The Ultimate Walking Bag?

I ended up getting a Costco bag ($129) and it’s worked out well. I really. only use it to walk to the range, etc., not for playing b/c at 69 y.o., risk of injury is too great.

Been using the push cart on the golf course since my shoulder injury about 12 years ago, never looked back.
Had carried golf bags on my shoulders for decades in my youth and even for back then it was no chicken feed. From mini staff bag to carrying bag with one belt then stand legs then double looped bag… seen them all. Still like the idea of carrying bag because I could cut through the green to the next tee with the bag on my back while the push cart has to go around the green on a longer path.
Costco’s $129 carrying bag is a very decent deal. You could probably best that price if you shop around and wait for the sales, however, it is right there when you need it.

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I got Costco’s bag and it’s light enough. I don’t like the club slot layout–hard to draw clubs out. Otherwise it’s good.

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Well, I did not get a closer look to see if the golf bags from Costco has the full length divider.

I’m on my second Sun Mountain 2.5 now (a single strap model). I could still use the first one, but it’s pretty faded, so it holds my classic set. My older daughter uses my third 2.5, and my fourth one is waiting in the wings. I’ll buy them cheap when I find them on clearance.

I usually walk with a push cart, and I have to strap this in tightly to keep it from sliding around. But I also coach at First Tee, and we’ll often go out and play a few holes with the kids. I love these bags, but I don’t know if I’d love them with 13 midsize grips and a Super Stroke on the putter.


Nice bag.
We all have issue with the light weight golf bag, when using the larger golf grips.
I thought the Sun Mountain bag has the full length dividers, but I have not been looking at the newer models for a long time since I switched to cart bags and staff bags.