Using the Swing Caddie

I purchased the Swing Caddie to use with my outdoor practice net. I really wanted to concentrate on using the launch monitor to practice with my wedges. What I discovered was that the monitor rarely would detect a shot of about 50 yards or less with my 56 degree wedge.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue and if so, any suggestions?

Thank You


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About the only thing I can recommend is messing with the distance the monitor is behind the ball and how far you are from the net. Something about the setup is preventing the system from getting a good Doppler reading.

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The other problem I encountered was that when I moved the net further away from me to give the monitor more distance to view the shot, the ball flew above the net when using my 56. I had a very unhappy neighbor whose yard was behind me. I am curious if any other forum members use a net to practice with the SC200.

Thanks again

I had an SC200+ but wound up returning it simply because my practice is into a net with foam balls and the monitor just wasn’t really giving any value (no fault of the technology, just couldn’t work for my situation). If you have the space for, I think the only option that will allow you to hit every shot is some type of full enclosure net with a net roof for catching those wedges.

I bought an sc300 a few weeks ago and I haven’t had that issue yet. Occasionally it’ll miss a shot here and there but the distances typically seem reasonable for the shots I’m hitting.


Are you using a net ? The SC worked for me with no issue at the driving range, but my issue involves using it with a practice net.


I read in another forum that the sc200 doesn’t work well hitting into a net but the sc300 does fine.

Bumping this thread for some more Swing Caddie questions. I took advantage of our host’s ultra-low priced bundle a weekend ago, to pick up a 200+. I’ve never used a launch monitor before, other than corporate outing—screwing around with an uncalibrated simulator—kind of things. I sort of had an idea about my swing speed and ball speed from distances on the range—the meh balls are hopefully cancelled out by me hitting 20 feet up in the air (Memorial Park’s 2nd deck.) The deck has a sun curtain roof, and that played a role in some things I was finding with my higher lofted wedges.

Anyway, onto my questions. First, what exactly does this thing measure, versus derive? AIUI, it’s a Doppler radar unit that is really consistent about measuring ball speed. It also says it measures clubhead speed, and reviewers like Adam Young noted that it’s readout of same is consistent, if not as accurate as its ball speed readings. (Which is fine: I was mainly using it to get a baseline ball and clubhead speed for later evaluation of changes to my swing and swing speed). Carry is derived from the club input, chs, and primarily ball speed, right? It’s not noting where the ball hits the ground?

I had thought I was about a 100-105 MPH driver speed guy. The SC said, yup. Average about 102. It then said I was swinging my 3W at 108, ball speed 149 and carrying it 250. I mean, that’d be awesome, but that’s 15 yards further than a nuked 3W from me. Weirder still, it claimed my 7W was averaging 225, with ball speed 141. Which was further than my 5W. CHS of 90 on a 7I, but carry of 155, and so on.

I am perplexed. Which values should I be putting faith in? It was very consistent at least on the ball speed.

Finally, I’ll try to validate the wedge performance when I try another session not under a roof. All that said, great battery life, intuitive operation, extremely easy to set up and use (the box it comes in makes a great stand for getting the base elevation up to the height of the mats I was hitting on), and I am quite pleased.

But still confused.