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Hello. After years and years of keeping traditional statistics, I started in 2020 using the SG analysis with the Shotbyshot website. The method of taking data while playing is simple and not distracting, but I’ve seen many competitors with more modern and more detailed apps/reports, like Decade, Anova, Arccos, etc.

I still appreciate the simple method of SbS to collect data while playing (since I think that using an app to measure any shot is too distracting), but I wonder if anyone have experienced two or more SG systems to compare them.

Good topic to discuss.

I’m using Decade right now which I like, but wondering what other options are out there. I’m looking for low cost tracking method since really just looking for tracking stats. Decade is good but I don’t need all the videos anymore.

May switch to GolfMetrics but don’t know that there will be significant cost savings.

I really like my s62 watch for data collection… it’s not super in depth and I don’t have the club caps… but it provides a great recap of the rounds and isn’t intrusive at all.

No subscription fee, just a $500 watch.


I am using a Garmin S40 to manually record shots and have Arccos automatically do the same. I find Arccos great in their automatic capturing and their analysis, but feel that they miss some of the putts, so I use the Garmin data to review and correct the missed puts.

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Guess just to clarify I think the original question was specific to strokes gained tracking/analysis. Can the watches do that?

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I haven’t dug in to see more accurate data and need the sensor to track putting, but it’s pretty good!

Also, my putting is awful.

If the S62 is a bit too pricey, my S20 also does the shot tracking and gives the analysis posted above. I actually prefer the simpler interface and slightly smaller size. The two tone screen also means a much longer battery life in my experience. For about $150 refurbished it’s been an absolute steal IMO.

I am using Arccos and I’m very happy with their recently released Strokes Gained analysis. I review it after every round and can’t really question the conclusions it provides.

Mark Broadie has his Golfmetrics app. He’s the guy behind the whole Strokes Gained concept, so I’m sure this product is worthwhile. Honestly, I would prefer to support him over most anybody else in this area.


I love the Arccos system and the new software update with sg analysis is great. It’s been my favorite tool for analyzing my game and getting my club yardages down, etc. but the new SG is really cool

I hope they continue to improve their putting metrics because that’s the only part I find lacking. I’d expect to have to manually fiddle with the entry but as far as I can tell, you can only put in the location/distance of the first putt and the total number of putts. So as a simple example, you may record your first putt as 30’ and two putt but there is a big difference between a 31’ and a tap in vs a 24’ putt and a 6’ recovery.

Minor nit on a great product in my opinion

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A little tip with Arccos, you can get a free set of tags if you buy a Cobra club, I think Ping too. I just bought a new MIM Cobra sand wedge and got a full set of Arccos tags for free (well I had to pay $20 for postage).

The app is about $100 a year though, good to keep that in mind. haha

The strokes gained stats on the app are fantastic, complete game changer for my practice.

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You may want to check out TaylorMade’s myRoundPro for strokes gained. It’s free and compatible with Apple Watch and Samsung smartwatches.

I’ve used this for a few rounds and the stats are great. It might be a bit distracting without the watches since you have to go into the app and add each shot manually.

I also have a ShotScope v2 (which a won from a certain golf website that just added a forum - thanks @jon!) but I don’t believe it has the strokes gained data you want.

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I use Arccos and love the system. I have downloaded V1 Game and it does appear to have a lot of detailed strokes gained data. Might be worth checking out!

Anova, DECADE and golf metrics use true SG. It is an expense though. Arccos is nice for GPS locations of shots however their SG are a little wonky.

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In GolfMetrics, are you being compared against pro data? One of the things I like about the recent Arccos updates is that you can compare yourself against various handicap levels.


I don’t use it but from my understanding yes you can compare to a handicap.

That’s an important point. Not all strokes gained are created equal. It sounds like Arccos has done a great job with that feature because let’s say you’re a 12 handicap and you want to get to a 7, you’d like to see where you are gaining or losing strokes relative to that benchmark.


I like golf pad, my buddy prefers game golf. Each have their pros & cons.

Hello. Thank you for your replies, Jon included. It seems that most Arccos users are happy with the system and the SG feature.

If you are having golf strokes gained lessons then this data and analysis is valuable information that can help your coach plan your lesson time efficiently to have the most impact on your score. You can analyse your data together and decide what time should be spent on each aspect of your game, during your lesson and whilst practising.

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