Straight stick swing aid

I have been bombarded with emails touting a golf swing aid called the straight stick. It is being sold by Rocco Mediate and Performance Golf. Has anyone used this product and do you have a review or opinion?

I have to admit that the videos accompanying this sales campaign are quite convincing, the straight stick is a 7 iron that has a magnet that makes a clicking sound which is supposed to train you to develop a proper impact point when striking the golf ball.

Thanks in advance for your input

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I’ve not seen particular training aid, but can tell you there are MANY many many on the market … and each one has a celebrity endorser and slick marketing videos…

So be careful (you know the buyer beware thing).

That said… I happen to have a swing trainer aid that may be similar in function to what you described; the one I have has been very helpful to me -and- has lasted and been used for years.

Keep in mind that a swing training aid may be designed to force you into a particular position or to swing according to a particular method that the designer thinks is “right” - and which may not be right for you

FYI… one of the most popular swing training aids … and for good reasons … and that also work great as warmup tools are the Orange Whips!

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Yes, there has been golf swing trainer since day one. I had only used two in the past. First one was a weighted O-ring which slips over the grip to rest on the hosel for adding weight. It was good because I don’t have to try to grip on 2 or three golf clubs to loosen up which will become very bulky in the hands.
The second one I used many years ago was a weighted iron with double hinges which would break apart if not keeping the shaft on plane. This had straighten the shot trajectory for my slightly out to in swing better than adjusting the address and ball position.
The weighted donut was to help me loosen up faster and the break away shaft in the weighted iron was to give a check pint to minimize the o-i swing path and the flipping wrists at impact.
Probably gathering dust somewhere in the corner of garage now. BTW, I had not paid the full MSRP on both the items.
The weighted donut was picked up at a local golf store’s annual sale for 60% off. The weighted iron with double break away shaft was picked up at a local thrift store for a song. Looked like the donor had never use it much.
Before those two items, I had a wedge with weighted shaft. Made it by filling the steel shaft with sand. The negative side of this was, I can not make any contact while swinging the wedge because the steel shaft was not designed to take the weight and will snap if I hit it into the driving range mat. The weight was in the shaft not in the head so the feel of the swing is different than the normal set up. but it served the purpose for the cost of a steel shaft.
I know these infomercial golf related products are not overly expansive but be careful before you get one. It could very well helps your golf swing but it may not in most cases.
Understanding the golf swing ( which is not overly difficult to do ) and have a check point to confirm and reflect on what you do to what you understand. The check point is what a valuable instructor could help you. Basically this is what the high level instruction was all about. Check, confirm and instill confidence.


Yes, agree - always a very good idea to have a certified teaching pro analyze your swing … then you could ask the pro if that training aid might be helpful for you…


I haven’t seen that one before, but it looks similar to some others. Everyone’s swing and faults can be different and it’s tough to say what will work for you.

I haven’t really found any swing aids I love although the Dr. Kwon rope drill seems to resonate with me with respect to tempo. I have used an Orange Whip to warm up and I like, but I think the rope swing helps me more…maybe because it’s a lot cheaper lol

I’ve done better with swing drills rather than devices. Hitting balls with my feet together, L-L, standing on left foot with right foot back, etc. The feel seems to translate to the full swing easier for me.


This is designed to be a combination of a Power Stick, a teaching grip that is adjustable, and the ability to actually hit balls. I found the power stick to be useful as it teaches you WHERE speed should applied. If you cast or don’t use your body/legs in the swinging motion, you will hear the thing “pop” way before impact. Orange Whips can’t actually be hit, so you don’t have any idea what you are doing with the club face–so even if you develop tempo,speed, and plane at the right times, your impact could be non-functional. I ordered it–I am a training aid junkie to an extent. I also have the Mr. Whippy tempomaster, Gforce, and power click. I learn by feel and doing, and these tools help me feel what will produce powerful (for me) and accurate shots. Once you learn to produce force–getting that force out in the right place is key.