Todays Pro Golfers Need A History Lesson

I had the opportunity to watch some of the Netflix series Full Swing while staying in a friends motorhome while playing in a State Senior Amateur Tournament. It was a 3 day event so I watched quite a bit of it.

I woke up on the last morning and the first thing that came to my mind was how poorly these pro golfers represented the game of golf. Almost everyone that was featured repeatedly use the F word multiple times. Many seemed very egotistical and arrogant.

It made me think about the players of the generation of the game from times passed and I thought that given a chance to represent golf to the world they would have been much less inclined to act in a way that would be unbecoming simply out of respect for the sport. I believe that is one of the most special things about golf… the history that comes with it.

I am not naive enough to think that none of the older players cursed etc. but it seemed like they were more mindful of the image of golf than today’s pros. I think that’s sad.


I also feel that Golf has lost its way but my feelings are more directed towards the technology so called improvements in ball and club design which has in my opinion destroyed both Shotmaking and golf course design. I really appreciate that the physical side of golf has improved immensely, but you just have to look at how many eagles are made nowadays on Par 5’s. What used to be a rarity is now relatively common place. Reading the biography of Payne Stewart really brings home how much technology has changed the great game of golf and not necessarily for the better. I feel if the global governing bodies don’t do something about distance we will have lost the game as we know and love.