played and completed the holes (no gimmies)…Like $4K raised in one day. I think one group out west got in 150 holes. We were both exhausted. I remember running from the cart to the green, having wedges and putters in the cart, not in the bag, Heat…Humidity, Having Beverage cart running out gatorade… Was a worthwhile cause…

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All for a good cause!

Did you feel like touching your golf club after that day? not for a long while, I’d bet. Like having steak dinner everyday for a whole week; losing the appetite for it.

It was fun, everyone playing rooting us on. Consumed a few hot dogs too that day! I remember re-gripping a few clubs, I remember going through several golf gloves, We found we could play quicker keeping the driver in the bag, hitting alot of 2 irons and 5W to keep it in play. Didn’t start out that way, but my 2 lost balls on the first 18 slowed down play. So then there was a change of plan, We wanted to get in at least 100 holes and we did that. Speed golf!. Helped my iron game out alot. The course closed permanently 5 years ago…Like we never existed. I can tell you, marathon golf is a great way to make money for a charity. It was a mid-week event and I teed up with my regular group the following day to answer the question. To this day…if I could play all day, I would! Here’s a tidbit for you, I was the manager of a 500+ seat steakhouse, worked from 4pm to 2am. The only things that varied during that time in my diet was mashed or baked, russian dressing or house italian on my salad, and the cut of beef…LOL 8z or 12z filet, ny strip, prime rib, skewered tips, 24z porterhouse. So, no I never got tired of steak and if I could, I would eat a steak everyday except sunday and thanksgiving…sunday is reserved for homemades and some sort of italian meats! (meatballs, sausage, pork etc.)

One thing kind of on/off topic. My father wasn’t a golfer, my uncle was the golfer. We played alot together, up until the year he got sick then passed away. One of the best memories I have with my uncle was, we were going on family vacation and golf was forbidden on vacation per my mom, her sister and my dad. Beach and fishing and boardwalk… My dad had the big shore house… and weekends were spent down there when we were younger. In '86, my game was really coming together and I was down to about 5 or 6. Unc was a solid 8. He wanted to play golf before we went, so did I. We were leaving promptly at 9am. Long story short. We got up early, lied to everyone that we were going to the store for cold cuts! Got to the course at 6am. We were first ones off in a cart. I shot 73, he shot 76, we played all 18 in 1 hour 38 minutes. Went to the deli at 8 am got the cold cuts and rolls. Got home at 830am, Left for the shore at 9am promptly in the LTD Station Wagon. Why did you go so early…eh…we wanted to have breakfast at the diner and didn’t want to bother anyone! LOLOL…what a crock! No one…to this day… knows the better! So yea, you can play this game fairly quickly in cart…and we really didn’t rush.

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You certainly have a larger appetite for life than most.

If I have any food for more than a week continuously, I’d rather not see it for a long time. That includes steak and lobster.

There was a period of time when I was in between job positions and decided to take some time off for the summer golf.
I golf every day 18-36 holes. By the end of the 4th or the 5th week, I could not hold my concentration nor my interest in golf on the links.
Had my time off, was more interested in getting my resume in for interviews to get started working.
Weekend golf keeps the interest up, always looking to get time for golf.
The game of golf kept me locked in for decades simply because it’s a never-ending journey. I lost interest in bowling really fast because there is no interaction with opponents, not much to look forward to after my average topped 225/game, never bowled a perfect 300 but came close quite a few times. Not my choice of recreation, even a few of my close friends love the winter league bowling.

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Love that story.

My father was a dedicated golfer, to my knowledge he was member of several G.C.C.
At one time I believed he was member of 3-4 clubs. Back then it was a hassle if one wish to golf at clubs other than where he belonged to. The head pro had to pre- arrange for such event by calling the other club ahead of time and sometimes one will have to get on a guest waiting list.
I remembered my father getting up when it was still dark outside, sneaked out the house heading for the golf course, back when everyone had breakfast then he’ll take the family out for our activities.
I learned from that and copied the exact same when I have young ones of my own. Back in the house by 10 A.M. then out with the family activities, mowed the yard and other chores in the P.M. Those were the days when I could really stretch the hours.
Can’t pay me to do the same these days.

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47 Bandon Trails, Bandon Dunes, and 11 holes at The Preserve

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That was quite a day of golf. probably no cart nor caddies?

all walking pushing my clic gear cart

Memory will stay with you the rest of your life.

If I’m not mistaken 40 holes

if you golf more than 18 in a day then, welcome to join the group for golf addicts.

IIRC I’ve never done much more than 27 walking. We do that on summer weekends if there are no tournaments. I did get in 18 plus another 14 recently and would have finished, but I got an angry call from my wife lol.

I have squeezed in nearly 45 riding; I think we made it 43? We used to play 36/day on our golf trips, but it got tough chasing daylight as they are always winter trips. Once we hit our 50’s we were happy with 18 and then maybe a 9 hole scramble while on vacation.

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I have to echo on the “emergency call from honey”. Long ago we got paired with a single who had an index of 7 at the time. He was even par through the 16th, everyone was pulling for him to finish strong, then, on the way from the 16th green to the 17th tee his cell rang, from his wife, apparently, we all set the notification from family members a little differently, so we know which call to pick up. Ended up he turned around and apologized to us and rushed ahead back to the club house. The last two hole were in the same direction heading back in, and he rushed teeing off and hit the golf ball as he went running. We saw his tee shot on the 17th and the subsequent few flowing were not the kind which can make par or better.
Totally agreeing on 18 is enough for aging golfer. Especially if we walk the golf course. The younger me could stay on the golf course all day, but time would not wait for anyone.

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The most holes I have played in a day it 57. Back when I used to carry my clubs and Mt Osmond is a hilly course. Tee off at 0800 and finish at 1800. Back pre covid when the course was quiet in the afternoon

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Beautiful scenery. Why is it temporarily closed?
It reminds me of one of our local Municipal golf course. The West Seattle. Have not been there since a few years back when the connecting land bridge from the City to the westside was under repair/construction. Too much traffic to have to route it from the south side.

@dewseeper Definitely not closed. I still play 6 days a week and played with a visitor yesterday. Just shows you can’t believe everything you read online. Mt Osmond is at 400m altitude on top off a hill with views to the coast and the other side looks into bushland and up to the highest point in Adelaide at 700m

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Yes, we certainly can not believe everything we gather from the internet.
We’re not input only like the A.I.; luckily we have logic and reasoning.
Although we’re not using our ability much, these days.
Many of the internet sites are using BOT to manage and run the site. We’re not to the point that we could free hands to A.I. for most of the tasks in life.
No matter how much we like to believe that we’re there already.
You take care and walk on the golf course as long as you’re able to do so.

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