WGT Golf game (online)

Anyone here played or familiar with WGT golf online simulation/gaming?

Been playing WGT online since 2009. Played some courses when I had an Optishot. Pretty sure SkyTrak has WGT courses.

Never heard of it but will check it out, thanks!

I stumbled across this about three weeks ago. It’s an interesting little exercise I’ve kept the original (beginner issued) clubs since their distances are comparable to real life. These courses would be somewhat brutal in real life, but it’s okay at what I consider Fantasy Level 1. Similar real-life characteristics: long holes kill me and I tend to under-read putts. Art imitates life :wink:

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Ken been playing for about 5 years now. I had back surgery and unable to play real golf. I found this to be one of the best golf games out there! Can play famous courses solo or get into competition. Able to meet people all over the world and play against them. Free to play. They make $ by any upgrades of equipment you want. You should check this game out. worth the effort.