Sunscreen recommendations

Can anyone recommend a non -greasy good quality sunscreen?
I find that most of the stuff that advertises itself as non greasy really isn’t which makes it even worse for golf.

I like Neutrogena’s stuff. I find it’s neither greasy nor too sticky. I use their ultra sheer spray as my main protection and I carry the ultra sheer stick in my bag for touch-ups during the round. The stick is just like a deodorant stick so you can reapply without getting anything on your hands and it withstood the summer heat last year without melting.

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I agree with this… I do spray and then have a stick to apply more or apply a better layer… actual squirt white stuff sunscreen is dead to me.

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In the interest of supporting a small business, I keep a stick of this in my bag and it is pretty good. Definitely the non-greasiest I’ve ever seen, basically like a stick deodorant.


I recently tried Bravo Sierra products and I really like their SPF 30 sunscreen. Feels very light and not greasy at all. And part of their profits go towards veterans.

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