TRUE Linkswear True Lux Pro Shoes Review

Ordered these after seeing a sale for them. 2nd chance, so either lightly used or minor defect.

First impressions: Nice. Leather, and lots of it. Tad orthopedic shoe looking. Still, nicer than my NB FreshFoams.

Fit…these are snug. “Will fit a 2E width”…Yeah, not so much. They’re a very snug 2E. I am praying they stretch. No returns on 2nd chance stuff, caveat emptor.

Grip? Around the house, fine. Liking the feel of the sole. Maybe thinner socks will help.

More to follow throughout the week.

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I came close to pulling the trigger on a 2nd chance pair of those, but didn’t really need any new shoes yet. I still have some True Majors I love and I think the Lux Pro is the latest version of that type of shoe.

I really like the True Outsiders I had as well although the sole separated from the shoe before it wore out. I’ve been reluctant to spend $150-$200 on Trues since then and I usually use my pro shop credit on the Adidas or FJ they carry.

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Adding to the review. Wore them to TopGolf yesterday, a first time for both. Shoes were adequate in grip and support on their thin mats. Breaking in, slowly, walking around in them as well as the lengthy practice session. Blisters on the top of both feet, but I’m thinking they’ll resolve with both a bit more time (and truthfully, some more weight loss.)

I’d like them if they were a touch wider. 220 list is a bit much, albeit American-made, leather, and 2-year waterproof warranty. Stuff’s expensive these days.

TopGolf was a kick. Balls are pretty beat up, at least at the Spring location, but hitting from the 3rd floor evened out the distance losses. Toptracer tech was nice. Games were fun, although the virtual course display wasn’t working. I’d also prefer some different plastic floppy tees to hit from. Or the floppy tee that has internal ridges, so you can stick a regular tee in the middle to the height you want. Very popular among the high school, family, and work outing set. I had fun. Not inexpensive, even on the half off days.

Probably won’t do again, as there’s another range with TopTracer and beer that’s less expensive and which I prefer. I see why the format’s popular though.

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