US RYDER CUP PICKS 2023 are in...Opinions?

Picks are: Burns, Morikawa, Spieth, Thomas, Fowler & ( :drum:) Koepka!

I don’t know… Thomas’ game has been a mess, Spieth also, I don’t know how hot Burnsy has been lately. Koepka…sorry I would NOT have taken anyone from that other Tour that didn’t qualify! I’m more of a hot hand guy, I know Keegan really wanted on and he’s been lighting it up, but no way I would have left Glover off this team… and Finau might be better pick than Spieth this year. The Monday morning quarterback/couch potato discussions have now officially begun. I think think this team could get trounced! We’ll see!

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I can’t really disagree with you. I think Thomas may only be good in the locker room right now and I would have taken Glover because he’s really trending. Keegan is too and although I’m not a huge fan of him, I do think he would grind hard for the team.

No matter what it’s been nearly impossible to win in Europe. I hear some saying the Euros don’t have a great team this year, but they have at least 6 players I see on leaderboards constantly so that’s BS IMO.

I’m a huge JT fan and I wouldn’t have picked him. But none of the other options are that exciting either. US players aren’t really playing that well right now. Doesn’t look great.

I am ok with Koepka but I cannot agree with Thomas, Fowler or Spieth. I really like both Spieth and Fowler but they just are not playing well. I agree you should pick those who are playing well and whose game fits the course. These were ‘friends’.

Rory, Rahmbo, Victor, Grillo, Straka, Fitz, Tyrell, The Hoogard boys, MacIntyre, Meronk, Perez, Siem… I follow the DP alot (cause I don’t sleep) Those guys are freaks! I think their team is going to be pretty formidable!

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The only two decisions that are headscratchers are Burns and taking both Rickie and JT. I can see taking one as a locker room guy, but not both. Guess Freddie was wrong about Young.

Glover’d cooled off a touch. Two under total at the Tour Championship, on a course as easy as East Lake was appearing, is not going to sway the judges. As much as I wasn’t on board with bringing on Fowler, he did go -5 total at the Tour.

Speaking of spitting the bit, if Bradley followed up that 63 with anything the next three days, he probably makes it.

I wonder if Burns’s success in Austin made him the dark horse pick?

Choices are set; time to perform. I dunno about the Euros 7-12, though certainly the top of the order look monstrous.

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